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The Solar Power Towers of Southern Spain

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In the Aljarafe region of Spain, there’s PS10 and PS20: concentrated solar power towers. They’re huge towers surrounded by heliostats: movable mirrors that …


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30 Comments on "The Solar Power Towers of Southern Spain"

  1. Kody Ferron says:

    Don't think I didn't catch that Star Wars reference!!!!!

  2. Tyler Keller says:

    in nevada we have on and it one the largest consumer of natural gas in the state

  3. Burns Night says:

    This is the problem with solar and wind power. Both make very expensive electricity. No matter what liberals might try and tell you the government have to subsidised these, and where does that money ultimately come from? Tax. And higher energy prices. That's why I'm the uk we have expensive energy. We really need to go nuclear. That is the future.

  4. Olan Kenny says:

    The title sounds like a prize from Techdif

  5. I love your videos because they are so short and informative without waffling on for 8-10 minutes

  6. Omg, I drove by here when I was in Spain but never knew anything about them.

  7. mdtdbe says:

    Do be careful in selecting adjectives. At 1:29 you refer to "massive fields." The primary measure of a field of ground is not its mass, but its area. My point is that "massive" should refer to something's actual mass, and is not a mere synonym for "huge" or "large." Here endeth the lesson from an old copy editor.

  8. Teverell says:

    So if the future's not quite so bright… does that mean it's not quite so orange too?

    I remember that catchphrase. (Or slogan, slogan is probably the more accurate word!)

  9. DXG EMPIRE says:

    Black absorbs more energy.So,the tower must be black to increase efficiency

  10. This is like the reverse of the towers in Lord Of The rings.

  11. PianoXfan1 says:

    solar power is not the future.

  12. Aidan Fisher says:

    how many birds died for these

  13. Sam Nub says:

    I have altered the deal. Pray that I do not alter it any further

  14. I have a solar powered laser for cooking birds mid-flight.

  15. JTCGiantz56 says:

    I can imagine if an alien civilization found this they would thing is was some religious structure.

  16. streglof says:

    "pray they don't alter it any further" was that a deliberate Star Wars reference?

  17. 58book says:

    i want to see a cooked bird

  18. There are a few of these in Israel too. I have seen a small water array in kibbutz Samar in the desert.
    And here too, the country is moving towards PV, which I think is unfortunate.

  19. Why are they white? Wouldn't they absorb heat better if painted black?

  20. Lee'd says:

    are you actually in the location or is it greenscreen?

  21. Rob Murray says:

    I noticed the Darth Vader reference. Very clever!

  22. this was never a condition of our arrangement, nor was giving han to this bounty hunter!

  23. Carl Siemens says:

    Nice Empire Strikes Back reference.

  24. We have like 30 days of sunny days where I live… Satellite internet barely works for the same reason, cloudy all the time…

  25. Jon Blade says:

    Reminds me of Helios One in Fallout New Vegas

  26. Wait i have an idea. Most solar Panels are slightly reflective right. So how about replace all those mirrors with solar panels for slightly more output.

  27. I'm going to be seeing some of these tomorrow

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