Terraria Let’s Build Part 14 | EASY POTION FARM! | 1.3 Wiring & Conveyors | PC | Solar & Wind Products; View Hundreds of Solar & Wind Products Here!

Terraria Let’s Build Part 14 | EASY POTION FARM! | 1.3 Wiring & Conveyors | PC

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Terraria Plant Farm shows you how to make a super simple yet very effective plant and potion farm for Terraria! Watch as I break down this tutorial in to easy to …


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38 Comments on "Terraria Let’s Build Part 14 | EASY POTION FARM! | 1.3 Wiring & Conveyors | PC"

  1. Famez Gamez says:

    Terraria 1.2 dosnt have the grand design! Or… CNVEIR BELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is the conveyor block in Xbox360/PS3?

  3. Blocky Games says:

    What are the dart traps for? Won't the plants break if the blocks below are actuated?

  4. I think it would've been fine just with the bottom convaior belt (so u didnt minimize it)

  5. Just wire it to a switch happy…

  6. fantastic and well explained guide. thank you my man.

  7. Lensiax says:

    Could you hook up all the dart traps and conveyer belts to one switch? seems like a lot more work than required to harvest

  8. Epimetran says:

    you could use one switch to activate all of thm but no hate

  9. Damnit I thought I made this farm up till I saw this video. It already exist lol

  10. Happy days an easier way to activate the dart traps is to have 1player only pressure plate and wire it up to the traps and accuators

  11. Tastick77 says:

    you should make one switch for all of the dart traps so you can stand at the bottom and then just flick a switch and the items start raining on you

  12. yay! Melanie and squirtle are back!

  13. Chemden says:

    You know what else is a chore, fishing.

  14. Happy, I went and made this farm, and I have a few problems with it. Given the nature of the Blinkroot, you lose seeds in the process of the farming, which can't really be helping in something like this. however one thing I really hate is the inclusion of the plant's biomes instead of planter boxes. with the grass and jungle, bushes and things needed to be broken with a pickaxe and, paired with the tight space between the layers, breaks unready plants above the layer. as well as that many jungle blocks makes the entire thing a jungle biome, which is quite annoying to listen to… The corruption area keeps growing vines, replacing the hard to obtain deathweed, and the cactus grows in spots where waterleaf isn't,also breaking plants above the layer. most of this would be fine if you didn't use the biome specific blocks and thing you should give it some consideration

  15. Chris G says:

    thats great but you dont get all the seeds hacking

  16. Damien says:

    Are planter boxes useful for farms at all I never see guides use then

  17. M. says:

    Didn't even think of putting corrupting blocks above the snow ones, a nice and elegant solution 😀

  18. Osimmac says:

    why not just have 1 conveyor belt strip, cause you make all the blocks transparent anyway… thanks for the idea!


  20. Jake Mason says:

    Though this video is a year old the farm design isn't bad but you could placed the dart traps on the other side against the wall but what I would like to add to the potion farm are hoiks very easy but a bit tedious and maybe to you time consuming but it makes the farming a bit more easier and you can let it grow by itself without having to replant it makes it a bit more automatic but slow for death-weeds, shiver-thorns, moon-glow, but especially for fire blossoms and waterleafs to grow but other than that it's more automatic.

  21. Hanabusa 45 says:

    mine is mobile version

  22. Does this still work if i replace the grass with planter boxes?

  23. Here is a tip: If you do not want the dart to fire when reactuating, Can you do something with logic gates and the faulty gate?
    idk, I just thought the idea up.

  24. HeatDev [GD] says:

    What about mushroomed like vile, normal, and truffle? How ya get those at the famrs

  25. Laila Fhoto says:

    1:49 deathweed (corruption)? its crimson

  26. Hey Happy!! whats that item your using when you place the wire with the actuators?

  27. ShoyZen says:

    mort de rire le gars s'appelle bonne journée

  28. Tiagocf2 says:

    Nice! But how do you farm the fireblossom?

  29. Samuel 余 says:

    Has anyone tried this on iOS version? it doesn't work for me and I don't think I'm doing anything wrong

  30. Thank you, this was very helpful!

  31. Just Frodo says:

    I just used one switch

  32. Samuel 余 says:

    what are the dart traps for? you have the blocks actuated anyway

  33. But you don't get the bonus herbs and seeds from the staff of regrowth. I think you should just use planter boxes.

  34. ShyBoyLava32 says:

    HappyDays What Plant and Garden Bed Did u use on 1:51 to 1:52 ?

  35. Vũ Phạm says:

    How to get the deathweed seeds?

  36. Edward Feng says:

    Does all these work with xbox version?

  37. b151proof says:

    I've watched this video many times and unfortunately I can't get this farm to work regardless of having the exact same setup. Moonlglow, deathweed, waterleaf, and shiverthorn not yielding seeds. Can someone please help a brother out?

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