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Under $30 Powerbank Review 50,000mah vs.Poweradd 10,000mah vs.30,000mah solar powered

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In this video I review 3 different power banks and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. I really like the Poweradd as it was the best build and seems to be of the highest quality over the other 2 power bank.

Link To Poweradd 10,000mah: http://amzn.to/TSLX0u

Link To 50,000mah: http://amzn.to/1prTRep

Link To Solar Charge 30,000mah: http://www.everbuying.com/product523892.html

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48 Comments on "Under $30 Powerbank Review 50,000mah vs.Poweradd 10,000mah vs.30,000mah solar powered"

  1. Carl Skaggs says:

    Worthless review. You don't have the means to test correctly? Shut up.

  2. I Got The 10,000mAh Poweradd battery, and it works GREAT

  3. jon368100 says:

    the number of charges you got out of your 5c (~1500 mAh total) is pretty much the indication of the "usable capacity." these chargers never totally discharge, and usually have an effectiveness rate of 70-80%. therefore, if you got 2.5 charges out of the solar one (claimed 30 Ah), then it has a usable capacity of 3750 mAh and a total capacity somewhere between 4.5 and 5 Ah. similarly, the 10 Ah bank is actually quite close to its stated capacity at 8400-9600 mAh, and the

    alternatively: with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, it takes 2 hours to charge a 3000 mAh battery in a cell phone from 0 to 100. taking that into account, it is impossible that these power banks are where they claim to be EXCEPT for the 10 Ah pack. WITH Quick CHarge, it would take a 30 Ah battery 20 hours to charge, and a 50 Ah battery 33 hours to charge from 0%. a normal apple charger will charge the same iPhone 5c battery from 0-100 in 2 hours, and normal android chargers will charge a 2300-2500 mAh cell in about the same time. I know for a fact these cheap batteries do NOT have QuickCharge 2.0 (they don't have snapdragon chips lol), so going by standard charge time you can figure out how much capacity they have. if you used the included charger it's a bit hairy, but if the 10 Ah battery charged in 7 hours, that sounds about right.

  4. Hi Sir,
    I bought 50,000mAh solar powerbank, but when I open the pack, I saw the blue light were on and off. and when I push, power button, it was not turn off.
    so, it means that the power button has a problem?

  5. Soner Tezcan says:

    All 3 together might have 10000 mah..

  6. Ummm…dude the 30,000mah power bank is not 30,000 it is 2400mah my friend has one of that and we did some little openings and we saw it was 2400mah so yeah. Don't trust that power bank

  7. Zlyzer says:

    I'll tell you right now after watching several other videos testing the actual capacity of units like these, that the capacity will be no more than a few thousand mAh. The claims they make are actually scandalous and IMO people should not buy them until they're advertised correctly, or at the very least only buy the ones which have been certified to be at least close to their claimed output.

    Imagine buying a car with a claimed fuel economy of 60MPG only to find it could only muster 15MPG.. would you be happy?

  8. the solar one is 2x 2500mah that's all.

  9. h4r3krsna says:

    12:35 "comfortability"? ROFLMAO

  10. Hi, I just got the 50000 Power Bank to charge and use with my SJcam. I know you use your go pro with yours, but which ports do u use for which devicem, phone and GoPro ….. Great vids …. Thanks…… GaZ

  11. rbg 1827 says:

    Man I wish they had a combined power bank usb car charger product that would be swell. You know kind of like this one https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/electric-indy/756260999?token=6e576603

  12. yoman299mw2 says:

    guys the solar one is shit and it lies about its capacity. also the solar charger is so bad that if it not getting light it actually wastes power. seriously shit power bank

  13. youjohnny16 says:

    whole thing could have been reviewed in 4 mins. you talk too much.

  14. Madax miller says:

    Can anyone tell me? Can I use this as a power bank for my Gopro4 Thanks'

  15. Either the cheapo Chinese ones have a very low efficiency rating or their not what they state. I believe they're not what they state, 30,000 and 50,000mah Li-ion batteries would physically be larger and heavier.
    The iPhone 5c has an approximately 1,500mah battery so ball park figure of 50% efficiency.
    The claimed 30,000 is in reality 5,000mah and the 50,000 is 15,000mah.

  16. Do u have a meter to measure current and voltage? Great for testing power banks

  17. B. M says:

    people keep saying the banks do not have the advertized capacities, while I agree they are some-what off, you cannot say I have a 2000 mAh device, get 5 charges off it so the bank must have 10,000mAh capacity, it takes a larger capacity to charge the devices, there is tremendous loss in a charging system, the math is quite interesting, but NO SYSTEM is 100% efficient charging one battery from another.

    (PS I like the solar one, keep it near a window when not using it, always ready to go on a trip or a long session away from power, keeps charge topped up and recharges self between charges, as you tend not to be in a dark cave for 3-4 charges, have not had to plug it in in over a year of use (about 140 phone charges) still at full power.)

  18. amin tube says:

    video sound is crappy

  19. C4K says:

    I've had my PowerAdd 20,000 mAh battery for about 6 months now, and I do agree they make good products.  I could get at least 3 1/2 charges on my Nexus 7 w/ the 20,000 mAh battery.

  20. Tony Starrk says:

    I'm confused, can't you tell how much mah it can charge just buy charging your phone? My phone battery consumes 2100mah, so I would just charge my phone multiple times to come up with an accurate number. Does it not work like this?

