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This Device could bring emergency power to Puerto Rico

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There are many ways to help the people of Puerto Rico, this is my humble attempt to bring Emergency power to the 70% still without power on the island. Please …


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34 Comments on "This Device could bring emergency power to Puerto Rico"

  1. jehugarcia says:

    Unfortunately youtube has demonetized this video because I mentioned Puerto Rico, So I can't make ad revenue on a video that took 3 weeks to produce. Luckily a friend just launched a Merch store for me for this exact reason

  2. Rob NAustin says:

    Jehu, What a great idea! I will start buying the parts to build a similar item to send but I have a few questions..Has the shipping problem of sending such a large battery been worked out? I am thinking of building the power center without the battery and then maybe sending without a battery for now or maybe sending the batteries directly separately. The only thing I am going to do differntly is try to figure out a way to keep the inside cool without having to open the box.

  3. Thanks for the idea im currently living in PR im in the east side of the island as Javier is saying the power will not be restored on the time that was said, if you go out to the suburbs there still lines on the ground and still a mess again thanks for the idea I've been around 60 days without electricity, water, and comms I will call my fam to get this DIY parts and get some power! God Bless you!

  4. Would it be possible to do a more in-depth video on the wiring and placement of the components?

  5. Ben Herrera says:

    Yo J! Great video!! (us Usual… I am a ham radio guy… I am gonna build one with a few mods in order to run Radios… Seeing that hamradio is really being utilized over there…. my question… on the balance charging of the cells.. any one particular charger that you use… and can you show how you charged each pack before linking them together… or how they were tied into the charger. Still kinda new to custom battery/power center building. Thanks Brother…. 73 W6JWZ

  6. micglobal says:

    Love your videos but I think the music track is a little loud relative to the voice track and is distracting.

  7. wow im in puerto rico rigth now watching this video and really help me a lot keep with this channel up prade for us cause thing are strongly hard now no electricity no internet no comunication im getting internet on a fast food that have internet or something like that im not sure but thanx so much this gonna make more easier to people charging phones etc love from PR>>>>

  8. dylankrid says:

    How come your DC-DC is only rated at 100W (200W if you have great cooling) when your inverter is 300W? Is this because it is a Chinese inverter and is probably really a 150W inverter or am i missing something lol

  9. In the interest of saving money, there is an 18,000 mAh power bank currently available online at Walmart for $5.70. Not sure if the price is a glitch, but the power bank works, and is an incredible deal even for just the cells, which are around 2600 man each. And they managed to squeeze in free shipping. Once those are gone, there are 18,200 mAh versions for $6.15

  10. Waiki64 says:

    I've been a subscriber of your channel and watched almost every video you put out , now this, I can only say I have so much love and respect for you. Bless You.

  11. Angel Torres says:

    whats the total cost?

  12. Darksnow says:

    Man this almost made me tear up. I live in PR and to see people like you looking for way to help us brings me happiness. Thank you for creating this video I'm sure that this will help a lot of people in the island and other places in the world as well.

  13. Parts arrived, started building the first one today. If I manage to pull it off I'll try to fund some more. My Fed Ex rep is working on a shipping solution. He is motivated by the cause, fingers crossed we find a way to easily ship by air directly to PR.

  14. PHAT4LifeTV says:


  15. nmc398 says:

    Hope you put a patten on it, there are a lot of vultures out there

  16. kibi15 says:

    I think your sentiments are amazing, what a brilliant and essential idea!
    I'm a little bit confused about the choice of Neutrik PowerCON for the DC side. Given that the PowerCON is specified as an AC connector, surely this would other confuse people too. Then to add to the confusion, you are using both the blue and the gray as inputs. The blue is specified as powerCON – IN and the gray is specified as PowerCON – OUT. If I, in a state of desperation came across that box, I'd think that I should connect 220V up to the blue connector. Then I'd suffer disappointment.
    Surely MC4 connectors for the solar panel input and an Anderson connector for the extra battery input would be less confusing for people?

  17. Lazyman342 says:

    Could this be made with 12v instead of the 16v just seems that this would be simpler to me anybody else?

  18. I have found a guy selling the pelican 1200 case cheaper used in miami florida . so any DIY South florida users willing to tackle this project should look at this

  19. How can you mail that with lithium batteries? Isn’t that an issue?

  20. can you give that one to my mom in P.R. ? or a cd or book ? in this project

  21. illchmann says:

    Like the technical aspect, but what about helping the people on Haiti. Puerto Rico is under protection/help of big Partner USA. Haiti is NOT!

  22. I am going to send the link to my friend that work on wapa tv. Let see that happend.

  23. krannin says:

    I'm from Puerto Rico. I have order everything but I have a small question about the balance of the batteries. What charger I need?

  24. Solder Joe says:

    I wish I could get ahold of the parts easier. I wish I could get a couple of those battery backup systems you built into a solar charger. I want to build one that not only powers my PC when the power goes out but will power it and solar charge so it will last all day. I'd love to go to PR for a month and put them together for people. Permanent disability so I have the time and ability just no money. Batteries are prohibitively expensive to get across the border. I wish Canadians had better access to these batteries and solar gear. I've been looking around the city for the last couple of years trying to find someone recycling batteries or stocking parts that isn't doubling the price.

  25. Aaron Allsop says:

    I am looking to make this with an old Pelican 1450 case which is a 14x10x6 instead of the 9x7x4 of the 1200. Would I be able to make one of these using the 1450 that would be about 4s60p?

  26. jollcorn31 says:

    great work , are hearts go out to puerto rico.

  27. Am from PR would be nice to have

  28. Daniel C. says:

    I actually want to do something like this for an Engineering class. Maybe on a slightly larger scale, something that could power First Aid tents (Lights, Heart rate monitors, etc) and have a battery for overnight use. If I can't do it for the class, I'll definitely do it for my Senior Project.
    Thank you for all that you do!

  29. Cant find any gps flat battery cells similar to yours in uk and shiping from us is 3x the actual price for them 🙁 looking for something similar around here as i want to build on of these power boxes

  30. I am wondering how I could use this but charge off of normal power outlets rather than just the sun? Where could I plug in a laptop power supply or something like that? Would I need to bypass the solar charge controller?

  31. Thanks @jehugarcia for this video! I tried something similar, but with a bigger battery, following the instructions in other videos and now I can run Tv's, Charge Phones and a Fan at night (The night are hot as hell in the island). I will look forward to make something bigger to try to run the Refrigerator. I think I will be until March without electricity or water.

  32. Rubicon 10A says:

    Tremendo video. Tu eres una inspiration, Necesitamos mas personas como usted en el mundo

  33. Could this be used to charge the solar generator via wall power? Where would it connect in the diagram—same as solar input connection?

  34. I do like these batteries i had a few in the pack form a old project. Similar cells i got from cellphone batteries. I never thought of using these as a portable device. Thanks for the share.

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