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The Kids Do a Solar Light Project Plus Everyone Goes Crazy at the end.

The kids craft a {solar lights} light lantern and the whole family loses their minds for awhile. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a …


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20 Comments on "The Kids Do a Solar Light Project Plus Everyone Goes Crazy at the end."

  1. Mark Maisy says:

    Great video, lovely kids and entertaining! Thank you

  2. Are the kids in bed? Cause I gotta tell you, this is so F*ckin funneeee!!! Thanks for the huge laff and the cutest kids on the planet!!! I love how you turned the nut cracker into the ball buster at the end lol. Hi Rocky! Nice jobs to all the Mods.

  3. Alex Tucker says:

    Those little lights were really cool!

  4. This is such a great video. Glad we are not the only family that has a dance party just to have a little fun! 🙂 Question – do the solar light lanterns glow in the dark? Also, what are they called? This looks like a fun project for our kiddos. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Brent Tasa says:

    sooo  goofy love it keep it up

  6. Awesome lights! Where did you get those?
    Leave a big LIKE!

  7. Mike D. says:

    ♪..(’)•´¨`•(’) Thumbs up 🎶 👍
    ….( ’◕¸◕’ ).¸¸.•’´¯`★-))☾¸¸.•’´¯¸.•’´¯`🎶
    ▀▀▀(,,)▀▀▀▀(,,)▀▀… 💕 🎶 🎼🎼 💕
    █▄Ơ♥Є¸.•*´¯`"♥" ♪ »°•. இڿڰۣ♥ڿڰۣ💕
    super 🙂 najlepszego w nowym ROKU !!!! Pozdrowionka od Michała

  8. Those are really, really cool. I want one!

  9. TokTok Cali says:

    Good job, Colleen and Good job, Walden. 🙂

    Love the ending 🙂

  10. Those are really neat, Good job Coleen and Walden,

  11. Kiki Ski says:

    Really nice solar project for the kids to do..with daddys and mommys help of course. They will be nice, night lights for them especially if you boondock in your travels. Its always a treat to see a happy family having fun together….never stop dancing…and clowning around with the kids…it will make sweet memories for them when they grow up …and fond memories for mom and dad. Take care and safe travels…. : )

  12. Hanna Domjan says:

    Happy New Year:)Great video!like!love hanna and mia

  13. Fantastically done !!! Really Enjoyed this !!! Love you all Guys .

  14. GlamHouse 88 says:

    aww I love ur family your so beautiful! xoxoxo

  15. Love your videos… Unlike those typical RV living type of vids that get boring after hearing the same things over and over again about RV Life.. Your Videos are actually showing the life of an RVer instead of those blah blah blah all talk and not enough show and tell fun times or not so fun times, etc..
    !! Keep rocking my world, !! WE love your show stoppers !!!

  16. hahaha! making crazy and funny video's really cool😄😄
    Happy new year awesome family..😁

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