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Top 10 INCREDIBLE Alternatives to Alternative ENERGY

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Coal, natural gas and other traditional fuels fill the atmosphere with gases that contribute to climate change. But renewable energy sources like wind turbines, solar panels and nuclear power have their own drawbacks in terms of cost and efficiency. Scientists have further developed their designs in order for these alternatives to be more cost-effective and generate much more power than they previously did. And that’s how we ended up with…

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10. Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT)
9. Oyster
8. Algae Based Biofuels
7. Solar Windows
6. Volcanic Electricity
5. Betaray
4. Viruses
3. Thorium
2. The “Impossible” Microwave Thruster
1. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER)

Source/Further reading:

Alabama Gets First-In-World Carbon-Negative Algae Biofuel

Berkeley Lab Scientists Generate Electricity From Viruses


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41 Comments on "Top 10 INCREDIBLE Alternatives to Alternative ENERGY"

  1. sam goode says:

    ummm. geothermal energy is already being used in my country for the last 50 years now. and is one of the main source of our electricity here.

  2. Solar freaking thorium roadways!

  3. For #3 this has so many problems but…. It wouldn't run on 8 grams of fuel. You'd need to get more water.

  4. so maybe algae can be used to make oil

  5. Kyle Dobson says:

    I've wanted to say this for a while now ,your presentation skills are on point

  6. Learn how to speak english! Quit adding an "intrusive r" to the end of words without an R in them!! Dumbass!

  7. cfwolnia says:

    …steam generated at geo-thermo plants usually hovers around 158F…   @ 4:37, Did I mishear this?

  8. Aris Witty says:

    The Wendelstein 7-x would have been important to mention when talking about the ITER. Though a stellarator and not a tokamak, it is able to rotate the plasma without any need for additional power do to the twisting nature of its design.

  9. EclecticPkm says:

    Great Video Simon; Kudos to your team great work!

  10. I've been working on a sci-fi thing, and my starships in it actually use those microwave thrusters as their maneuvering thrusters (they use stronger thrusters for acceleration and deceleration). Naturally, these ships have power-plants strong enough to actually make them give off a significant amount of thrust, and the ships are built with lightweight materials to get as much out of the thrusters as they can. I'm really trying to put the science back in science fiction.

  11. Great he brought up the "thorium powered car" , guess I'm unsubscribing.

  12. First Cynic says:

    "Setting aside tragic accidents and the fact that it produces nuclear waste, this form of energy doesn't pollute the environment or cause any harm if we're careful."

    Did you hurt yourself jumping through that hoop? That's on the level of rationalization on par with "clean coal", "acceptable levels of lead in drinking water" or "guns don't kill".

    If you ignore accidents and pollution, coal and oil are perfectly ok as well.

  13. Corpsie says:

    MIT has recently found a way to boost solar panels efficiency above 30%

  14. Greg Moberg says:

    I need videos like this to give me hope

  15. Michele Vick says:

    Algae bio fuel is murder!!!!!!

  16. Brian H says:

    I live close enough to a Nuclear power planet that provides the power for my house.  It is really cheap.

  17. They should call the next oyster oystermc oyster face

  18. Vangaurd says:

    Just me or does some of these sound too good to be true

  19. that thorium car is a scan simulator.exe

  20. Maanuve says:

    That Thorium car was a lie.Debunked.

  21. for more info on the thorium powered car, see

  22. HamSandwich says:

    The ten people who disliked this video made their money with oil or coal and can't face the future!

  23. Ant.N.B. says:

    The BAT's look like whales in the sky

  24. boxertest says:

    Loved this :-)

  25. R.I.T was mentioned. yaaay!

  26. Your description of the Impossible Microwave Thruster reminds me of wind hitting a ships sail thus causing the ship to move. Is this correct? If so, then why don't we say the ship's forward movement is impossible also?

  27. How is nuclear energy green? "Setting aside tragic accidents and the fact it produces nuclear waste??? is like saying asbestos is a great building material setting aside the fact it causes cancer. Pripyat and the surrounding area is not going to be viable for human use for about 24,000 years. And there is no safe way of storing nuclear waste whatsoever!

  28. No wonder why electric cars are becoming more and more common these days, the technology to produce power is increasingly becoming more and more developed.

  29. Grand Champ says:

    Yeah! Science, Bitch!
    Solar powered windows .. Wow! Every house could become power independant in the future. That's amazing!!

  30. Adrian Sykes says:

    This is a great post! Everyone, I would suggest you do more research on Thorium. Why are we not using it?

  31. You know you've been watching or playing too many terraria mods when you hear thorium and the first thing you think of is the terraria mod.

  32. Number 3 and 2 are slightly different than the rest.

    The thorium reactor in a car is just stupid because of the radiation that would be emitted (and to mention the laser that heats the water instead of just putting the water around the reactor). A Thorium breeder reactor would be of much better use, but that would just end with nations claiming the other is trying to create a stronger nuclear weapon.

    The microwave engine doesn't actually break any physical law because electromagnetic radiation (light, although not always visible) doesn't have mass, but momentum. It doesn't have very much but it does have it. I believe someone calculated the energy required to launch a 100-ton spacecraft using only lasers and it was something like 11 million nuclear reactors.
    And not only that, but there are particles in space (with their respective antiparticle) that just come into existence. But since the anti-particle is nearby, they just annihilate. This may provide another reason of how the engine produces thrust (albeit at something like 10 micro newtons.)

  33. We should use BATs.

  34. J Hazard says:

    You`re not including the melanine battery, A mexican scientist is developing it.

  35. Jfreek5050 says:

    So, we've recently defied one of our so called "Laws,"

    Funny how much trust so many people put into science, isn't it?

  36. So we get to number one and find out that you are a stooge for the nuclear fuel powered electricity industry. Excellent. :(

  37. GL 9106 says:

    Sucks we don't have endless resources…

  38. Greg Ewing says:

    number 2 is rubbish.. No it hasn't been shown at all and is in fact not accepted. The experiments were sloppy AND didn't even show anything outside the noise, it was all media hype and little else. It is up there with the ecat. Clearly bumpkin.

    Furthermore It would be a over unity energy device if it worked. As in if you don't conserve momentum you can make free energy. It is trivial to prove.

  39. Lemonz1989 says:

    The thorium car is impossible in its current design unless you want to die of radiation poisoning just by driving it, not to mention the damage that would happen to everyone around it in a car crash. The design also wants to use a laser (that doesn't exist) to activate the nulear reaction, and the only current laser that can even activate the reation uses fuel that is rare in and of itself and it GIANT. If you could use that laser, then you wouldn't need the thorium to begin with, because you could just use that to heat the water…
    There is SOOO much wrong with it that it makes my head hurt.

  40. quantum says:

    what about orgone

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