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Turning Your Leftovers Into Fuel

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Even if you don’t want to eat them, your apple cores still have plenty of energy left to give. SciShow explores how cities are capturing that energy and turning it into fuel. This episode was produced in collaboration with and sponsored by Emerson. http://www.emerson.com/ilovestem

Hosted by: Hank Green
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28 Comments on "Turning Your Leftovers Into Fuel"

  1. Newcastle City Council, in the UK, runs three separate refuse collections. A weekly general waste (green wheelie bin) and a fortnightly recyclable waste (blue wheelie bin) alternating with a fortnightly garden waste (brown wheelie bin). At least it used to be that frequency, probably less now – I'm at uni in Leeds most of the time. The brown bins do now require an annual subscription, like an optional council tax supplement. I imagine other councils have similar services but I know some just do general waste. What I was coming to is that they trialled a separate food waste collection a few years ago in some wards with miniature dark green bins and free biodegradable bags, but I'm guessing it didn't work out because it wasn't extended.

  2. Dreadnot007 says:

    Hank for president.

  3. hookey100 says:

    i literally said out loud while watching this episode "there's no way this city would do anything like this!"…and then he said Edmonton, Alberta lmao

  4. Rhinneh says:

    As someone who stayed up late last night binge-watching season 4 BTVS.. I am unnerved.

  5. Sadly there are places on this earth where turning your food waste into fuel at home in a miniature chemical reactor than using it in your car is illegal, because cars may only be powered by stuff with extra taxes on it :(

  6. I give the majority of my food waste to my chickens…unless it would hurt them that's pretty much where it all goes

  7. Marty, your kid is in danger!

  8. apollyon0810 says:

    Why not just plant a garden and compost?

  9. Fer Galicia says:

    But when you put food on your disposal you are just creating protein shakes for your household cockroaches!

  10. Sweden has been using food waste for creating biofuel for as long as i can remember, I'm quite young tho. But still it's a national program to collect food that wasn't eaten and turn in into bio fuel. Which the state then uses to run public transportation… In my opinion a pretty good idea.

  11. So, Mr. Fusion is a thing?

  12. jdefabs2112 says:

    If methane is so common ,even a problem ,why do we frack and release more?!

  13. Janna Kepley says:

    I say just eat them. I recently learned how, and cannot understand why I wasn't taught to eat them that way to start with! (But I get that this extends to other food waste!)

  14. taibhsear71 says:

    Why would you watch season 4 of Buffy? It was awful.

  15. shueboy200 says:

    Um mister green, what if I don't have a garbage disposal?

  16. sounds very viable, screw the naysayers.

  17. Leo Walker says:

    Wow, his hair style is really a good look on him. Sexy!

  18. I eat all of my apple. Including the core. So, yeah, my immune system is used to cyanide poisoning.

    JK, apple seeds have a tiny amount of cyanide.

  19. Then just eat the whole apple.

  20. 박대빈 says:

    actually 30% or more of cars here in korea are LPG (liquid propane gas) or LNG (liquid natural gas) so you probly could use methane

  21. Fish Ed says:

    I just realised, Back to the future predicted this too!

  22. HazardlyNP says:

    I find it crazy that you're still trying to get people to recycle. In wales, at least my city (Newport) It is common place to recycle plastic, paper, food and cardboard. Plus bin collection is only every three weeks encouraging people to recycle more.

  23. My school just got a bio-digester which takes the dumped food from the cafetria and puts it into a bag. It turns into methane which is used to heat water and the liquid stuff left over is used for compost and doesnt produce co2 when being composted

  24. You look good like that Henk, I like the haircut!

  25. mwwhited says:

    tequila tastes so bad

  26. Isn't composting using your "leftovers"?

  27. Mythbusters has proven you can use shit as rocket fuel.
    You still need an oxidizer though.

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