Use your exterior solar lights and bring them inside during emergency outage

If there are portable, {solar lights}-powered lights along walkways or in the garden, you may be able to improvise an emergency interior light. If the lights are charged in …


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9 Comments on "Use your exterior solar lights and bring them inside during emergency outage"

  1. Lucy Lucy says:

    I bought around 10 of them, three for each room for emergency outages because in September is common to have many days with lights off. So, since I bought them the lights never have gone off!!!!!!! It is really frustrating I have never used them LOL and when I ruined them to make a bigger solar lamp of 3 LEDs the lights went off!!!!!!!! and I had no lights just one LOL!!!! anyway now
    I have a 50w solar panel and I am saving to buy 3 more to charge some batteries. I hope you laugh about my story I laughed a lot when I had nothing for the outage. Greetings from Mexico 🙂

  2. I've collected about 50 of these solar lights that people were throwing out. I'm making a small solar panel from them to charge up a deep cycle battery that I got for free as well.

  3. Good video and your a smart man. I actually have two of these that i cut the tube down to 4 inches , that you would use to plant in the ground. So i have a light and 4 inch tube then attach another light to the end that would go in the ground. so it looks like a dog bone. So double the light and i take this camping, so i have a great light for hanging close to my hammock for a night light that will last all night when deep in the bush.

  4. Oldtimer Lee says:

    Good point about conserving other lighting resources. Also, consider safety, as well. Better to leave one of these in the bathroom than to leave or carry a light source that uses combustion. Also good to use in children's rooms when they are used to having a the comfort of a night light.  

    Tip: For indoor use, those with plain glass globes work better than the ones with patterned glass. The pattern throws shadows of light & dark. Not too bad for general lighting. No so good when trying to read directions, for example. On COLD days, try recharging in a sunny window. May have to move from an east facing window to south facing, then to west facing, as the daylight hours progress. (Window design & glazing components may affect charging capability. Test before you have to rely on this.)

    Tip: Buy x number of these to match rechargeable batteries used in other devices. You have an alternative way to recharge those batteries, when the grid fails. 

    Merry Christmas. 

  5. James Per says:

    These work great, we have several that sit on mason jars with foil in the bottom. Sure come in handy during power outages.

  6. swat4hire says:

    Great idea! Kudos! Better safe than sorry! Blessings!

  7. What a great idea! Another great resource at hand!

  8. Found these little guys for a buck at Dollar Tree, of all places!  I expect to have to replace the rechargeable battery soon, but still….theyre nice to have on hand for a buck apiece!

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