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Tiny House Solar Power And Desulfating Batteries With Bedini Motor

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While the sun was shining brightly the other day and the solar panels were putting out peak power I charged up all my small devices and batteries.

Since I am not back to using just two golf cart batteries, I do not have as much usable energy as I did before. This means that when the sun shines, I have power to spare. The solar panels product 800 watts of power but my batteries are only rated at 216 AH. This equates to about 2500 watts, or about 1200 usable watts since batteries are considered discharged at 50% capacity.

At this rate my batteries top off quickly in the afternoon sun and the rest is wasted potential energy.

I plug in all my small battery chargers and devices to take advantage of this extra energy when the sun is shining.

I also connected up my Bedini motor to my badly sulfated golf cart batteries. I connected the four batteries up in two 6 volt pairs and then connected these in series to make a single 12 volt battery.

The Bedini motor is now happily working away at desulfating my older batteries.

Follow my daily progress on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.

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48 Comments on "Tiny House Solar Power And Desulfating Batteries With Bedini Motor"

  1. Greg NY says:

    Very cool but I am anxious to see the upstairs get worked on. Do you plan on doing it soon?

  2. badphobar says:

     I put a big marine switch on my inverters to Isolate them without sparks. the single batteries should be tested for at rest voltage.  Should be very close to equal  when connected in series. A Weak battery(s) should be used on the same set or on thier own.
    nice and clean now.

  3. robert young says:

    you know the charge controller has it built in  !Know how to apply an equalize charge that benefits the battery. It removes sulfation that may have formed during low-charge conditions.

  4. Hi Troy it might help to put a quick disconnect between the solar power panels and the charge controller / Craig

  5. J IJzer says:

    Troy your voltage is to high for your battery's 14.2 is max for lead battery's  if the battery's are gassing is not good

  6. Molly did Melvin drop off more Lucky Charms yet?  He said he would sometime tonight.

  7. MollyDolly says:

     **  HACKER ALERT**
    Some of you may already know that a hacker has accessed at least one account and posted on this channel.  Simply do not open any links in emails you may receive and your account should be safe.   Also be aware a fake   The Do It Youself World account has been created… it is unclear whether that account was created by the hacker.  But be alert to any email or PM you receive which LOOK like they came from Troy.  Check for the "r" in the word "Yourself"  it is missing in the imposter account.

  8. Linda 204 says:

    I am so happy you are comeing along so nice on your home looks like you are going to have a cozey winter

  9. Xue Lee says:

    Good job. If i sent you some supplies to build me a school girl bedini could you help me out i have everything but don't know the specs of it at all. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks

  10. brad bboggs says:

    why don't you put the work  shop near the tiny home for the winter since the gartins are down for the season

  11. Randy Musick says:

    Troy be very careful. You are producing a lot of hydrogen gas in a very dry atmosphere. Just rubbing baby cat like you did right in front of the battery bank could set off an explosion. Please be safe.

  12. You living in the Tiny House finally?

  13. Always good info thx ..also check out the swamp boss video he built an off grid cabin and put a cool ice box in Check it out would work good in your case since you get cold weather

  14. I bought two portable solar panel and battery kits. The large panel charges the battery pack which has USB port and car adaptor port.
    I bring the small battery packs in at night to save electricity to use as lighting with a 12v led strip light.
    I can also hook up an invertor and plug in anything up to 90w.
    Its a great way for someone to start out in the solar world. I can basically run anything from my laptop or charge my phone, charge my rechargeable batteries.
    I try to buy low voltage alternatives to everything, like I have a portable CD player that I found a USB adaptor for, or I found a USB led light with fan, so many low voltage alternatives that if I bought enough of these cheap kits I could run so many things around the home apart from the fridge and larger appliances.

  15. docchocobo says:

    Hey there, I just thought of something I didn't add in the post in the last video.

    Another thing that a lot of battery sellers are doing these days is leaving the actual amp hour ratings off their batteries and opting to put the 'reserve capacity' rating on them.  I know quite a few people who have hammered their battery banks because this number can be a bit confusing.  I don't know about your particular batteries, but this formula can be used to derive amp hours from reserve capacity,  I figured I would post it here for people with this situation.  I had a SuperStart deep cycle that only had the RC rating on it, so I had to look this up to get it right.

