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Understanding Solar Power

Watch the full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNBzKC6aCXo Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains the …


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27 Comments on "Understanding Solar Power"

  1. Nice fella, and explained well to a newbie like me 🙂

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  3. Audrey West says:

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  4. Bofih Vibed says:

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  5. matt damon says:

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  6. D Dixon says:

    Doesn't pay to install solar or foam insulation unless you know you'll be in the house for at least 20 years (ROI isn't there). Even without purchasing these items, in a normal housing market (not SF,NYC), it takes 5 years to break even due to when you sell, you need to pay realtor fees, moving fee, fees on the loan, etc. so if you can't be in the house for 5 years, don't buy it. And don't buy a house that is gigantic to impress your friends or show off – buy a simple house that meets your needs, nothing more!

  7. Arie M says:

    The thing to keep in mind is that for most people, these things (at least the PV panels) won't pay for themselves for over a decade by which time, you'd have to repair or replace them and they make your other repairs to the roof much more expensive later. You'd also have to be in an area where you get a lot of direct sunlight. If you live in a rural area without a grid, then by all means, get yourself a bunch of panels, wind, and Tesla batteries along with a LED bulbs and you're going to be ok. If you have a lot of money and just want the novelty of PV panels, then by all means get it. If you think this will replace a generator or actually save you money on this scale, then keep dreaming.

  8. Curiosity says:

    Aces up but a need to add links and add info to get people up and running on this technology. I'm ready but not enough info here…

  9. Bruce Laird says:

    Yeah that would be great for everybody to " spin their meter backwards" and no doubt it would be outstanding to cover all buildings, parking lots, and homes with panels to run back power to the power companies. One big problem…. our electrical grid can't support this type of supply and the power companies have absolutely no way at this time to store and properly redistribute the power that would be generated. Our electrical infrastructure and grid, while it has come a long way and the people that service us with electricity need a big round of applause.

  10. John Kinder says:

    only way to send power back to the grid if its set up for that where i live we dont have that we can get solar power but we cant send it back to the grid

  11. Dave Bainard says:

    Sounds all great until a spell of cloudy weather. Utilities have to be prepared for the worse such that they will raise rates or charge to grid-tie to compensate for inconvenience. For many locations a subsidy is just a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  12. XzTS says:

    IKEA has solar panels on the roof of all their stores, plus solar-powered automatic faucets

  13. Frances m says:

    how much does it save on electric bills per year?

  14. RRFIELDS65 says:

    First off – NEC code does not allow you to hook into the incoming utilities with Solar Electric, so you can not back turn the meter! Solar Electric is a backup system that is to "Stand Alone" on a switching circuit that cuts the incoming electric service off

  15. ed norton says:

    Richard!!! What do you know about solar electric…..? Get Scott in there!!!

  16. Vince Baker says:

    I like the idea of getting the photovoltaic system installed
    for free but is it really free what about hidden costs & I wound not mind
    giving up the rebates, but how do I find a contractor that is reputable &
    can be trusted what about maintains or repairs. I live in TN we have hail
    storms who will pay for these things & can this be expensive? What about warranty’s
    What if I use more electricity than the PV system can
    provide. What happens if after some time passes & I find out that I don’t want
    or need the PV system what then.

  17. Rob Cassel says:

    Ahh Richard, if only you knew the sheer amount of raw materials that go into a PV panel.

    Every commerical rooftop and south facing home rooftop?

    The amount of strip mining and processing would make any environmental advantage meaningless.

    Wind (bad solution but better then solar) and water (best solution so far( using currents in rivers to push turbines)) is the best for the least used natural resources.

  18. People fail to take into account the maintenance, repairs and replacement of PV components when considering savings.

  19. The price is way off $15k will only get you about a 4kw pv system. that is only about half of what you need in an average house. you are going to pay about $4 per watt installed give or take $0.50.

  20. Mocoohay17 says:

    If you go along with those agreements as well, good luck selling your home. The owner of the solar panels now has a lien on your home and is a real challenge to sell.

  21. Danyal A. says:

    Please make a video of the full process of installing Solar Panels! I know how to do it myself, but I don't know how professionals do it.

  22. Jeff Harmed says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great introduction, Richard, and perhaps you might be able to answer my question.

    Legionella breeds at temperature between 15 and 45 Centigrade and is potentially transferred to the lungs in the shower. So how can this be avoided with the water solar heater?

  23. dust man says:

    I worked as a solar technician for four years. This video sucks. If you can make the initial investment it will pay itself off in not too long and then you will save ridiculous amounts of money. You can also lease systems and save money. Pretty much no matter how you do it you end up saving a crapload of money over time. That is not to mention the environmental benefits. Also, the more we support solar the more it will get research and development money which will bring the cost down much further. Solar is a winning proposition. What we really need is better energy storage technology. The more we support solar and the more efficient and lucrative it becomes the more money will be poured into energy storage and the better that technology will get. Trust me, your children will thank you.

  24. dust man says:

    If you do it yourself you can easily heat your water for a few hundred dollars and some elbow grease.

  25. dust man says:

    Not a little bit, all, if you do it right.

  26. Graph Guy says:

    The biggest solar company has never made a profit – Solar city.

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