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Stump Removal AND Redneck Solar Lights

Subscribe for long bearded man Epsom salt tree stump removal and my redneck {solar lights} lights Created with MAGIX …


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7 Comments on "Stump Removal AND Redneck Solar Lights"

  1. po focht says:


  2. marbran7 says:

    got three stumps to do I have looks like a great idea thanx buddy

  3. Good day Mike. Red green from the TV show would be proud of you he loves his duct tape. Pink now that's getting pretty fancy nice video. Have a great day and all the best to you our friend.
    Lucy and Harry

  4. should of used your hose for water

  5. Kronkus36 says:

    I wouldn't leave them lights out when it rain, it'll fill you jar up with water !
    Good video Mike !

  6. Rex4x4 says:

    Lol @8:33 what do I do with this pocket lint ???

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