Tech for preppers: Goal Zero solar chargers and solar electric generators

I love Goal Zero products. It was nice to see them at CES. I plan on buying a large electric generator some day soon. Every prepper should have a generator. A quiet one like this that needs no gas refills has its merits for sure.


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8 Comments on "Tech for preppers: Goal Zero solar chargers and solar electric generators"

  1. MogrooT2 says:

    yep but gass also can get forn shit so go to farm make metano and use it in stove no more buying

  2. Young Prez says:

    so coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  3. Dogger8095 says:

    I went out to the web site, and the Yeti generator kit is out of stock. Realistically, the Yeti model is the one I would want to purchase.

  4. mixflip says:

    I want one of the smaller ones that I can keep in my truck that I can use in a small camp site.

  5. mixflip says:

    I agree. The idea of having electricity during a blackout or disaster, quietly without the need to run around and find more gas to keep a generator running is a very attractive thought.

  6. csuhdraven says:

    Goal Zero makes some great stuff! I use their panels and a couple of Guide 10 power packs to keep an iPad, cellphone, and flashlights charged up when I'm in the wilderness.

  7. Dogger8095 says:

    That is a neat system. The quietness could really help out in a SHTF situation where you don't want to advertise that you have power.

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