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SunPower X21 9kW PV Solar Panels


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17 Comments on "SunPower X21 9kW PV Solar Panels"

  1. Why two inverters? This could have been done with one inverter – more efficient and cost effective. A little shade in the early morning or late afternoon is a constant for all systems unless you're in a open field. I hate to inform you that there's hardly any sunlight to be had at those hours anyway. Where is your Secure Power Supply, they should've hooked you up with that amazing feature.

  2. Aaron Doria says:

    Why not microinverters???

  3. hecticb says:

    Hi Sean, can you tell us how many kWs your installation has been able to generate so far?

  4. Cost??? How much time to install?

  5. 5eanK says:

    Sean, you didn't mention cost. What did this cost you?

  6. xalspaero says:

    total cost including labor for installation?

  7. MASTA REAPER says:

    Hi Sean. I'm getting same inverter and it will be installed inside my garage and I heard that there is HUM that's comes out. How loud is it?

  8. Ethan Turner says:

    My house is a little larger and we only needed 14 sun power panels. I wonder why?

  9. So, from 4500 dc watts you are getting 3840 ac watts equals about 85% efficiency conversion on the inverters. Just curious, because we pay by the watt for the panels….

  10. Rob Marvin says:

    Sunpower has the new Equinox system- with the microinverter factory integrated INTO the panel! If you had that option would you have gone with Equinox or go with the 2 inverters that you have? Thanks for your video!

  11. GMoney says:

    Man, that is TOTALLY AWESOME!
    How much did all that cost?

  12. Do you have a battery backup or some other emergency power option? I live in a place where hurricanes aren't uncommon. So, I've been interested in how solar would work in those types of situations.

  13. Isaac Gamez says:

    with two mppts you could have got away with just one 7700 tl

  14. same! mind pm'ing the cost? Would really help!

  15. How much if you dont mind me asking. been getting quotes but your system and installation looks beautiful. thanks man

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