Tesla Model 3 Bottlenecks and Puerto Rico Aid Delay Semi-Truck Unveil – Teslanomics LIVE Oct 9 2017

Main Story – Tesla Model 3 Bottlenecks and Puerto Rico Aid Delays Semi-Truck Unveil – https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/916395155120205825 – Elon …


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37 Comments on "Tesla Model 3 Bottlenecks and Puerto Rico Aid Delay Semi-Truck Unveil – Teslanomics LIVE Oct 9 2017"

  1. Eddy Black says:

    The reason there is no front wheel drive Model 3 is like with any front wheel drive car is the torque along with the weight will impact the overall performance, especially when it comes to traction in inclement weather, such as rain or snow. Front wheel drive was a over marketed economic compromise to simplify vehicle design anyway.

  2. Rick Ruehl says:

    Profitability, Apple is the most profitable. What do you as a consumer get? Highest price, lowest value for customer. No production of product, no factory owned, just market. Here in Austin, Big Samsung chip plant in place for 10 years, Apple no factory just marketing. Most profit is Sell the least cost product at the highest price. Tesla is reinvesting into actually making product.
    The new apple watch only last 18 hours. Better have a charger on your wrist. Love my new Samsung Gear2pro. waterproof to 150 feet. Once again, the apple watch is high priced and low value. Compare the features on the Samsung watches to the Apple. They have had cell watches for 2 years now and have the experience of manufacturing. If Tesla was like apple they would double the price of the car and reduce the features by 50%. They would also hire 10,000 sales people to cuddle you and say how great you are for getting the spectacular product. The apple products should come with rose colored glasses.

  3. Rick Ruehl says:

    Wireless chargers have been out for 3 years. You can get them for as little as $3. They plug into the usb and charge any phone. This is ancient technology but Crapple finally added the 50 cents to their phones and bragging like they invented it. My Galaxys have had wireless since the 6 but I had it on my G4. I can't understand the glass back because Samsung has a metal back that charges fine.
    Love the video. Very informative.

  4. Elon is being sued about misleading info about model 3 release

  5. sanacore2011 says:

    I hate mirror images.

  6. Concerning front wheel drive Teslas, in ICE cars it makes sense because you’ve got a big piece of iron over the front wheels, in the Tesla not so much.

  7. Like Tesla says:

    Twitter shout out what…

  8. Scott Walker says:

    Hi Ben, love your show and videos.

    Can you clarify; the US EV Credit starts decreasing at 200K domestic deliveries or international deliveries??? If domestic, do you think Tesla would start deliveries outside the US in order to hold that 200K domestic delivery benchmark to the start of a quarter in order to maximize the number of credits available to US customers?

    FYI, I live in Canada 😉

  9. docgspot says:

    really cant wait for level 5 autonomous driving. we will need to change a lot of structures as in removing barriers or being able to charge you (prepayment schemes or credit card ) automatically when you go through them. I suppose you can add toll roads etc in that too. So the cars may become ready before this does too.

  10. 123rkss says:

    FWD vs RWD does not matter that much in a Tesla because the weight is distributed pretty much equally between front and back. you no longer have a big heavy lump of metal in the front to help provide better traction in FWD config, the only advantage is if you get all wheel drive

  11. 123rkss says:

    FWD vs RWD does not matter that much in a Tesla because the weight is distributed pretty much equally between front and back. you no longer have a big heavy lump of metal in the front to help provide better traction in FWD config, the only advantage is if you get all wheel drive

  12. Pouya Bo says:

    lol non refundable babysitter?

  13. How come that so many "experts" can have an opinion on how many Model 3 will be produced at a certain time without any data? I am sure Tesla is trying to make as accurate predictions as possible and they have access to all available info. Still it is impossible to know how many problems will occur and how long time they will take to fix. There are always unknown unknowns. Normally, even if you do not have a big issue you will find hundreds of small things to fix. If I have understood this correctly they are building a line with nominal capacity of 10 000/week. Then this backlog of 1400 cars would be equal to one day production! What matters is that they fix the bottle necks, not exactly which week they do it. If the later part of the S-curve happens earlier, they will soon catch up.

  14. Lee Smith says:

    I though geothermal is heat from the earths core. Not water flowing downhill.

  15. Lee Smith says:

    Maybe elon highlighted the issue here. Maybe they can't run the robots at full speed for some reason.

