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Top 10 common solar panel quality problems – Part I

Part I describes the five Most Common Quality Problems that occur during the manufacturing of {solar lights}. Visit for more …


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6 Comments on "Top 10 common solar panel quality problems – Part I"

  1. I am pretty sure you can find good solution on inplix webpage 🙂

  2. the rookie says:

    Thanks you very much for the informative video. On your next video or in a reply can you tell me how to check if each solar panel is performing as it should? Thanks again,

  3. kousoulides says:

    what do you think about aleo panels .. their company is having some issues, do you think I should invest in a different brand?

  4. please, make part II:) I'll be waiting for it. Thanks.

  5. SiboEnergy says:

    Very useful information. Thank you for making this video; look forward to part two.

  6. Thank you for the video. I look forward to part 2. I am hearing a lot about materials durability in the field causing lamination or outer layer degradation. Your video helped fill in some blanks on general comments about "other defects". Thanks

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