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Using an APC Smart UPS as Inverter in Solar Setup

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Ok, I decided to switch to an APC Smart UPS 700 to use as an inverter in my solar powered shed. Here, I have modified the APC battery input to make battery connections easier.


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17 Comments on "Using an APC Smart UPS as Inverter in Solar Setup"

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  2. Bor Zvon says:

    Thanks Anthony for sharing. I use same setup smart ups 1500 = 2 solar panels

  3. dmsone says:

    Does the APC UPS automatically shut off when your batteries get to 11 volts?

  4. Rick Rose says:

    You and I are thinking along similar lines, it seems! I've also put a Renogy kit in my backyard shed. I have not yet purchased a pure sine-wave inverter for my setup. Something you said that is completely opposite to my previous thinking is that a modified sine-wave inverter is "perfect for computers" while damaging to a/c motors. I thought the opposite would be true, that electronic equipment would be more sensitive to the waveform. I'm going to be very cautious until such time as I get a pure sine-wave inverter. I have a very poorly-lit video on my channel showing my project–the problem has more to do with my operation of the camera than the available light. I'll try to update soon.

  5. Hello. I have 360 watt ups, can i use it as inverter, will it overheat after using like 2-4 hours ???@Anthony Hope

  6. Please, can u share a schematic showing how you connected the external battery? Or just you connected it in parallel to the external batteries?

  7. How watch tv it is posible? And electricfan

  8. crapcbm says:

    do someone know how to increase the charging amps on a APC 1400XL? (19" 3H rack mount version)
    I have 2 x 200Ah AGMs now on it, and it takes a loooong time to charge them…

  9. spydergs07 says:

    I was wondering about using APC batteries as a solar power.
    I have 12x 12v 9AH batteries. I'm about to make a huge battery bank with my solar panel.
    Nice video!

  10. Paul Macheso says:

    How was the connection from the solar regulator to the battery bank? can the two chargers one from the ups charging system and the other one from the battery not overload the batteries. So two chargers one from the UPS system and the other from the solar panel through the charge controller not harm the batteries? I wanted to know thank you?

  11. S Williams says:

    I was just wondering this about my old UPS's.

  12. my APC UPS BACKUPS 1100 only runs at 15mins then it automatically turn itself off. When I turned it on it again runs the same 15 mins as accurately as it was 15 mins. My battery has not drained because I am using parallel batteries brand new that could run 6 hours straight. Is there a way I can removed the automatic 15mins shut-off?

  13. John R says:

    Nice I love it! Lots of information I needed. I recently came across an APC and didn't know how to corporate it into my solar setup. I now have my battery bank (90AH 24V) hooked up to it and also have the APC plugged into the wall with a timer. Since I DONT have a very large battery bank and only 230W panel I can't run everything I want all the day long. So I run mostly on battery power during the day and then at night (10pm) the timer switches on. I then use the cheap night time energy well the APC trickle charges the batteries until 8am, which then I will go back to battery power and my solar panel starts producing power and charges the batteries as well. Thanks!

  14. mark smith says:

    I have apc 1250 smart ups with external big battery bank trojan t 105 8 of them 2 set of 4 batters of them in series then parallel equal 24 volts 450 ah @20 hours the charger of the unit is 1.5 amp on pg&e power. I also have 165 watt solar panel when I use it I unplug the ups pg&e power so solar and pg&e combine together I'm afraid to. Also keep in mine if ups is off when you unplug the pg&e power the unit need pg&e power to power the ups. Pleaee help me with can you combined solar charger and pg&e power so two different chargers? Also what happened to equalize the batteries using the solar charger trojan battery tech sheet need to do it every 30 days doing 30 volts that mite damage the ups charger?

  15. Hello, please how did you confirmed the UPS as pure sine wave.

  16. Hello, I am planning to build a similar system in order to power a small motor for an underwater treadmill for hydrotherapy. Now if I am correct, the system you have built will automatically switch to power grid power if the batteries do not provide enough charge. Is that how your system works?

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