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Teardrop Trailer Vistabule 6

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YOU CAN FIND THE EXACT GEAR I USE AT WWW.COSMOWEEMS.COM First outing in 2016. Stokes State Forest NJ. Off grid for 4 days. Glamping …


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47 Comments on "Teardrop Trailer Vistabule 6"

  1. TheRosa63 says:

    It is pretty there, where is that? is the lake swimable? I love birdwatching too, and love the views of nature.

  2. BorG iS GooD says:

    Hi how much do these weigh/cost? My car can tow 1000 kgs, is this too heavy?

  3. Tony B says:

    Spoon holder ? Trivets ?

  4. Cosmo: What are you pulling it with, did you have to add anything to the car to support towing?

  5. love it! I was "First thought of" at Stokes state forest, lake ocquitunk!

  6. bigmac says:

    I didn't see you lie down in it. I'd be interested in seeing if you could stretch out. Great vid!!

  7. Thank you! Very helpful and thoughtful!

  8. Danger Mouse says:

    i like advise and point of view.

  9. Duke Allen says:

    Informative. Really looking into this type of camper. You gave me great info. Thank you. And last scene was best. Roll open shade, hear the rain drops and snooze some more. That's living. Cheers.

  10. Love your teardrop camper!!!just perfect

  11. How do you kep the wood from getting ruined by grime and water?

  12. Thank you for sharing everything – you seem like such a neat person!! :))

  13. What brand is your canopy and where can one buy one? Any links?

  14. Outstanding video! Like the idea of a teardrop.

  15. TwitchRadio says:

    How much was your set up. Looks like it was built solid for say. Thanks for the video, gives me an idea of what I want

  16. sRm says:

    Outstanding video, sir; and a fabulous overview of your super nice teardrop. Thanks for taking your time to upload and share; and for creating my interest in these little trailers. I've actually been considering a 35' – 40' RV. However after watching your video, I may quite possibly rethink my actual … needs. Cheers!

  17. TheUnknown says:

    You know what would be awesome, if you could slide half into a bed and let the other half be a chair… when u travel alone, you can get both at the same time!

  18. DIY Camper says:

    You camp like I do.

  19. Love it!!! I've always want d one and I miss camping!

  20. onemessenjah says:

    My girlfriend and I fell in love with the Vestibule by watchibg videos like yours. We're now planning to buy one. What are the essential options, in your opinion?

    thanks! great video!

  21. Cosmo what do u pull your trailer with? Whats the difference in gas milage? Nice little trailer.

  22. This seems really cool! How tall are you and can you stretch all of the way out in it?

  23. Marcos xp says:


  24. Sarah Rawson says:

    I'm from the UK and am desperately saving up for a Teardrop, love them so much. Yours is really nice and I loved the tour you gave us of yours, thank you.

  25. This is the most elegant tear drop trailer on the market, by far.

  26. lisa Stumpf says:

    what vehicle are you using to pull trailer

  27. Andrew King says:

    I like your style of camping. simplicity it's a great Factor to behold

  28. K Butler says:

    I have viewed hundreds of campers, teardrops, this one is just wonderful. Great look, ambience, love all the windows, everything. Thank you.

  29. Sweet Ness says:

    can you deliver it to any location in United States and how much that one cost ?

  30. How long do the batteries last. Meaning what is the life expectation of a battery before needing to be replaced ?

  31. Great setup congrats on getting outdoor in comfort yet bringing relatively small foot print

  32. Rob Hill says:

    Nice rig, and thanks for posting the video.

  33. Paul Graves says:

    Awesome.  Thank you so much for sharing…

  34. John Doe says:

    what is that tune playing.the name,pls.

  35. awsome way to enjoy life,good wishes to you sir and may you have the best moments camping!!

  36. thanks for sharing…beautiful review

  37. Sue Bileto says:

    what company did you buy the tear drop from? how much of it is custumised? and how much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking. I really enjoyed this video. I think it's the best teardrop trailer video I've seen yet.

  38. How does it tow? Is there any or much sway when towing it? Thanks and have a great weekend! :>))

  39. What up with the Theivery, homie!? …..you have excellent taste in music.

  40. All videos do when the sun is at its best and no wind to speak of, now on all these features that are of high quality … why not make a video when it's raining and blowing hard? Just waiting for the next video.

  41. Lloyd Lozano says:

    Great video, my wife and I are looking at all our options and your video helps dramatically.

  42. I like he very organized that's so awsome very clean he is yep….

  43. I like this video cos man in it explains himself in detail about his trailer.. other videos I've seen people don't explain in detail of what there showing….

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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