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Solar Time Lapse: Crystalline Solar Panel vs. PowerFilm

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We used an 80 watt crystalline panel alongside our 45 watt amorphous silicon panel to see what the effective power output over the course of one average day …


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14 Comments on "Solar Time Lapse: Crystalline Solar Panel vs. PowerFilm"

  1. I am still searching for a test to show comparatively the power produced in heavy overcast condition, poli or monocrystaline versus thin film panels; to see what percentage of their output they will perform, comparatively.

  2. Does it cost 25¢ a watt, yet? You know, it's supposed to be cheaper to make then silicon cells…

  3. you can use inplix instructions to build it yourself guys.

  4. xanataph says:

    And the moral of the story is don't put crystalline panels in the shade…! lol What would make an interesting video is a comparison of the two technologies on an overcast day for the total energy harvested.

  5. Sir is that same procedure to made this flexible panel as like PV module we made? Both manufacturing procedure are same?

  6. This is why i went 5400 watts of Amorphous

  7. This really says it all right here, thin film for the win!

  8. Mandala man says:


    thanks a lot for this video, this is exactly what I have been looking for.
    I have read in the tesla chargers free ebook "solar secrets" that silicon amorphous panels produce more power throughout the day because they work better in low light conditions, i.e dusk and dawn, whereas mono and poly  crystalline panels only give out the higher efficiency under perfect lab conditions vs realworld conditions.

    Have you got any data? actual numbers and have you continued this experiment over a certain period of time(i.e days or weeks) logging the data?

    This would be of much help to me as Im shortly going to invest in a big system to run an offgrid home but cant find much actual data on the subject.

  9. it can happen that the crystaline panel is wired in a way that that little shadow opens the internal circuit and stops all current from flowing

  10. Dim Erchov says:

    i don't understand 1 think !!!!
    do u mean that this power film can charge a goal zero yeti 400 in 2 hours.???!!!!

  11. This is the best test out there to show real word conditions. The poly and mono panels will completely shut off in cloudy or rainy conditions. This simple experiment shows that plane as day. Good work get the word out so we can move away from poly and mono and go thin film so we can have off grid systems that provide power all year long not just in summer. As with most poly and mono systems u have abundance of pier in summer and in winter you use the gas generator or grid power. It's all about your panels folks do you research and don't just listen to the million dollar advertisements are they are in big business with the battery company's. Under charged battery's wont last as long. I just hope every one wakes up

  12. The suraface area of the crystalline panel is only two thirds as large as the Powerfilm! 

  13. What are the the results of the same test in full sunlight ?

  14. Dave B says:

    A poor and misleading test.
    The shadow completely crosses the crystalline panel, and only goes across 2/3 of the amorphous panel.
    Furthermore, the test setup is not detailed; what are the panel specs, what is your load, is there a charge controller? …

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