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Truck Camper SOLAR System !

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Truck camper Solar System ! When I bought my 2017 Acrtic fox 990 truck camper I installed a Solar Panel. I never really new how it worked or how beneficial it actually was until I did some…


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30 Comments on "Truck Camper SOLAR System !"

  1. Kerry Loper says:

    Great explanation of solar. I actually understood that. Lol. Thanks!!!

  2. Well maintained battery will last 5 to 7 years. The one you replaced under warranty may have been pulled down below 50% threshold too many times. Good luck.

  3. Love your channel guy, you do such an awesome job. The wife and me just bought a arctic fox 992 it’s a 2015 and was maybe used three times, still smells brand new, zero wear, great deal, can’t wait to use it.

  4. paranoy69 says:

    hello young man. I own a 1996 Shasta 115-SD by Coachmen that i rebuilted. i put on the roof, 3 x 100 watts solar panel. Never need a generator and i had a 3000watts inverter if i need electricity for a short period of time. i never let the electric system drain my pick-up truck batteries because i disconnect the wiring between the truck and the camper each time i stop my p-up truck for more than one hour. my p-up truck is a 2003, Dodge Ram 3500 dually, 5,9l diesel engine. 318500 km.

  5. fit4ya1975 says:

    Taylor, question bro.
    I been looking at Arctic Fox 992, and with all my stuff inside, with all the options I want its around 5200 lbs. I am a Chevy/GM guy and want a 3500 Dually, but want the crew cab for more room and storage. Upon looking at the payload sticker, its only rated at around 5200 payload. The Ford F350 Dually Crew is rated at approx 7000lbs. Have you even asked about this huge difference while shopping for your truck? Thanks man I appreciate it.
    Also i have been going back and forth on a TC and a Lance TT, Any regrets or thoughts on this. ill be traveling solo for a while.
    I just subscribed

  6. for long term camping you should get a better battery charger and some better MODEL (true deep cycle) of batteries.. the charger you have is not a good type of charger for deep cycle batteries..  the one you have is to charge a regular starter battery once in a while.. you need to get a charger that has  3 stage setting 'bulk charge' 'absorb charge' 'float charge' modes for properly fully charging and a second 2 stage setting to charge as you are drawing load from batteries 'bulk charge' 'float charge'.. it is very important to properly and safely charge your batteries.. for the set up you have now I would buy Samlex SEC- 1215UL, if you plan to get a second pair of batteries (4 total) SEC-1230UL… they are very good quality and reasonably priced…. I have SEC-1250UL and charged a bank of 6 deep cycle golf cart batteries (660 amphours) every few days for over 3 years and it still works like new.. I don't use it as often anymore because I have a new bigger battery bank that needs a  100 amp charger..

  7. Rock Dawg says:

    Great videos Taylor! I was torn between purchasing another 5th wheel or a truck camper and after watching your videos, I pulled the trigger on a new (to me) Lance 11'3". Can't wait to get out and enjoy it! Keep the vids coming.

  8. tschux1 says:

    Another awesome video!! So something I learned about camper solar panels that is kind of a bummer, is that 80% of the camp grounds (that I go to anyway) have my rig parked in partial or full shade, and as anybody with solar panels knows all too well is that even partial shade is the kiss of death for panel efficiency, they really just don't work. So what I ended up doing a few years ago was purchase a 100 watt Renogy solar suitcase. This is a portable folding panel that you connect to your batteries, and can then tether the panels out about 30 feet away to get them in full sun. So you get the best of both worlds, shade for your camper, and full sun for your panels. I have used this system for two years now and can't say enough good about them.

  9. Gary Lalone says:

    Great video thanks for simplifying! Now its making sense.

  10. I run my fridge off my solar panels, 2x100w panels and a 100 amp/h battery, works during winter as well

  11. Witchleaf says:

    .E.M. told you to do what? 😋

  12. LeAnn Newton says:

    Thanks for breaking it down so simply. Now I get it!

  13. Thank you SO much for explaining this where novices can understand! 🧐🌷

  14. Did any one ever get your lock you left on that fence, lol

  15. Brian Parks says:

    Awesome as always

  16. Ken Thompson says:

    Solar is great. Hats off to you for wanting to install it yourself. Just a thought, but if someone wants to carry kayaks or a canoe on top of their camper (as we do), a solar panel would get in the way. Again, thanks for the fun videos.

  17. LetsRV says:

    Great job Taylor. I'm going to try to incorporate the external battery charger to my arsenal.

  18. Jeremy says:

    Those arctic fox truck campers are the nicest ones ive seen… never been interested in truck campers but ive changed my mind. But they are sooo expensive when you add needing a truck also 🙁

  19. Taylor, what kind of camera setup do you use for your vlog? I did see a Canon strap in one of your videos.

  20. Yar Nunya says:

    Good evening Taylor, your iPhone (and every other computer in the world) runs on DC power. You lose some energy from your batteries through the inverter. You should have some 12v "cigarette lighter" outlets in your RV, use a 12vdc to 5vdc adapter/car charger to charge your iPhone and external lithium batteries.

  21. Delta Bravo says:

    I read through a lot of the comments – lots of suggestions about switching to golf cart batteries. Sounds good, but they don't fit very well in the battery compartment with the tray in place, and checking the water is even more of a challenge. When my original batteries failed several years ago, I switch to DEKA Group 31 AGMs, and ditched the slide-out battery tray. This video talks a little bit about my battery upgrade:

  22. JB harp says:

    Hi Taylor, Do you have episode of hitching a trailer to your slide on trailer?

  23. Don Leamon says:

    Taylor- Not shadows from trees, but the A/C unit, antenna, etc. You block one cell, the whole panel is out. Given the latitude you are, you'll have to angle the panel and park east-west when possible. What you have done is added a nice trickle charger when you're not using the camper, more or less. Sorry. Read and study HandyBobSolar. You'll have to sift through some of the rants, but he has good info. Also, get a Bogart Tri-Metric at least to monitor your batteries.

  24. Fattie says:

    You should swap out that PWM controller and get a MPPT. Way more efficient than a pwm controller. This is the one im running with a built in bluetooth you can use a free app with that measures your performance.

  25. Steve Sweet says:

    Excellent! Hope, over time you can add more solar panels!

  26. Jack Brown says:

    It's the HMCS Vancouver a frigate stationed at CFB Esquimalt (1:22). Great video Taylor. Your channel is getting more popular. Congrats.

  27. Al D says:

    Nice explanation Taylor! I'm thinking that when we start boondocking we'll only be using the lights inside the RV and they've all be swapped out for LED's. So I'm wondering if our deep cycle battery will last long enough at night, and then fully recharge during the day with one of those portable Renology solar panels. I guess I won't be able figure all that out until we actually start boondocking. (And I can't wait to get started!)

  28. kingmike40 says:

    Did you panic this morning when the tsunami warning was announced. Did you feel the earthquake?

  29. David Marks says:

    Dude you hit 7,000 subs already, you're killing it 🙂

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