  16. After hearing about the E-dumper on FullyCharged, my first thought was that since Reno, NV (Gigafactory) is about 4500ft higher in elevation than Fremont, CA (Tesla Factory), Tesla could save a bunch on fuel costs for shipping the battery packs for car manufacturing using the new Tesla semis with regen braking.

  17. Why is the room and your shirt mirror reversed?

  18. Jon Sprague says:

    At least 5 years till model Y? There is no way Tesla takes that long in my opinion. I think the reveal will be in 2018 and first deliveries in 2020.

  19. Jon Sprague says:

    I agree that profitability isn't a short term goal for growing companies. I disagree with the example of Uber though. Tesla is investing in new tech, plants and infrastructure etc. Uber however has the tech in place already and is merely growing its customer base. In order for them to become profitable in the future the only option they will have is to raise their rates closer to what can companies charge. Top economists have called Uber and the like a scam and I tend to agree.

  20. Robert Scott says:

    I love what Tesla is doing but no customer deliveries until December is a JOKE. This car was unveiled in July and it shouldn't take Tesla until December for the real customers to start getting them. Also, you are way too optimistic on the production ramp up and I don't need "data" to back that up. The truth is at their current pace they'll be lucky to build 2500 cars a week by February.

  21. Natedog2400 says:

    I have a new respect for you Ben. I haven't met many people who know who phily d is.

  22. p4lxrich says:

    I thought the model 3 is 5×114.3 while model s is 5×120 for the lugs ? I don't think you can swap rims.

  23. Hugh Jafro says:

    FULLY CHARGED. Love that show, very entertaining. LOL

  24. Hugh Jafro says:

    Get a “cough drop” mic button so you can drink. Heard about them from Leo Laporte.

  25. Why the mirrored image?

  26. Tron says:

    "profitability is old school"?? Lol. The only way Tesla stays in business without profitability is if interest rates remain low and markets remain dumb enough to continue to lend them billions of dollars at rates that don't reflect the true risk of the capital. I predict that neither of these factors will remain as they are now for the next 10 years.

  27. tjparty says:

    Trevor doesn't live in a different part of the country. He lives in Canada north of Toronto.

  28. Noah Boddy says:

    Do these 'bottlenecks' have anything to do with Elon's anti-Model 3 campaign in order to drive sales to the Model S and X?

  29. Quick correction… Tesla has promised 1,630 Model 3s in Q3, rather than the 1,500 you've mentioned.

  30. Ecospider5 says:

    One way they could delay hitting 200,000 car sales in the United States is to start delivering more cars to Canada for a bit.

  31. Hi Ben, please can you flip video? I want to read Que Sera Sera on your wall… 😉 Thanks.

  32. Greensburg Kansas was the town that rebuilt green after a tornado.

  33. Chris MacKay says:

    Rear WD vs. front WD = Low centre of gravity and relatively balanced weight permits better traction in rear for forward motion. It's a physics thing.

  34. Thanks for joining me today everyone! Here are the different stories we covered with the timestamps so you can jump right to whichever you're interested in. Don't forget to register at https://teslanomics.co/join so you can participate in the discussion next week. Cheers! Ben

    // Tesla Model 3 Bottlenecks and Puerto Rico Aid Delays Semi-Truck Unveil 0:23
    // Tesla Referral Program Update – https://teslanomics.co/td 8:25
    // TeslaCon New Speaker 10:22
    // EV Match has an App 12:22
    // Tesla Model 3 Delivery Ramp Update 13:30
    // Tesla Q3 Deliveries 15:17
    // Tesla starts installing more Solar Roofs 20:00
    // E-Dumper, the worlds largest EV 22:07
    // Live Q&A 26:15

    Model 3 Sales Projection – https://public.tableau.com/profile/bens#!/vizhome/model3-delivery-ramp-2/Model3Sales

  35. Ben, why are your latest videos in mirror format?

  36. Eco Kids says:

    I did say earlier in the year that the model 3 would have production problems I will say it again tesla will be lucky to manufacture 2/3 thousand by the end of the year if they are lucky unfortunately Ben you will be lucky to see your model 3 by July August 2018 not by the end of the year 2017 tesla unfortunately are biting off more than they can chew too many different projects at the same time instead of concentrating on model 3 production and as a tesla owner people will eventually get fed up of the hype and judge them on the numbers they are producing I just don’t see the ramp up coming any time soon have you been asked to configure yet ? If you haven’t you are looking at six months at the outset let’s see who is right this comment will hopefully stay unless you delete it ps I do love your channel it’s just at the moment your data does not match the facts and numbers of model 3 production kind regards

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