USB power bank charger – 7800mAh Ultra slim Power Bank – Has the best wattage to quick charge all your devices – Energize your phone or tablet with this highly portable travel charger outlet – This Pink High Capacity Battery Charger Has A Rugged Aluminum Case with LED Torch Light – Charges iPhone or Galaxy full 3 times before it needs a recharge – Original Quick Charge 2.0 Tech For Apple and Android Devices.- by California Products

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As smartphones and tablets become more and more integrated into our daily lives it’s important we don’t find ourselves in a situation without access to a reliable charging source.

Considering that many of us use our devices continuously throughout the day it’s really no wonder that they frequently run low on power. With a high capacity external battery charger, you no longer need to worry about draining your battery too quickly when you’re out and about. California Products offers you a compact, portable battery charger with a 7800mAh power capacity so you can charge your device over three times. With premium grade A battery cells, you can get over 500 battery charge cycles. That means with moderate use this external charger could last you up to five years.

With two USB ports you can charge two devices at the same time. The unique technology this model uses means that the requirements of each device is automatically sensed so that it will stop charging once the device is fully charged. Quick charging – both when it comes to charging the battery pack and the devices it charges – means minimum frustration and ultimate efficiency. The integrated LED lights will indicate how much charge remains on the device so you can always leave the house prepared.

If being connected is something that matters to you then you simply won’t be able to live without this device. Includes: 2 micro USB cables, 2 connectors, 1 user guide and 1 travel case.>100% GUARANTEE< As with all our products, we fully back and guarantee that they will meet all our customers expectations. With California Products the customer always comes first. We have tested this mobile device charger on many brands, such as Sony mp3 players, Samsung smartwatches, and others to make sure it can meet the demands of any of your devices needs.
>ADD ON BONUSES< Within our plastic purchase case comes more than just a phone charger, we have included a Micro USB cable, manual and built in LED torch with 390 hours of battery life so this can be your go to device in case of an emergency. We even added a non digital display battery life indicator so you know exactly how much charging strength you have left.
>HIGH SPEED RECHARGE< Jump start your phone, tablet or other mobile device with this slim, portable and efficient Amazon sold DC power bank recharger. Never run out of battery by carrying this travel use power bank with you at all times. Colorful, slim and handy: a small size, with higher capacity - perfect for any women or girls with this unique stylish pink color design.
>RIGOROUS AND THOROUGH TESTING< As with all our products we put this smart power bank through the gauntlet with multitudes of short circuit and water resistant (not waterproof) testing, to make sure our customers are receiving the best quality product for there money
>UNIVERSAL< Our universal use power pack can charge any iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, LG or Blackberry device effectively. Unlike {solar lights} based or dual USB power banks, the 7800mAh can provide a strong dedicated charge to allow for the quickest charge time. We have tested it with Motorola, Nexus and Nokia products to make sure it is fully universal.

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