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Ball park numbers:
to 25 000 sq miles = 90 bn square meters.

At about 4 tiles per m2, thats 240 billion tiles.

At 50 LEDs each, thats 12 trillion LEDS.

These need to be light up ALL the time you want road markings!

300 LEDs takes about 60 Watts.

Cheap electricity is about 0.06 dollars per kW Hr

So to run 300 LEDs for 1 hr coast about half a cent.

To run 12 trillion LEDs for 1hr costs about 150 million dollars!
4 billion dollars per day,
1.4 trillion dollars per year.

They will take more power just to run the LEDs than will be generated by the road!!!
And thats not including the cost of building the infrastructure, or the fact that the LED probably will need to be replaced about every 5 years.

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43 Comments on "Solar Roadways, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS!"

  1. i love "critical " people,
    i try not to surround myself with with people who always say "that's impossible" -you seem to fit in that category..
    hell we'd probably both hate knowing each other..

  2. mr_dino42 says:

    also, i'm no geologist, but i'm pretty sure there isn't quite enough sapphires in the world to coat the roads in them. And even if you did find enough, you would have to melt them all down (which would take an incredible amount of heat) mold them into a hexagonal shape of the specified size hundreds of thousands of times, all while changing their consistency to make them clear, AND keep them the chemical make-up of a sapphire, and not some other form of corundum, like ,say, a ruby, or the sparkplug material you mentioned. overall even with my high school level education of physics and chemistry, i can easily say that this project simply isn't plausible or efficient enough to be considered a viable option.

  3. Gday Thunderf00t, just found your channel and videos. I have to say, your videos, knowledge and calling out scammers in a scientific manner is a breath of fresh air! Keep up the great work!

  4. Graham Lane says:

    development still to be done in universities & scientific institutions & the r & d of material manufactures before its open to donation funded enterprise.
    Also as i understand it apple closed their sapphire glass plant after they were unable to cure the materials brittle characteristics, scratch resistance yes but shattered when tapped by a pen meant a very unsuitable phone or tablet screen.
    Thunderf00t sometimes comes across as a bit bitter maybe but his style helps get a point across
    Noone is against developing new solutions l, being practical & realistic is a message related as a constant theme in his produced material yet seemingly many so called science watchers detest logic.
    this is a true & real cause of dispair.
    keep it up thunderf00t & ty for your endeavours thus far, enlightening, entertaining & thoroughly enjoyable.

    the bug is a feature
    coming soon solar liquid

  6. cfsscfsshk says:

    I come up with this idea just now, maybe help a little little bit. If it can detect a sheep or a car is on the road. Then just turn off all light at night when there is no car on the road.

  7. Lucas P says:

    Solar scam like always. Go nuclear!

  8. Tyg Rahof says:

    Traction problem was solved; they covered them with asphalt.

  9. I thought they had this figured out because it is such an obvious problem -.-
    I am very glad I did not back them, I like dthe idea. Good to dee that someone is around here to knock some sense into people…

  10. The whole excitement about these solar roads is the LED lights, what I don't get is, why don't you just figure out a way to implement LED lights within normal roads, and put the solar panels somewhere else? Hell, LED tiles would probably be cool for city squares at night, maybe even bicycle roads, but why the hell would you put solar panels in them instead of on a roof for instance, or in a desert?

  11. Gr1pp717 says:

    ….but they wouldn't ALL need to be on ALL night. Just while they're needed. Why would you assume otherwise? Also, why is it being assumed they would replace every, and all roads? That seems like a really unreasonable assumption to make; meant to only create sticker shock. Also, why were you using normal, non scored, non tempered, non laminated, soda glass to test with? That it's much weaker than any other form of glass… I would expect someone like you would know that. Though, they've already passed load bearing and traction testing, so I guess it's a mute point now.

  12. Alxasaurus says:

    My first impression of glass surface for roads: miniscule glass shards, even microscopic! So, gah.

  13. I think the biggest problem will we that ppl will start stealing this panels ;)

  14. do you do your own graphics?

  15. Ex Tyger says:

    Large, sectional, easily replaced/repaired solar panels IS the solution!
    Putting them under our cars and trucks however, is fucking STUPID!!!

  16. Solar Walkways? I Don't Know, Maybe Disneyland? Would It Work?

  17. se7en1976 says:

    But.. not ALL the lights are on, all the time.

  18. Startev says:

    Powered flight- solar roadways, they're both inventions. Apples-oranges, they're both fruits. Therefore they're the same thing. Checkmate fossil shills. Now if you'd excuse me- I'm going to go crap in my own hand and smear it all over my face and chest derpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderp

  19. btw how break resistant are these things?
    like if i drop a can of food or a bottle of water on it will it break? how about something heavyer like bricks or beams?

