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SparkFun Rogue Router – Solar Powered File Server

“The Rogue Router is an access point fileserver that runs on the SparkFun Thing Dev board and can be charged using our {solar lights}! Get the firmware and …


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19 Comments on "SparkFun Rogue Router – Solar Powered File Server"

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  4. Kue Man says:

    Excellent build

  5. Hi Nick, can you confirm that the solar panel you are using is in fact 6V? I am working on a community engagement project in Sydney and need it to be solar powered. I purchased the 3.5W Solar panel (6V) , a sunny buddy, and a LiPo 3.7V 2000mAh from sparkfun – however this combo doesn't seem to be running my Arduino stack? The power lights come on but it doesnt have enough guts to boot up some LEDs – can you help me?

  6. +Nick Poole Can you recommend a place to get the 3d Model printed for the v1?

  7. nice one! keep up the good work!

  8. +Nick Pool Can this project work with the Intel Edison?

  9. Bentley Born says:

    +Nick Poole mentions that he is using "the new 12V panels". However, the new panels are 6V, not 12V. The Sunny Buddy needs 6V minimum. I am testing here with these same componentes (the 3.5W panel and the Sunny Buddy) and definitely this combo is NOT working.

  10. Greg Palmer says:

    couldn't people place an array of these things across a metropolitan area connecting to each other and forward routing to create an underground network.

  11. tablatronix says:

    Whats the IP rating on that solar panel ?

  12. Dean Murray says:

    cool project and nice enclosure. if anyone is serious about the concept I recommend to checkout its based on openwrt which is a lot more powerful and flexible than anything running on esp8266. a good hardware platform is tplink mr3040 which is including battery (but not solar charger) it has practically the same power budget as this.

  13. Unfortunately that MPPT charger doesn't protect the cell from over discharge.  There are a lot of cells that do not have that protection that would nice to salvage and use, but alas, you can't.  Be warned people.

  14. Crimson13 says:

    Awesome project! And just a quick note, there's a high freq buzz going on, possibly on your voice over track. It's loudest during the assembly section.

  15. Just got a 3d printer. I love projects like this. I'm horrible at coming up with my own ideas, so thanks for this.

  16. Intriguing – It will be interesting to see how the concept works out.
    I put together a quick BOM using Sparkfun as a vendor here:

    _ Solar panel –
    6 volt Solar Panel – 9W $89.00 :
    6 volt Solar Panel – 6W $59.00:
    6 volt Solar Panel – 6W $29.00:

    _ Sunny Buddy – LiPo MPPT Charger (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
    MPPT Solar Charger $24.95

    _ LiPo Battery
    Polymer Lithium Ion Battery 3.7v, 2000mAh $12.95 :

    _ ESP8266
    SparkFun ESP8266 Thing – Dev Board $15.95 :

    _ Duck antenna – 2.4GHz Duck Antenna RP-SMA – Large $9.95 :
    external antenna plugged into U.FL connector
    λ – 2.4GHz wavelength – 125mm

    _ Interface Cable for the antenna – RPSMA Female to RPSMA Male (25cm) $4.95

    A little more research and testing is needed. The Sunny Buddy has a 6 volt minimum spec. which doesn't build in a big margin. Looking forward to seeing how the project evolves.

  17. wrybread says:

    How much power does the completed project consume when running?

  18. NegiMudkip says:

    No source files? What is this, you share a product but dont share the code or design files? Really sparkfun?

  19. David Haile says:

    I love that case! Sparkfun should commercialize the case.

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