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Top 10 Best Portable Solar Power Generators For Your Outdoor Adventure

Top 10 Best Portable {solar lights} Generators For Your Outdoor Adventure ***Best Portable {solar lights} Generators: …


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16 Comments on "Top 10 Best Portable Solar Power Generators For Your Outdoor Adventure"

  1. Subgunman says:

    The Grengine has the best idea, stackable batteries. As long as there is a way to charge the packs without the main unit.

  2. I lost interest when they started blubbering about the environment.

  3. How much and can I purchase one?

  4. Why don't you put in where to buy these and their prices?

  5. Antonio Abe says:

    Better put idea price as reference

  6. michael s says:

    This is an interesting video. However, providing a link to each manufacturer's website would have been very helpful. In lieu of a link to the manufacture's site, the name of the product would have been as helpful. Note to millennials; if you buy one of these, so you can carry a 32 inch flat screen, a blender or a music studio on a round trip to the hinter lands, well, you're just stupid. Never mind all of the crap you plan to carry, these "generators" are all pretty hefty. And, these "generators" are really some form of car battery, with some useful paraphernalia attached. I plan to get one, to deal with short to medium term power outages at home. During hurricane season. Or other events close to home. The link below takes you to another "Top 10 list of stuff" video.
    You can put one of these in your car and travel, but, you won't be lugging one of these up a mountain, to video a sunset wedding and recording a sound track.
    I find the "Grengine"(?) most interesting, because you can stack the batteries. That means, you should get more than one battery. Hint: which ever one you get, get an extra battery.

  7. John Heather says:

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  8. david smith says:

    Good Review and Video.

  9. to be str8 up..if you guys could build one of these "generators" to run an a/c unit then i would be interested..there are way smaller battery packs that do the same things as you claim these they are a lot lighter an easy to my life a/c an heat are me something id wanna back not this nonsense..

  10. Which is more storage of electricity

  11. You guys are leaving out the Inergy Kodiak! Bought one and love it… Check it out

  12. Austin Smith says:

    Too much nonsense I don't need to see people tailgating just show the products won't be watching anything else you produce

  13. Where to buy it? I live in Israel .

  14. איפה קונים את זה ?

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