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Stay Cool In RV Camper Van Without Using Generator Shore Power Or AC

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How to beat the heat in an RV CamperVan Van or motorhome? I show a few ways to stay cool in your RV when not plugged into shore power or using your generator or A/C. Solar, battery bank and inverter go a long way in helping use energy efficient appliances to stay cool.


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48 Comments on "Stay Cool In RV Camper Van Without Using Generator Shore Power Or AC"

  1. gabe sarduy says:

    this is low energy, it will work great as an a/c alternative and allow me to use a fridge while running the fan!!! thanks for the upload!!

  2. sailingsolar says:

    They make evaporative cooler for R/V's that look just like RV roof mounted A/C units, btw.

  3. felicetanka says:

    i like to take advantage of the property of cold air that is heavy, so i like have the cold air start at the top of room, instead of the floor.

  4. Larry Witte says:

    you look very hot and sweaty

  5. 86 degrees is hot to me. Especially down south where the humidity is off the charts

  6. the clamps are so you can clip it to a dog kennel. Keeps the pups cool. :)

  7. Hello Ramblin CamperVan

    Why use more solar when you can use less energy? Please see the unit in the link below. The duet unit uses 60 watts and the single unit 40 watts and runs off 12V – no invertor needed. These should cool the same and cut your energy consumption in half – saving your batteries on cloudy days.

  8. F!@#Guilt says:

    "So, this thing is pretty cool." PUN!!! PUN alert!! 🙂 I love this idea. Great video.

  9. Phil Huynh says:

    great tips. is the evaporate cooler add humidity to the air inside the van?

  10. geno mccgeno says:

    Excellent video! I'm just starting to learn about solar power, and this is the best video i've found so far on running a/c with solar panels and a battery bank. I knew it had to be doable with enough batteries and solar panels, but you're the only guy i've seen on youtube to try it. So, thank you! Now let me see if i'm understanding this correctly, the a/c unit is using 10 amps, and your solar is pulling in 11-12 amps. So, does that mean that as long as you're parked there n the sun, you're just running on solar and not running down your batteries? I'm in California, and I do a lot of gold panning up in the mountains, and there's no elec. hookups anywhere near my claim, so i'm looking to build a system almost identical to yours. Thanks for the info, and you've got a new subscriber.

  11. HershNoeie says:

    What is the size of your battery bank?

  12. Mario Theuma says:

    i don't know what size solar panel you have, or how big is your battery bank, how come on the monitor showing 13.3 volts and charging at 11.4 A
    I have 250 watts Panel connected to Morning-star regulator and the max amp i could see on my monitor is 4.6A coming in, please tell me how are you generating that much power, did you have your generator on ? :)

  13. Got a link to where you show how you get more solar panels to fit on your roof?

  14. hey man where did you get your curvable curtains for the front of your van? i need some just like those! please let me know.

  15. Nora Steel says:

    Hi RCV, I just want to say…you're one of the channels I keep coming back to because you stay true to your channel. You show 'me', I can't speak for everybody, but you show me lots of helpful, informative and realistic affordable things! Thanks so much…please keep doing what your doing! Loved the video about the Panda washer~ where are your dogs?

  16. John Ramos says:

    Great video,but it an evaporative cooler would not work where I live in Houston,Tx way too humid bummer.

  17. Billy Cook says:

    Get some reflective insulation to put on the outside of the windows when parked in hot weather.

  18. Kracker Jack says:

    how did it work long term?

  19. Cowcharge says:

    It's only using .8 or .9 amps AC, but it takes about 10 amps DC to make 1 amp AC through an inverter. So without charging, and with a 100 amp-hours of battery capacity, you could run it for 5 hours, since discharging below 50% means an early grave for your batteries.

  20. roglco72 says:

    These coolers are ok in low humidity conditions, but will make inside environment unbearable in high humidity zones. They are worse than just using a fan because they load hot air with additional moisture like a sauna.. Only refrigerated air works in all regions because these remove moisture..

  21. This was extremely helpful to watch. Very good demo where you showed us some of the components of your power system as well. I am going to get this model Honeywell Evap Cooler, it would be great for those hot days, inside the house as well. Thanks for the vote of confidence on that. The fan too, was a really good idea, and I did not know this model existed.

    I was also interested in some of your other gadgets such as the Southwire Clamp Meter. Is it still working well for you? Another demo on Youtube said to switch to Klein, but they are pricey. What are the uses of a clamp meter? Can I use it at home too?

    I would be very interested in understanding how you set up your battery and solar system and all the components. I know the basic setup, but need to know which MPPT charge controller works best, why I need a Pure Sine Inverter when I have a factory installed inverter already, do I need a battery monitor as well, and which type of solar panels you used.

    MPPT Charge controllers that I have seen are: Renogy and Windy Nation. Both around $200 each. Which is better? Are there reviews on these online? Why did you buy Renogy?

    Solar Panels: I have a Class C 23 ft RV. I want to install 2 flexible 100 watt each Monocrystalline panels on roof with 21.5% efficiency sold by Windy Nation for $200 each. Any better options? What other places could you mount solar panels if you run out of roof space?

    Battery Monitor: Trimetric makes a good one with digital display. It would give me accurate reading on batteries, more than the Charge Controller. Does your Renogy MPPT Charge Controller remove need for a battery monitor?

    Pure Sine Inverter: Will I need to remove my existing factory installed inverter in the RV or can I add a new one for the solar setup? I am very confused about this product, and need some clarity.

    AC/DC Clamp Meter: What are the uses of this item? It could use a demo all by itself to fully explain the uses and justify the cost. What features do you use most often.

