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Storing solar energy at home

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New technology from Infineon promotes the adoption of renewables by enabling solar energy to be stored efficiently.


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35 Comments on "Storing solar energy at home"

  1. Fucking Nazi Hippie.

  2. What a waste in materials and resources for a failed technology.

  3. oh great thanks for explaining it.. this could be a good educational material.. great job..

  4. Bonnie Flory says:

    This is New?
    This was new about 60 years ago.
    The electronics are smaller and do not last as long now and panels are cheaper now and that is all .

  5. Bonnie Flory says:

    Why not store the energy as heat, like in a water heater.
    A water heater is cheap and may last as long or longer as a battery and may even be able to store more energy than a battery.

  6. Peter Ty says:

    With this how many battery is needed and how many panels should you use?

  7. Convert it in to heat which is cheap to store in underground water tanks and either convert it back to electricity which is easy or use as hot water. Or both. A bit of each…

  8. maybe someone can think of a way to store the energy into presurized containers or steel springs or maybe lifting a huge weight behind the house and use gravity to slowly use the energy from it's fall

  9. "only" i need is money for this…

  10. John Benton says:

    A question. How much energy is required to make the components?

  11. virat sharda says:

    A great illustrative video

  12. Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for InpliX page click the PIG and build it too

  13. jAM Ab says:

    can it be clean free and cheap energy ?

  14. maxspytwel says:

    those are diodes.

  15. off grid kid says:

    Lifepo4 batteries work great with solar.

  16. floopy312 says:

    how much does that unit cost?

  17. Isn't the premise of this video a lie? isn't electricity demand in a country actually peak around solar peak?  so grid tie is enough

  18. Nice produke

  19. ‬The Dude says:

    I have no idea about this stuff but they say batteries are expensive… what about capacitors?

  20. Brad Hughes says:

    Doesn't my $50 MPPT ebay charge controller do exactly this?

  21. Malcolm Ng says:

    pv output voltage must be kept constant when charging a battery, but this is not the case in general when the solar radiation fluctuates. chip needed to control this voltage. 

  22. greg hassen says:

    this video is 2 years old.  Isn't this just a mppt charge controller in fancy packaging?

  23. Steven P says:

    Has this technology been mastered yet? Or is it still being developed?

  24. With solar energy everything is possible!

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  26. juan davis says:

    Step by step plans show you how to build a wind turbine ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  27. I found this amazing DIY resource for green energy at home – check it out below, I am really trying to spread the word about it. You may have to translate the page though, because it originates from Germany.

  28. Its no problem. just look at my video's who needs mains power. can't beat a good AGM battery. lion batteries are to fussy and don't last. If you don't agree put a small bank alongside my bank and we will see what one lasts longer.

  29. Great innovation , it is delighting outcome of science , hope all of us could afford it

  30. mrnixie says:

    "New Technology" of "Efficient electronics" ??? WHAT UTTER BOLLOX! The conversion efficiency for solar panel DC voltages and currents to either AC main or DC battery charging has not been an issue for more than a decade. "New"? Nah. Unique to Infineon, NO.

    The REAL ISSUE here is with the costs of STORING (and not simply converting) the power. THAT is where the costs and limitted efficiencies really hurt (right now).

    What an appalling, appaling video.

  31. Luis FF says:

    and i think the world doesn't have sufficient lithium for all the people use as the only source of power at the night.

  32. Ruben A says:

    In Spain that activity is forbbiden… and it s not a joke…

  33. anant krish says:

    Need of the hour!!! Very useful!! What would be investment and maintenance cost.

  34. the flywheel accumulator is the better solution, lithium will become too much expensive in the near future.

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again


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