  21. At fist sight the, the solar cell on the solar powered-bank dont seem to be of the ''highly efficient'' (20% conversion rate) type…any information on the solar cell? Brand name? Poly or Monoscrytalline Silicon? Great video. Thanks

  22. TALABOX says:

    Solar function Technical share : 
    there is a question have to share everybody, for this kind of solar charger, the function depend on the sunshine, and the solar panel size. So, you can see some people they buy the solar charger with very big panel (solar panel bag) to use together.
    This product is solar charger + power bank, so we call solar power bank, base on the size, the solar panel watt is 3W, and the normal solar charger conversion rate is 16~19%, this is solar technical limited in the world, and the size is too small, it only can exchange about 500~2000mah, so it only can be used for outside emergency when the battery energy used up, but if you use the solar panel to charge the battery, it’s very slow efficiency. And not the engineer design, we suggest to use the solar panel bag 10~14W, that’s solar energy can exchange more useful. But if you don’t have too much outdoor sports, this product should be enough. As the solar bag is heavey and too expensive, and the conversion rate also 17~19%. this is solar technical limited right now. 15W also equal to 4500mah (full charged), and its have to under the strong sunshine (12:00PM~14:00 PM at noon),  that means, it also not work well for everywhere, every time.
     As responsible factory, we share this technical for all of our customer, not to say this product have problem, just share some experiment on the solar energy to make clear your confusion. 
    Of course, this product is design very beautiful, durable, portable using for years. You can contact us for test, it must be satisfied with you. Thx



  23. Jean S. says:

    Good review, thumbs up. I have  Poweradd 10,000mah and it is amazing powerbank . I've been using since last year and no problems at all. There are real 10,000 mAh batteries inside the aluminum shell.

  24. did you know, that iPhone 5c has a battery on 1510 mah, so 50000 mah is only 10500 and the 30000 is only near 4000

  25. solar charger  is way slower than  the normal ones i saw a video that tells it will take 60days to charge on solar light

  26. thnx man for letting us know so now this 50000mah one i got really aint what it said wasnt realy what it was ment 2 b

  27. BLaQz84 says:

    Does the Poweradd support pass thru charging?

  28. MrKuhlmaen says:

    The chinese one just cant have 50,00mAh. You said you get 6 charges on the Iphone 5c and as its battery has 1510mAh the powerbank has only about 9,000 mAh.

  29. J RiagaTech says:

    nice review helped me to choose the best one

  30. cretnobite says:

    my powerbank is only 5600 mah, can charge my phone 2 times but its lottttss smaller than yours :p

  31. None of those have the mah that they say.. open the 30.000 one.. it has two 2750 mah batteries in it..

  32. It's funny that all of the power banks finish charging in 7 hours or so. I believe that they are all 10000MAH! would not trust the 50000MAH! from China sorry!

  33. michael leon says:

    great video and review. I have that solar charger in my " get-home' bag. it's worked great for me, I agree it has a lot less amps then it states but mine holds a charge great, charges my I phone 6 like 3 full times and if I charge my device with the unit in the sun, it seems like it never loses it charge. i'm very happy with it. for the money, you cant beat it.

  34. A good and well thought out presentation.Thankyou.

  35. nr3rful says:

    Where is the wall wart to charge it

  36. yasien adel says:

    bought a powerbank 30000mah from a china company only charged my phone 2.5 times i have g3

  37. skiman18100 says:

    A year later, now, would you still recommend the 10,000 mAh device? +Media Unlocked 

  38. The 30 000 mAh solar panel bank has two 2400 mAh batteries inside. So it's not even close to 30 000 mAh.

  39. M.E.A PRATT says:

    excellent video dude. keep it coming. 

  40. ucheucheuche says:

    You talk too long. Just need to know how quick they charge, how many charges and price. 

  41. Ethan Flynn says:

    micro usb not mini mini usb.

  42. I don't know how to charge on mu solar powerbank . There's no instruction written in the manual

  43. HiAlphaHobby says:

    Samsung and Phillips do similar products at 50000mah with similar pricing. Samsung ones got leds charging indicator, ultra thin 6mm, light weight 120g, available in red, gold, black, blue, etc.

  44. PhilthyMr says:

    Unless they are really good copies, I opened the back of my unit and saw the actual storage units.. There were 5 batteries. only 1,500 each. So I was correct in guessing your 30,000 mAh was really only 7,500. Still cool to use for emergencies but easy to see their lies. Just pop open the back. 😀 

  45. PhilthyMr says:

    Typically about 2500 mAh will fully charge an iPhone. If one only charged about 2.5 times that means the real capacity was only about 7500 mAh. Absolutely not even close to 30,000. You should get your $ back. What a bunch of douche bag liars. 

  46. gijimodo says:

    First step on any of these reviews would be to open the box, see what the rating is on the battery, and then go from there. That 30,000 mAH unit in this review only has a 5000 mAH battery in it. The solar panel is so small it'll take days to top it off in full sun as well.

  47. Have you reviewied the ec technology 18000 mah power bank? I have eard good things about those

  48. My 50,000 mah power bank wont charge back up. it will charge my phone and a portable speaker at the same time.
    and mine i think is 50,000 because i had my speaker plugged in and played music for 2 day with my phone charging next to it.

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