Turn playing cards into solar battery chargers and power for arduinos

SPF DIY SunJack & Arduino SunJack: Using a playing card, some copper tape, some solettes, and super glue, make a {solar lights} AA battery charger and a way to power your arduinos off of any light source — including a fluorescent light bulb!


{solar lights} & Wind EBooks
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11 Comments on "Turn playing cards into solar battery chargers and power for arduinos"

  1. I recognize some of the art around you as "Steam Punk"? Any truth to this?

  2. The item you are making is neat, but more interesting is the way you shoot your videos, very good job of conveying your enthusiasm. I learned something new and enjoyed the entertainment while watching. 

  3. What is the mAh rating for each cell?

  4. mspider12 says:

    After 1:02 it freezes, looked interesting.

  5. Right — if the LED is in series with the panel and the device you are looking to power. Just remember that you will have a voltage drop across the LED in series, so your panel will need to be rated for a higher voltage to accommodate for this drop than if you were to use a low voltage-drop diode (like a Schottky diode, for instance)

  6. animes25 says:

    if you put a led, then you dont need a diode, because the led is a diode right?

  7. Screw the haters, I thought the dramatic introduction was cool, especially the floating fish-bat-thing 🙂

  8. Jorge Rivera says:

    thanks, I was tempted to pay a 70 usd instructive for learn this same thing. Thanks for the open hardware 😀

  9. Bryan Pon says:

    Awesome. Does the mustache come with the kit??

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