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The Unexpected Effects of Nukes in Space

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What happens when you set off a nuclear bomb in space? Turns out we have a pretty good idea, and it’s not pretty. Learn about the science behind high-energy explosions in space.

Hosted by: Caitlin Hofmeister
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37 Comments on "The Unexpected Effects of Nukes in Space"

  1. a little rumor i heard was this nuke was to blow a hole in the belt long enough to get the apollo 11 guys to the moon.
    to bad it had the opposite effect.

  2. Too frumpy for my taste. This topic is WAY more interesting than she presents it as.

  3. Lucas Lemos says:

    I wonder how this exotic fireworks might have contributed on global warming. If when I fart I'm already helping it… Also that 90% from death due to emp is because you can't produce food or anything else with machine circuits burned off, not as efficiently at least.

  4. I heard that phone ringing in the first minute of the video

  5. theapocilip says:

    Make a video explaining exactly how the nuke effects electrical conductors here on earth. And in which way it destroys them.

  6. Edwin Bazan says:

    I couldn't stop staring at her teeth.

  7. It over 90%! How rude!

  8. hears the name starfish prime what's that a new fallout robot?

  9. G-WRX says:

    Psalms 19:1 GG

  10. Didnt we nuke other planets already , galileo probe had plutonium ,it was crashed into jupiter

  11. Someday Soon says:

    "Because the detector couldn't handle it" No honey… It's called the flux of the electromagnetic field inducing a field of radiation which was rotating through the earth in the shape of a torus …. Dumb people make me laugh..

  12. Fake, everyone knows they launched the bombs to break the glass dome.

  13. Woo! Go Van Allen!!!

  14. NextTimeTech says:

    If there is any other intelligent life within our solar system, or our neighboring solar systems I think that the nuke we detonated in space got their attention, if they haven't already been aware of us.

    Something else on my mind is the question: Does anybody wonder if nuclear explosions affect other dimensions as well?

  15. well now its expected

  16. Alex T says:

    humans are fuckin stupid

  17. The U.S. and Russia be like: NUKE ALL THINGS

  18. After watching terror in resonance

  19. Its neccesary to speak so fast? why? To aboid the non speaking well enghish not to enjoy your videos???

  20. Broken Wave says:

    She really needs to improve or you should consider someone else. It would be very easy to find someone more suitable.
    She is very unconvincing. Blatantly reading a script…with no sign of any knowledge or experience with the subject matter. Shes read a little too fast, leaving no room for emphasis. Just becomes a monotonous drone. Like she is just trying to get through the script and go home.
    Which causes the viewer to feel the same way…"lets get this over with"

  21. came here to learn about nukes in space, not in earths orbit. thanks for the clickbait.

  22. Orppranator says:


  23. PS2Hagrid says:

    so nukes in space create thing called HEMPs so nukes in space create weed?

  24. abel attaya says:


  25. MSG685 says:

    290 Million people will die if we lose all power. That number seems a little high.

  26. Now i know why aliens arent visiting us

  27. Siggy in CR says:

    Wouldn't simple shielding be enough to protect critical electronic components? There are tons of industrial application where the electronics need to be shielded from emf interference and it's not really a big deal. I have a hard time believing that our infrastructure doesn't have a modicum of safeguards in place to limit the damage an EMP could do.

  28. Can we start using miles and km??

  29. Starfish prime hit Ariel 1 so the US nuked UK

  30. Denise Foley says:

    would this be why we have the "global warming " issue and rain makers ?
    (streaks of clouds ? ) nukes ?

  31. USSR: We should ban high altitude nuke testing!
    USA: I agree!
    USSR: I'm gonna keep doing it though.
    USA: Same.

  32. Sergi Koms says:

    in 1984 in Soviet Union was a educational film about this – to desrtoy american shattles, suttelites, and electronics

  33. Derek Wall says:

    that EMP from a high yield detonation can reach pretty far away from ground zero. if you set a big enough nuke off in the van allen belt the pulse can cover an area big enough to almost cover the USA

  34. Timothy Daly says:

    She was a little happy for this subject

  35. Video nice,, I don't understand English,,,,,

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