  20. your math is way off. 1st, you don't calculate cost of manufacturing by comparing prices of a different product consumers buy off amazon, ie LED Lights.

    2nd, for a 40' section of highway, one lane being 12' wide, your lighting a total of 13.3 sq ft (4 inch solid stripe) with 480 sq ft of panels. that doesnt equate to lighting up all 50 leds on every single panel at the exact same time.

  21. bush monster says:

    gee I wonder if a nuclear physisit went to college

  22. junoguten says:

    The solar freakin' roadway lit up the feet around the deer 1:02. So if a tiny child deer weighs about 30 kilos, and we divide that by 4 legs, i.e 7.5 kilos, whatever sensors they put in all of those have to be able to feel 7.5 kilos, but they also have to be less than two inches tall, and with virtually no X and Y axis size at all, because those are precise about where the deer's legs are.

    They also have to be able standing a big lorry trailer with big concrete pipes and pillars for construction sites, and big rigid lorries with transformer boxes sometimes weighing several tens of tons on 2-3 axels, all without breaking. For decades. Has to withstand emergency stops, and if it's infront of an intersection, has to withstand regular stops.

    Inevitably they'd say "don't take it so literally, it's just an artist's rendition". That's the problem with this project though, it's all just an artist's rendition. The real thing the LEDs are nowhere near as visible, dense or colourful as displayed.

  23. the moust moranic idea ever to put solar panel on the road!nothing can compare with this!the number 1 moust ussles inventin in the human history!

  24. Scott Larsen says:

    It is ironic that the Senator's name is… "Crapo*..

  25. I got an IDEA.. solar freeking dicks!

  26. WhereWhatHuh says:

    Also, have we considered the coefficient of friction of glass versus the coefficient of friction for pavement? I'm seeing cars sliding all over the roads, here…

  27. Senator Crapo lol what a perfect name!

  28. pratherat says:

    OK. How can we get people to stop saying "freakin"? We know what you want to say but don't have the balls.
    And, yes "friggin" is just a bad.

  29. Darlantan says:

    I'll consider solar roadways revolutionary once the next charlatan claims to have created asphalt capable of producing a harvestable photovoltaic effect.

  30. Red Rahloo says:

    support my go found me : Solar Railroads

  31. John Lyles says:

    not that i'm sold on the solar roads idea but your math is flawed on the led power usage there would never be a time when there would be more than a fraction of the leds in use at one time, and one scheme states that that since there would be sensors in the road way on lesser used stretches of road could be left off altogether until needed

  32. Thunderf00t bulk ordering would drop the price of 800 bn of led, don't forget that bulk buying is cheaper than retail price. same with microprocessors and the Silicon needed.

  33. Lee Woods says:

    Not sure if anyone has brought attention to this, but white tends to absorb the light visually. If you put the LEDs against a black, or dark surface is it possible it could show up better, or would the effect be negligible?

  34. LHCreeper says:

    because speed bumps are irreverent

  35. LHCreeper says:

    because speed bumps are irreverent

  36. Soul-Frog212 says:

    why not instead of some shitty road we put solar panels as a canopy so people can walk under it and it will generate power

  37. acidburn1993 says:

    not that I'm defending solar roadways because it is a stupid idea but your assumptions are a little over the top, yes the panel has 50 LED's but all of them wouldn't be on all the time, plus the elecrtic cost wouldn't be that much since the electricity is generated with the solar panels.

  38. MrGyngve says:

    Hey! You bring all theese numbers to the debate! Like maths and stuff.. Isnt math just an invention of the patriarchy? #SAAAAARCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  39. Sam Evans says:

    What would happen is the strip's with their plastic would do better than the led's haha

  40. Cyan says:

    I keep wondering about theft and vandalism too. How hard would it be to remove these panels given they're intended to be replaced and maintained? I speculate it wouldn't be too hard. People will already strip copper cables from public infrastructure so I assume these would be appealing, especially if they're made of special magical materials.

    I realise this wouldn't be an issue everywhere, but given they explicitly want to cover the entire US road network in them I'm sure it would emerge as an issue. Or hey just get a single spray paint can and you can ruin a massive number of them.

  41. I'm no fan of "solar freaking roadways,," but I can't help but feel it's a bit unfair to take retail prices for LED strips on ebay and apply them to the mother of all bulk purchases. Even purchasing small amounts of LEDs (in the hundreds) the price drops down to almost nothing, maybe it would have been better to ask for a quote on alibaba? Then multiply by 3-10 because it's a federal project.

    The calculations about how many LEDs you'd need were pretty interesting though.

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