    AH = (RC / 2) + 16

    AH  = amp hours
    RC = reserve capacity

    This formula does not take the Peukert effect into account, but it's close enough for government work.  I've had no problems using this with my own battery, which is now nearing four years old.  I don't know why they are only putting RC on deep cycle batts alot, where the true AH rating is more necessary.  I think because its a bigger number, which they think makes the thing more marketable (psychological thing).  I do understand its place, but honestly, why make it more complex for people?

    I hope this helps someone some day

  16. zonda power says:

    would be better to build a solid state desulfator circuit rather than a bedini motor .way more efficient ,much quicker.

    on commercial solar farms they operate solar panels in parallel for better efficiency,1) reduces the amount of copper required for wire runs. 2) inverters operate more efficient at higher voltages 3) less cable loss 4) use auto load switching,.worth looking into as you have a number of panels and batterys/

    remote monitoring sites run battery banks at 48v or 96v for one good reason " better efficiency".

    shipping 12volts is a royal pain due to level of losses involved. all industrial & commercial systems run at higher voltage for this reason.

    you should make a degas manifold and connect the vents up on all the batteries and vent directly outside that way you will not wast or loss heat from having an open vent. you could even store the dirty gas and use for heating ,cooking or run a ice depending how you designed the storage system and the type of accumulator used to maintain the pressure. 

  17. TehIronMan2 says:

    Hey,I am John .
    I recommend you to buy a humidifier so you don't have problems with low humidity .
    This is a link for you : http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-5L-Ultrasonic-Home-Aroma-Humidifier-Air-Diffuser-Purifier-Lonizer-Atomizer-New-/191282922589?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item2c8959c45d

    This one can use a kind of aroma , if you don't want it to use it just don't put it in there ! I think it will have flowers on it but it's ok !

    – Coverage Area: Up to 20 square meter
    – Material: PP
    – Power supply: 110-240V
    – Rated Power: 25W
    – High capacity water tank: 1.5L
    – Dimensions: 132 x 132 x 268mm (L x W x H)
    – Power Cable Length: About 90cm
    – Color: White
    – Weight: 658g

    Thank you for reading my comment !

  18. JayRock says:

    Whatever that name is for that wheel? Do you have a link to some where how to build one?

  19. Thymen says:

    Good to see your batteries charging

  20. Hey Troy, congrats on the major top off! Have you ever experimented with a Hendershot Generator? If it works (haven't tried one but a lot of my friends assure me it does work) it would at least give you light and enough current to charge up your cells and 'puter. Next time you're on line Google it, I'd love to know what you think about it! Keep on keepin' on, my friend and don't let the haters get to ya. They just aren't worth the aggravation.

  21. Cole Everett says:

    Lol busch isnt a non acholholic beer

  22. I would buy a ctek charger. They can desulfate a battery in 24hrs. I had a battery that would only charge to 12.86 now its sitting at 13.16 after using the ctek.

  23. Hello SSanf, I always love to see those "its simple physics, and can not be done" comments. do you happen to be a member of any alternative energy forums? if so, you should have seen the videos that it can be done, and very efficiently by using the correct size capacitor and even in some cases, you do not need a capacitor. do you think I could charge a 24volt battery using a 12 volt battery to run a set up, well, I have , and even used a 12 volt run battery and charged up to 48 volts. you might be surprised to find exactly what you can and can not do.  that's the largest driving force behind inventions when someone says it cant be done.

  24. ill make it easy for you SSanf, go to youtube and type in this guys name kyle Carrington and scan thru his videos, you will find how he can charge batteries off of a solar panel or a pulse motor using a cap dump set up.  that should answer your questions, and if you need even a larger example, I have plenty of those also.

  25. DAVID JONES says:


  26. You should make a video with you drunk, it may actually be good… Or at least entertaining,

  27. Troy you're doing a great job. I'm not good with typing so please overlook my punctuation marks. I've been watching you off and on now ever since you got started. Regardless of what people think I say you're doing a great job and you come along fine. I am really interested in how you set up your solar panels. For someone who is trying to be self sufficient as much as possible and actually living out their mistakes in order to improve that takes patience and you have it. Keep up the good work

  28. its really funny about some of these people saying a pulse motor will not work before they had run a study on them, here is by far one of the best examples of what a pulse motor can do, look for Tinman on youtube,  he puts several different pulse motors thru tests under scopes for you to see. he even designed on that ran continuous off its own power and still continued to charge and desulfate other batteries.  you spent all that money going to physics class but they never taught you to go outside the box and think for yourself. 

