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SteamPunk E-bike 06: 48v 16AH BMS, Solar Charger Upgrade

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35 Comments on "SteamPunk E-bike 06: 48v 16AH BMS, Solar Charger Upgrade"

  1. 2 fios não irá fazer a carga ser distribuída corretamente entre cada um, a corrente irá passar toda só por 1 dos fios

  2. Nice, some battery creativity !!! Matador from ES.

  3. Cody196 says:

    my 18650 cells might be similar size to yours once put all together, each cell is at 2.0 to 2.2ah and charged at 4.05 and 4.1v per cell so it should total out as a 52v peak at 17ah cuasei m running 12s 8p

  4. Don't use the BMS. It will just consume energy and cut off… Imho it's fine without it and a decent balance charger will top it off nicely

  5. Nice! Those 3D printed cases have really held together well!

  6. I never would have thought to make a battery pack in a cardboard box wrapped up in a pillow. But it obviously works.

  7. What BMS are you using in this setup? Very nice and clean job BTW 🙂

  8. out of curiosity. what BMS are you using?

  9. Will Prince says:

    Brilliant video, and amazing progression on the project, its so nice being as simple as it is now.

  10. jtreg says:

    great vid Rhinoa

  11. skycarl says:

    Nice job shooting this Rin. I know how hard it is to do soldering and electronics around a camera.

  12. Brian Reddy says:

    Can"t we all just get along!

  13. Or What? says:

    What happened to your two giant solder irons?

  14. I'm curious do you have any plans to start using your Nissan Leaf batteries in any projects in the near future.
    Also, your CityCar any plans for it with the warmer weather starting to arrive??

  15. danz409 says:

    those BMS are garbage. i bought one and it lasted about a month before it died…

  16. Be careful at night there are aliens in the sky sometimes. I had fair respect with warm halogen but I knew they preferred cool or straight out LED. Incandescent is okay but usually those types got a license for a gun to keep at hand in case.

  17. Solar charged e-Bike! Awesome upgrade. I have enjoyed watching your various e-Bike builds and see how your DIY design has evolved. I love the fact that you can just plug it in anywhere…

  18. epic build an love the solar set-up 🙂 u are going far kid an am proud of you. hopefully you put a ground wire for your solar bank so just incase a Serge or lightning your progress won't be put to stage one bc you did a hell of a good job on it all. 🙂

  19. Hi Rinoa, i was wondering if i could use your 3D printed battery holder design for my own battery im making, the one you have on thingiverse, love your videos btw. hope you are doing well.

  20. holly crap, has it been 2 years, wow, feels like yesterday. gose to show you the durability of your gear! Wa hoo, solar!!! more videos !! Wa hoooo!

  21. Ajemo Haltom says:

    There you go! B.M.S…B.M.S…B.M.S! I would even be a bit more neurotic and put an isolated BMS circuit on every cell. But then again, my trauma comes from using pouch cells, not the 18650s. But yeah, never stress a lithium battery to any extreme, they have enough on their minds as it is.

  22. Pasive charger would be cool to see, also maybe put an inverter in the box as well so you can chager from wall power or 12volts 🙂 almost anywhere

  23. lol i have my bike and im sure i loose some power due to heat. I just used some cheaper computer power supply wires, which are OK but could be better. One of these days imma get a better battery, and i have a lot better wire to replace everything with

  24. I learned a good tip watching your video today. You can use the soldering iron base area to shrink wrap the wires. Handy when a lighter or heat gun is not available.

  25. tbbw says:

    I'm curious is there any other words with a silent "L" other then the american pronunciation of "solder"?

  26. I can member when u made that battery

  27. where do you order your laptop batteries? im having a hell of a time ordering to germany

  28. IsoJam23 says:

    How are you soldering on the batteries? I kill mine almost every time.

  29. umm what happend to your nissan leaf battery ? and your e car ?

  30. yesterday i watched the video where you made this.. now this one comes out, too cool! I am about to take the plunge and buy a spot welder and make an ebike battery. I want to incorporate cooling somehow though. Like tesla. Perhaps i am just dreaming…. decent amount of work, but wouldnt it be cool 🙂 a CPU radiator coupled with a battery like this. i just think it would be cool….thanks for sharing this video!!

  31. I don't know if anybody else has made this comment, but if you use just an open flame, or a heat gun, heat shrink will apply much much better, another great video, but my first comment haha

  32. I like that soldering iron with the led lights!

  33. Spring is coming, and I've just been bit by the e-bike bug again thanks to this video. I think I'll probably try to replicate your 3d printed brackets, way better than the duct tape method I used before. I always worried about the pack flexing with vibration and breaking solder joints because it wasn't rigid enough.

    Also, from another comment I take it that the trick to soldering onto cells is to use a large iron with enough thermal mass to heat everything up quickly. I'm looking at eBay for larger irons. some are overpriced but there are some deals to be had. It'll be necessary, as I struggled like hell to put my last pack together with a cheapo basic iron.

    A question: say you're using salvaged cells and you have a bunch that are of somewhat different capacities. How would you want to arrange them in a pack? my strategy last time was, once I'd separated good cells from unusable ones (1000 mAh or more was good) then I just arranged them randomly in each 3.7v leg of the pack in the hopes that they would sort of average out after a few charge/discharge cycles. seemed to work, but maybe there's a better way. Any tips?

  34. Cody Carse says:

    A lighter works well for shrinking the heat shrink.

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