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The LiL Water Torch Premier HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas Micro Torch

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The LiL Water Torch is the perfect HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas micro torch that can be used by home hobbyist, craftsman, jewelers, plumbers, experimenters, ect.

​​With a flame that can reach thousands of degrees you can easily solder, braze, cut, weld, melt, and fuse all sorts of metals, glass, and even stones.

​​​​All-in-one design features : 7 plate(+nnnnn-) hydroxy dry cell, 2 quart water reservoir, two-stage safety gas bubbler, flashback arrestor, micro pen torch, and a high quality base with gas shut off valve. ​​

On demand hydrogen gas means that you will never need to transport or store compressed tanks of gas. Since water is used as the source of the hydrogen gas, you will only need to top the reservoir off with distilled water as needed. As long as you have electricity and water available, you also have access to the cleanest burning gas on the planet.

Burning of hydrogen gas emits no harmful fumes or compounds, in fact, the only by-product of burning hho fuel is simply, clean and pure water vapor. ​​

System can be directly installed in the trunk or interior of an automobile​​ for experimentation with mpg boosting of small engines. All components can also be easily removed from the base to be installed in the engine bay if desired.

Power requirements: 12-14.5 Volts DC @ 5-15 amperes.

​Electrical power can be derived from any 12-14.5 volt dc source including but not limited to: battery, automobile alternator, solar panel array, cb / ham radio power supply, and pc power supply. (Power supply and wiring should be rated at 250 watts or more.)

Full instruction set and electrolyte are included with the system. Distilled water and power supply are not included at this time. ​​

Dimensions of assembled unit including base: ​​18″ W, 15.5″ H, 8″ D

​​​Gas Output: Approx. 45 Liters Per Hour @ 14.5 Volts DC @ 10.5 amperes.

Please allow up to one week for shipment.

The LiL Water Torch dry cell also features a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the plates of the unit. ​​If for any reason under the manufacturers instructions, the plates should fail or degrade, simply ship the cell back to be repaired or rebuilt free of charge. Shipping charges are not included with the warranty.​


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24 Comments on "The LiL Water Torch Premier HHO / Hydroxy / Hydrogen / Browns Gas Micro Torch"

  1. Mario Mhk says:

    olá, sou do BRAZIL, muito bom, o que vc usou deeletrolito, e qual a medida

  2. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ………………….

  3. kevin Luis says:

    what is the kind contained in brown's gas?

  4. VanDoren says:

    In Italy we use water torches like these for jewellery from ages, from small studios to factory work, the big ones have up to 4 exits to accommodate multiple workers… the bubbler contains methyl alcohol and borax to de-oxidate the gas… its very safe to use and no tanks of gas in the studio. When i first moved to northamerica and asked about them even people in the trade had no clue what i was talking about..its a good job
    PS: you dont use the valve to kill the flame, it will lower the gas pressure out the pin and so it will flashback and the needle tip can blow and get ruined. You just blow the flame off and then turn off the machine… in certain respect its safer without the valve

  5. i heard there are negative hydrogen and positive hydrogen. what is the kind contained in Brown"s Gas? Thanks

  6. jim white says:

    Astonishing and a very sensible idea ,ive got a dry cell post automotive project ,wont put it on the latest van as it needs all the lambda sensor electronics sorted ,expensive experiment in my view ,this system you built rocks hhoforall must take some major credit too mind

  7. is there anyway you can do a video on HHO powered 4 burner cooking stove

  8. Diante do custo crescente da gasolina, as montadoras de automóveis do mundo inteiro estão fazendo hora extra para melhorar a economia do combustível de maneira eficiente e, ao mesmo tempo, respeitarem os severos limites de emissão atuais. Uma forma promissora de aumentar a economia no consumo de combustível é adicionar hidrogênio à mistura combustível/ar de um motor convencional a gasolina. Trata-se do motor a gasolina auxiliado por hidrogênio. No entanto, como o hidrogênio ainda não está disponível no seu posto de gasolina, vender um motor desses não estava na lista de prioridades dos fabricantes. Quer dizer, até agora.
    Mas agora Já existe gerador de gás hidrogênio pra qualquer tipo de veículo saiba mais sobre gerador de gás hidrogênio Neste artigo, vamos explicar uma nova tecnologia,

  9. xlargetophat says:

    No in ever tells you how long the torch will run

  10. Mezocosm says:

    how to heat a ebay peltier chip array (thermocouple) for electricity generation?

  11. Martin King says:

    What protection is there for overpressure? Do you just vent the excess gas or what?

  12. Keith Brier says:

    Nice craftsmanship my friend!

  13. do you still sell these? if yes, im gonna ordere one.

  14. could i make a oxygen concentrator that puts out 20 lpm at about 10+ psi?

  15. Brando Hines says:

    i can agree they dont know about this technology.

  16. Thanks for reply and offer to send me sample. I have done intense research on HHO. I have produced Hydrogen both chemically and via electrolysis of salt water, Chemical unit being used on car at this point. Noticed 15 percent in MPG. Car has 200,000 miles and ran so clean it passed inspection. More power. Chemicals had to be replenished every 3 days. Some chemicals caustic. Ronnie Campbell, 6 19 AVe, Bayshore, Long Island 11706 347 455 7215

  17. At this point I don't have the funding to send out a free system for demo and promotion but I am willing to send one out at cost. Just send me a yt message. I'm also about to provide a experimental boosting kit for small generators, engines and automobiles which doesn't include the pen torch or base.

  18. facebook me and ill give u my phone number (derick berger) i no h2 is much hotter but im using 6 psi propane if u can make it and make it safe im down jus give me an estimatent

  19. I've never used a knight bullet burner and the flame is much more focused than traditional fuels so it may be a bit different than the type of gas your using now but I can build you a custom system that could produce enough gas to run one for you, just let me know….

  20. If u can build me one i can run my glass blowing torch(knight bullet burner) i will compensate u greatly

  21. No use in trying to reason with him as he tried and failed at understanding Meyer's technology and thinks so highly of himself to the point that because he failed Meyer is now label a fraud by him, plus to add to that no one else in the world can figure it out according to him. People like him will have to find a rock to crawl under in the not to distant future as the Meyer based water for fuel technology starts to come out.

  22. You have the full support of the Ronnie Redford Ministries. We would love for you to come demo nit or send us a unit for promotion.

  23. NOBOX7 says:

    thanks for complement

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