  29. Did you make your own Bedini Motor. If you made it do you have it archived. I want to make me one. Just wondering. Thanks.

  30. Ryan Howard  Lipinski/fixedbydoc  38 12/75. Cowansville, PA  Guess what doc $20 and I can get your email, phone number, address, relatives names,former addresses, criminal history, dob etc.   So your address is public information available for $20.  Two of your former addresses are in MI, and one in CA and I already know the name of one your relatives but I wont post her name here, this information was provided free of charge.   Its amazing what can be found on the internet isnt it.

  31. 2012solarful says:

    Great video! God bless:-)


  33. WHERES MY LAYWER? DID YOU SEE THIS? Broken says "YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED TROY…" Now please get a screen shot of this. Sounds like a personal threat to me. 

  34. mascottie says:

    Just hang a few hooks on the wall instead of a coat rack

  35. Sub Marine says:

    Hi Troy. I'm just wondering if you can get a couple of decent size mirrors from Wal-mart. They are few bucks there, so you can reflect sunlight and direct it towards the solar panels. Just throwing some thoughts.

  36. you do this. I do admire. A cold winter for us all,she comes. Across the globe.  Thrive.

  37. I've read and heard that some batteries off gas. Do your batteries have this problem? If so, how are you venting them? Here's one article – http://www.solar-wind.co.uk/deep-cycle-dryfit-batteries-battery-uk.html
    Look under the "Looking After Your Batteries" section.

  38. gd2329j says:

    Hi Troy
    13amp ext lead is not one of your best ideas .
    I would use a cable size of 10 AWG or bigger .
    A wire size resistance Ohm/m table is essential for this work .
    ( xls sheet for maths as longhand is a pain )
    I used this   " AWG to Metric Conversion Chart.pdf "

    10AWG   =   0.00328 R / Meter
    So 100M =   0.328 R  ( 50M out + 50M back )
    So @ 15AMP = 4.9 Volts drop ( 74 W loss as heat in cable )
    3 X 220W ( 660W ) of solar is within this range
    With panels in series & maximum voltage of MPPT controller not exceeded ? .
    looking for panel o/p Voltage of 42 – 50 v ( 5 v less @ MPPT end under load  ) . 
    Edit < sorry for the Gold plated brick should be 42 – 150V more coffee please ! >

    As for 13amp ext lead with 3 conductors (15awg) connected in the UK = ( 0.347 R ) @ 100M long with 17 v of solar .
    Passing 20 AMP = 139W of heat in the cable & 7 V drop end to end .
    In the real world the controller would step-in & you will see very little charge current .
    Still a hot wire !!!!!

    Now I need another cigarette packet ! .

  39. joohop says:

    nice one troy things are looking up !

  40. mountainsun says:

    Troy, if desulfating doesnt work, you might try using the Alum and H2O solution to recondition your batteries.  You can find it on youtube.  Some people have excellent results.  Thanks for the vids.  

  41. Hi, I have watched many of your videos and you surely have inspired me to continue with my Off Grid Project. Thank you very much. Ana – Puerto Rico

  42. Have you tried running the bedini charger continuiously to charge your batteries ? Or at least use the bedini as a additional power supply ?

  43. shartne says:

    If I were there I would open a window if I could smell hydrogen gas. Better safe than sorry if you now what I mean. What if the small hole is not enough to safely vent all the gasses.

  44. take your banana charger or your homemade charger I can't pronounce it or spell it the one you made that has magnets on it and hook it up 2 year solar charge controller and run it through the air at night time or all day. At all times and one more hint of a vice you can buy a 12 volt trickle charger that used less than a amp of power ac and converted to a lot more DC then they use what you also look up into your charge controller to trust me you can do it positive to positive negative and negative hook right into charge controller do your research if you're scared and you'll find out you can hook up a trickle charger to your charge controller and it will charge your batteries the only thing I haven't gotten to yet is about grade and tie inverters they are different I was told also I want to do is be able to use a 600 watt inverter and get a couple solar panels for that individual or charger or inverter I mean but also I don't know is sense grey tie inverters are different I do not need batteries watch the solar panels can go right into the inverter without eggs grid without a controller and also I want to do is plug it into my wall outlet and feed it back to me Electrical Company hit me back bro

  45. zero lemon Solar juice 20000 mah battery get it on amazon.com

  46. I'd be really grateful for the math, but can you use your bedini motor to'top up' your batteries every day?

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