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Top 5 skateboard inventions number seven. THUMBNAIL is the 4th product in the video – Soularc. Links are in description below the video. 0:00 ➤ Deadline …


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  1. Red1676 says:

    homegrown > deadline

  2. the last one is stupid

  3. Debbie Meyer says:

    what about ReVive decks?

  4. Kalen Konrad says:

    I have a black ice board but can't slide yet XD

  5. GAMER BRO says:

    please make me one

  6. netmatrix75 says:

    Black Ice = Santa Cruz Everslick®.

    Oh yeah, the first video of a guy making skateboards…. that is not a new invention.

  7. Sgt. Pi says:

    If this thumbnail isn't in the video I'm gonna flip.

  8. shoutout grizzly grip for the black ice cameo, you know you got a good invention when you product is in other invention's promo

  9. Eddache says:

    Anyone else appreciate the universe's sense of humour? His name is Ollie!

  10. AdamZacHD says:

    why is the black ice video sound so corny lol

  11. Ash Romeva says:

    Black ice: is it slick on the trucks so u can do a very good 50 50 grind

  12. Jarod Ames says:

    I only need one word to describe the black ice video. YOU KNOW!

  13. leroy ross says:

    how do I get one

  14. Hey man, can I oder a custom board from you ?

  15. damn I was looking forward for something that stops rocks or something

  16. VampCaff says:

    strong start to an inventions video… hand made skateboards.

  17. andomare says:

    what's the point of the last one? I can do all of this stuff on a regular skateboard

  18. iHuxi 1243 says:

    4:02 Look at that ramp in the far right topish part of the screen.What does it say? xD

    It says POOP

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