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For a long time, solar power has been very much hated from a cost-benefit standpoint but things are starting to turn around for the technology. Around the world, progress is being made to make solar power a viable alternative.

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Top 10 Countries Using Solar Power

Saule Technologies:

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Dubai plans world’s biggest, and cheapest, solar tower + storage project


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33 Comments on "The Truth About Solar"

  1. "Oh what's this 'cold fusion' business about" watches video "holy crap this is amazing" watches more "Omg all his videos are like this!" binge watches whole channel

  2. iamAX 830 says:


  3. iamAX 830 says:


  4. gonigeena says:

    You truly are a video making master.

  5. Here's a good question: Is the material used in the production of most solar panels environmentally safe?

  6. David Karpay says:

    @3:45 – This makes it seem like negative pricing for electricity only happens because of solar. Negative pricing of electricity occurs regularly and has occurred for years, and has nothing to do intrinsically with solar. When the supply of energy is greater than the demand for energy, pricing goes down. When there's too much energy to be used, ISOs or RTOs set negative pricing for power in order to force generation stations to power off in order to equalize supply and demand. What happened in Germany during negative pricing had less to do with solar and wind, and more to do with Germany falling behind in the grid infrastructure upgrades necessary to accommodate the intermittency issues of renewables.

  7. Asphalt says:

    What the hell!? You didn't talk about how solar panels work!? HOLY SHIT, now I need to go watch someone else's video for that…

  8. Stu Bur says:

    Solar and wind have their place but are impractical for primary power generation on a large scale. The best choice for primary power for the next century or so is advanced nuclear power using a thorium fuel cycle.

  9. effort Anybody hear bigger this one ? lavgkisg

  10. Kelly KitKat says:

    What the hell, let'em have it.

  11. Mike Roch says:

    utter crap. Worst video i have seen of yours. No mention at all of modular batteries such as liquid metal which can be used by large scale solar farms(still in development but should have been discussed), no mention of how toxic solar panel production is, and zero analysis of costs of transportion, installation, and maintenance factored into your cost analysis. Im extremely disappointed, or perhaps im just surprised at the low quality of this video after watching your alphago video. Please remake this video its depressingly incomplete.

  12. PetersJazz1 says:

    Solar is already the dominant energy on earth. Without it we would be very frozen.

  13. Nick Jones says:

    This project is also aiming to travel across the atlantic by solar only.

  14. the sun is much closer than they say

  15. Truth be said. Solar will not be able to meet up with the demand of industrialised Western / developed countries. The best bet for investors are developing countries like Nigeria which averagely enjoy 20 hours of light a month. In such counties solar power ( as unreliable as it may seem )have proven to be more reliable than nothing. Not to mention the benefit of the sub Saharan weather to the technology. The only challenge would be how to make it more affordable for developing countries. What am I trying to say. Just because a form of technology is new still doesn't render it from being obsolete. With solar you are moving forward…..backwards

  16. Xi Jinping says:


  17. Maybe Molten Salt Energy Storages would be worth mentioning in that context. A power plant equipped with them is able to deliver power 24/7. No need of expensive batteries. 🙂

  18. can you comment the startups and companis that you mentioned in this video ?

  19. Really nice to where Solar might possibly be in the coming years, still it's a hard job……….

  20. >Dubai wants to build the cheapest solar tower in the world.

    Pretty easy when you have an abundance of slave labor.

  21. Great little video – very positive and useful. Only tiny quibble is you say (1:50) solar is growing 40%/year since 2000, and produced just 1% of world electricity in 2014 . Agreed. Simple math – 40% compound growth – take it over 100% of world electricity in 14 years – by 2028. But then you say (2:19) IEA predict we could get 27% of world electricity from the sun by 2050. That's so different! Though at 40% compound growth it's still 100% by 2054. So which is is right – exponential growth or the IEA? 2028 or 2054? What do you think?

  22. If you think about it, all sources of electricity besides geothermal and nuclear, are driven by the sun.

  23. Would have been interesting if you could have investigated the required embodied energy and compare this with other energy sources.

  24. sidteche says:

    fuck the ads on youtube mobile

  25. Johny40Se7en says:

    Very interesting video and technology. But all those stats are fuckin' shocking, Germany, they consider themselves 'Pioneers' in technology and development, and they want to have only 30% by 2020, they should have 80% or more by then for fuck sake, and China, with their filthy atmosphere and polluted land now should be doing even more, fuck sake, just so slow to change.

    I bet if all those Countries could gain a shit load of money within a year of going sustainable and renewable, they'd shift their asses and do it within months. The Human Race in general needs a massive boot up the ass, this Planet that gives us life is more important than any amount of shitty money, cock suckers.

  26. wez says:

    Geothermal power plant. Conduct heat, boil water, generate steam, spin the turbines, generate free electricity. Cheap, simply and clean.

  27. Not only are your videos awesome but your house music score is always on point ;)

  28. Great content, but spoilt by English such as 'going forward' (presumably this means 'in the future') and that ridiculous 'Have a good one' at the end. Have a good what? What does 'Have a good one' mean?

  29. I think that CSP power has huge possibilities in the residential market…. the biggest issue is that It has to be a smart investment. current PV tech is not their yet…. neither is CSP…. but CSP has the potential to heat your home, drive your generator, and store more energy than what is needed….. CSP does not work really well for power companies because it takes a lot of land to provide electricity to an entire region. I would say it is best suited to the residential market, it could be cheap to design and install, and all of the waste heat ounce it passes through a small turbine could heat your home and potable hot water during daylight…. Thermal energy storage could be as simple as a large volume of water….. also you could pump water to the top of a tower and release it to capture energy during the day. many people argue that virtually free power for the people is an economic disaster, I strongly disagree, It would free up a lot of our money to invest in new technologies and service and maintenance of power systems will always be necessary.

  30. Sergey K says:

    Is hydrogen peroxide ever likely to be used for long term energy storage, eg summer generation and winter consumption? or as car/plane fuel?

  31. A big future business opportunity will be building solar carports for people who want to power their homes and vehicles.

    And for neighbourhood gas stations as well: if the gas stations in New York had have had solar power panels, etc., not so many of them would have been shut down by Hurricane Sandy.

  32. Surveys indicate that up to 85% of the population (depending on location, that is) would like to switch to solar and other renewable energy sources.

    The PV panels are improving nicely, but the hold back is batteries for storing the power: those aren't improving as quickly as the panels are. This leaves lead/ acid batteries as an apparently inexpensive option for now, but those have their own drawbacks.

    When the research labs start developing more efficient and inexpensive batteries and getting them into production, the uptake of solar power and wind power will ramp up very rapidly: We can deal with the shortage of installers, etc., when that starts to happen, and we should be prepared for putting way more 'boots on the roof'. 🙂

    NB: wind power can be stored in batteries as well. Some people missed that point…

    Some kind(s) of batteries based on iron compounds would be good, if they can be made to work faster in charging, etc.

    On the opposite end, building more sustainable, solar-optimum, and energy efficient housing and other buildings should be the first step in a move to reduce overall energy consumption. A home which uses at most 2 Kwh at max is better than the average home today which uses around 5 Kwh.

    Rant over for now. :-)

  33. my family has a lot of solar panels and they are a really good deal but I think that thoreum reactors are the future

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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