Making Marine Wind Generators For Your Boat

Solar & Wind EBooksThe idea behind a marine wind generator is to supply some needed electricity on demand, or to top off your batteries while your boat is not in … Continue reading

Solar Powered Irrigation Pump

Solar powered irrigation pump developed by Bangladesh Clean Technology Co. Ltd. Very low in price but very high water discharge. A modified three phase 1.5 hp motor comtrolled by frequency… … Continue reading

How to Construct a Wind Generator – Energy Blown Right In

Many persons when investigating solar and alternative energy sources probably have read enough by now in order to be interested in constructing a wind-powered generator for personalized use. There are … Continue reading

Kodiak Off Grid Power Generator: How Powerful is it?

You can STILL get 20% off this product here including a free camp light. (ENTER COUPON CODE: canadianprepper) In this video I do a more in depth testing… source

Sedona, Arizona – Land of Natural Beauty

When people think of Arizona vacation spots, the typical idea is to see the Grand Canyon, the golf resorts of Scottsdale, or even the old OK Corral in Tombstone. Few … Continue reading

Wind Power Home – How to Utilize Wind Power in Your Home

Are you considering a wind power system? If enough wind comes onto your property it is worth using it, but not all areas in the country get enough wind to … Continue reading

Solar Power System Manufacturer, Energy Installations India solar power system manufacturer,solar power systems supplier,solar power systems installer,solar energy installations,solar photovoltaic module manufacturer,solar… source

Absone Solar Charger Review

Here’s my review of Absone Solar Charger 10000mAh battery bank! Also, watch the video to get the GIVEAWAY details. I love giving back to you guys and appreciate all the … Continue reading

Earth Energy – It's Benefits for Wind and Solar Power

Every year now when earth day arrives, countless numbers of politicians, businesses, organizations and even the president are competitive for face time in front of the cameras to tell us … Continue reading

Wind Power Electricity: Taming the Nature to Generate Energy

Wind is the abundant resource of nature that is yet not fully used to its potential. Wind power is nothing but just another form of solar power and it is … Continue reading

Printing Australia’s largest solar cells

We’ve commissioned Australia’s largest facility for printing thin film solar cells. These A3 size devices could soon be coated onto buildings, into windows and on roofs to provide power in… … Continue reading

Vertical Wind Power Generators

The vertical axis wind turbine which is sometimes referred to as the (VAWT) for short, is a wind power machine that has been designed so that it maybe attached to … Continue reading

Why is Wind Energy a Good Alternative Energy Source?

Wind energy is the best solution to most of our home energy bill problems. Now that there is an ongoing economic crisis and the price of everything is going up, … Continue reading

Homestead Happenings ~ Wireless Waterproof Solar Motion Sensor Light and a Coupon ~ SuttonsDaze

Today we’re reviewing this solar light. A QPAU Solar Light, 12 LED Wireless Waterproof Solar Motion Sensor Light with 3 Modes for Wall, Driveway, Patio, Yard, Garden You can find … Continue reading

AMETEK 40v DC Motor – For a Wind Generator

The AMETEK 40vdc motor is definitely a great motor for a wind generator, but it’s just an example. This motor is extremely popular for people who want to build a … Continue reading

Nature Power Products Monocrystalline Solar Panel


How to Transition Kids From a Laissez Faire Holiday Schedule to a Structured Back-to-School Schedule

Holidays are filled with high energy, lots of activities and vacations as well as the freedom from a seriously controlled schedule. But, when it's time to get things in order … Continue reading

Could We Build Solar Panels Around The Sun? (Dyson Spheres and Rings)

Is building a megastructure around the Sun to capture its energy just science fiction, or could it really happen one day? Visit and start your 7-day free trial… source

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