    Please use my listed topics as fuel for further demos. I would be extremely grateful if you could give me your feedback on each topic either here, or in a separate email to at gmail dot com.

    I am now going to view all your Youtube videos. Many thanks for your great RV demos!!!

  22. paopao well says:

    hey J i just wanna ask how do you keep freezer ?? did you keep cold storage in your rv ? and what about overnight cause at night there is non solar recharging through batteries this is another story your battery may weak straight once you open most power switch has turn all on

  23. Najja Foluke says:

    Thanks for sharing the info on keeping cool – much appreciated. Keep 'em coming, and, Happy Camping!

  24. Living Free says:

    That evaporative cooler would be MUCH better if it ran off DC instead of AC. I think I'm going to look for one. Take care.

  25. Imix Muan says:

    Great video! So you've obviously invested a lot in that 110 evaporative cooler, which looks great. There are also twelve volt rv swamp coolers. TurboKool makes a model that goes on the roof and looks like a regular roof ac unit. It is pricey though, almost seven hundred clams. There's another portable one called "swampy" K2 that is made in Mesa AZ, you can put ice in it in addition to water.

  26. aspudkicker says:

    Hi The Ramblin CamperVan.

    I'm just wondering if you use 1 of the 2 cooling systems at a time, or wether your using both of the cooling systems at the same time.
    I would think only 1 at a time, as when you use the fantastic fan, the fan will change the air in the van for outside air, and if your doing this with the evaporator on, you would be expelling cool air, and wasting energy.
    What are your thoughts on this supposition?

    Thanks, Aspudkicker.

  27. Kaleb S. says:

    Nice video ??

  28. You have to make sure you measure the amps at 12 volts converted from 120. So if the unit pulls 8 amps at 115 volts. It will be like 64 amps. So make sure you read the watts it pulls then divid by the voltage or you will destroy the batteries in no time. 

    I'm also sure you are measuring the rated 100 watts it claims to use. Which is 8 amps  at 12 volts DC

  29. That cooler should only be pulling 1 Amp. Its rated around 100 watts. 9 amps on 110v os enough for a large portable air conditioner.

  30. yescandles says:

    To be effective, evap coolers put lots of moisture in the air. This is why they are only good in dry climates. I would be very cautious about putting all that moisture inside my RV. I think I like Will Burson's "air-con" better and think it would be more effective without the risk of all that water.

  31. pdxlinda says:

    Stop saying "guys". I know nobody means anything by it, but, I am not a "guy". Please.

  32. RVerTV says:

    good video……i just did a video about the endless breeze fan  i love it… for 12 volt fan its has excellent airflow……

  33. Very informative. Thanks!

  34. I watched your video and I have questions about my battery bank which discharges quickly. I had my house battery checked at an RV place in Ottawa Canada, and it charges when I am driving my Class B PW. If I leave the RV parked for a while, my house battery discharges. I have a negative connect now which i disconnect while I am not driving. This way the h.battery does not discharge. My question is what discharges my h. battery when my RV is parked and I don't have anything on. Please give me your advice. Thanks Daljit Nagpal.

  35. Rob Vann says:

    I too have the Endless Breeze fan and find the air movement amazing for such a low current draw. We use it exactly the way you describe with the roof fan blowing out..They run continuously off our solar panel. We bought it for our dogs in the vehicle but find it gets the most use in the rv. . The evap cooler running at 100w certainly sounds like a great alternative for air conditioning @ 900w for solar applications.. thanks for posting

  36. I'm thinking of portable solar panels in addition to roof mounted, so I can park in the shade while still allowing the batteries to charge somewhat. I haven't ventured into buying any solar yet….this was just a thought. I'm not sure how efficient would be.

  37. Epic Vape says:

    Thanks for giving us some great ways to keep cool!! 

  38. Thanx for sharing Ramblin! I wanted to ask you if you have looked into the 12 volt(TheMightyCoolMW1) Version of your HoneyWell, was just curious cause I know Ur pretty darn good @ this kinda info.

  39. Nice! This was some of the things I was wondering about, then "Poof!" You always seem to put out a video on it! Lol. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Zanysadler says:

    Looking forward to add another solar panel when there is no extra room.

  41. 4G Nomad says:

    Thanks for the video.  I am looking at an evaporative cooler for my setup as well.  Take care…

  42. Nice to see you back brother! Few questions for ya. I got a 200 dollar gift card from bestbuy. I wanted to get a portable AC/heater to run of my gen. I know for around 300 I can get one with AC and heat. It would be nice to have as a backup to my rooftop unit. My rooftop unit has heat but it doesnt work very well. So It would be nice to have an electric heater. I wonder if its worth spending the extra money on a all in one unit, or just get the portable AC seperate and a electric heater seperate. Also other question. I wanna charge my laptop or keep it running when i do a hangout. Will be house battery be able to either charge my laptop or keep it on? Would I need to run the gen to recharge the battery? What do i need to charge laptop? Also im worried about surge protection if u charge the laptop thru the 12 volt system! I wish u would come on hangouts man! I have millions of questions for u!

  43. OMG! I just bought that Endless Breeze fan for my hot Jeep to keep me and the dog cool while on long road trips. (no A/C). It is awesome! Works very well.

  44. john charles says:

    You are cool without it.

  45. Mary Ocean says:

    Thanks for showing some alternatives!

  46. Zeeadster TV says:

    I have a 5v usb fan and i put an ice bottle behind it. It works very well too. I live in a flat not a van. And o have an advice too. Always try to park inder trees 🙂

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