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Solar Water Pumping System Installation in a water well. Robison Solar.

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A Robison Solar Systems employee goes out in the field with a rancher and videos and narrates his installation of one of theRobison solar powered water pumping systems in his water well. This is a brief yet informative installation video that touches on the basic yet most important aspects of a proper installation.


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21 Comments on "Solar Water Pumping System Installation in a water well. Robison Solar."

  1. I had a rather lenghty reply and explanation before, but it won't seem to let me post my web address even now for some reason.

  2. This getting really frustrating, do they have some saftey device that won't let you comment the address of a web site??

  3. solarpumps (dot) com………may this will get through. Go to our products page for full prices of all the systems

  4. solarpumps (dot) com. except as I am sure you have guessed, use a . for the (dot) ;O) I can't figure out their reasoning for not letting the video owner not post his web address????

  5. swivelgate says:

    it's a great system I have been checking the net just wish I could afford it .I need a pump like this for my farm it's to far to run electric to where i need a well.

  6. @nxn718 We are using a single 85 watt panel here. We also sell the Robison pump in a kit with two 85 watt panels. The energy consumption of the pump varies greatly depending on the depth that you are pumping from.

  7. @InDaPlan The pump will build 85 pounds of pressure. With a single panel system like this, pumping from this depth it will produce about 2.5 gpm. We have systems that can pump as much as 70 gpm from this depth.

  8. willey dok says:

    How much did this all cost?

  9. @edwardwills That system excluding the pipe for down hole and the pole to mount the panel on cost $1,770.00. You can view all information with pricing on all systems at our website. Thanks for your interest.

  10. solarpumps(dot)com (place a period where the (dot) is….this is some jacked up stuff that youtube won't let me post my website in a comment.

  11. willey dok says:

    @markafuqua1 Thanks, I was looking for something to be off the grid with a pre existing well pump that is used in a home for showering and running water. Thanks

  12. @swizzlecheeks This particular pump produces about 4 gallons per minute maximum but does create 85 pounds of pressure. So, if you want to water a lawn or something it will do it with low volume high pressure sprinkler heads. My partner in this business has a system like this running now. You have to divide you area into zones and only water a peice at a time, but it does work. Very careful attention must be paid to freezing weather or back pressure against the pump. We have larger systems also

  13. How deep is the water source?

  14. @BobbyWanKenobi11 This particular well is not very deep, around 40 ft. if I remember right. We have pumps that can pump from as deep as 600 ft. though. Check out our website for more details. solarpumps (dot) com

  15. is there a controller on this?

  16. @kdm7mms first I want to apologize for it taking so long for me to answer your question. I had not noticed it until recently. These pumps are not really rated in HP but if they were it would be about an 1/8-1/4 hp…they perform differently than most standard AC HP pumps in the fact that they run a smaller gallon per minute but do it all day long compared to most AC pumps which may kick on for a few minutes when needed and flow a higher gallon per minute. Thanks for your interest.

  17. @sundogforlove the only controlls needed to run our pumps are in the pumps themselves. An additional water level controller can be installed to maintain the water level in the storage tank yet shut the pump off when the tank get's full.

  18. This would work great for a off the grid system.  Where you could pump into a tank then run it though a filter then into a cabin. 

  19. Mark Fuqua says:

    You can buy some of the most economical solar water pump systems with the best solar pumps for the money at Robison Solar was purchased by Advanced Power Inc. and now all systems are sold through them via Give them a look.

  20. Mark Fuqua says:

    View another complete install viedo from Advanced Power Inc.

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