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The Facts About Solar Power Cost

The necessities of life are water, food, clothing, shelter and yes, electricity. The fact is that these commodities are literally required. Electricity whether it is from a battery, generator or supplied by the local power company we need it to nearly do everything. At the turn of the 19th century and the dawn of the industrial age electricity did the work of many people and brought convince to our lives. From appliances, equipment and industrial machines it has been the driving force that has powered our societies technology to new levels. Just think what our lives would be without electricity. No lights, computers, TV, internet and other communications. During the last 100 years we relied heavily on fossil fuels like coal and oil. However the result of utilizing these sources has come at a heavy price. Greenhouse gases and climate change is the byproduct we are faced with as a result of using them. We are at the point where we can no longer ignore the consequences of our careless actions. An urgent focus is now on new sources that provide alternative eco-friendly solutions to the type of energy that we need and use.

The dawn of the {solar lights} age is at hand. {solar lights} is being assimilated into our buildings, homes and environment. State and federal mandates are forcing the power companies to provide a growing percentage of power from alternative sources. Independent companies are building large {solar lights} arrays to fill the need for clean alternative energy as the demand nearly outpaces the supply. Within the past twenty years {solar lights} production has been taken to state of the art designs, driven by ongoing research and development. The big question is… What is the cost of {solar lights} power to use this technology? There are several primary elements that determine the cost.

  • Application
  • Materials
  • Quality of equipment

Pre-assembled arrays can cost about $12 per watt or about $900. Using a professional installation of {solar lights} panels for small applications is prepared to spend in the neighborhood of $20k to get started. This includes basic equipment and complete system. Depending on your electricity requirements a medium size system can set you back $25k. Should you have a greater demand for power for a large house, the system runs about $50k.

If you have made it this far in the article you may have already decided that {solar lights} power is out of your budget. Yes the cost appears extremely high for your objective of lowering your energy costs and going green. Be reminded that the cost is for each installation and is a onetime expense. Using this cutting edge technology has some drawbacks because it is new and still being developed and improved. Additionally, the costs of professionally installed systems are reflected by this factor. To extend the available time power is available and duration of components of the {solar lights} installation, the whole system is designed to work with appliances that are energy efficient.

The nature of {solar lights} can be fragile and maintenance is one major factor to be aware of. {solar lights} are prone to dust and other light inhibiting obstructions. Every effort is taken into consideration in the manufacturing process to assure durability and the highest standards of reliability. Getting the highest efficiency of {solar lights} requires the proper placement in reference to the sun within given geographical areas. Making the most of your investment will help by working with a reputable {solar lights} company to do your installation.

Generating electricity with {solar lights} will cost almost nothing, with the exception of maintenance and installation. Electrical energy can be produced almost infinitely, as long as the sun shines with {solar lights} systems. Compare this factor to the reality of coal and oil power generation facilities which must be vigilantly monitored and maintained to provide power to their customers. Given these choices it just seems logical to use {solar lights} as a primary source of electricity for our needs.

Taking into account all the factors associated with the cost of {solar lights} it can look very unreasonable. On the other hand the continuous on going price of coal and oil use keeps rising. In comparison the money saved with {solar lights} as well as its advantages extensively outweigh the cost of relying on fossil fuels for power. Can you say that fossil fuels are eco-friendly, safe and clean? {solar lights} clearly satisfies all of these concerns and more. Nations and governments are heavily weighing the advantages in the face of global warming. Costs of {solar lights} will be driven down as the current trend to use {solar lights} gains momentum. There is a unique synergy here on earth with our solar system and the sun, the ultimate source of energy. While plants have the ability to use photosynthesis to capture and use the sun’s energy, our technology and concern for our planet allows us to do the same using different methods.

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