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Solar Roadways: Busted!

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After the solar roadways project made all these claims that they were basically ready to start manufacturing their solar roadway panels… turns out, that merely 4 years ago, the thought it would take ~50 million USD.
This is ignoring all the other issues they had:
-no functional road surface
-no plan for road manufacture
-no cost realistic plans for implementation of power transport systems.


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38 Comments on "Solar Roadways: Busted!"

  1. jimmymox says:

    Maybe solar footpaths? ?

  2. ha, jokes on you! Its July 11 ,2016.. And its starting to be installed on route highway 66. EGG ON FACE!

  3. well i rather see some attempts to make this world better then wasting our money on sending stupid spy satellites to space or what ever they do up their.

  4. well, its happening so we shall see if it works or not. I think it has its pros and cons like everything in life.

  5. Mr. Louis says:

    Who are you working PR for?
    You have done a lot of work on this video just to entertain.

  6. wades623 says:

    politicians have stolen way more than 750k of tax money…

  7. martin lewis says:

    This is all negative pr crap. We give oil and coal billions of tax subsidies a year. our university do tax subsidize research a year. why not divert this research to renewable energy.

  8. This is hilarious. Several months ago it was "Netherlands are doing it!"
    That failed. Now its all about "Route 66 is doing it!"
    As if doing it somehow validates it. These solar roadways are not installed anywhere. It has been over two years since the indigogo. They will not install untested panels on a public highway and put people at risk. Give me a break.

  9. Brian Bieger says:

    haters gunna hate. you are probably the same people that hated on roof top solar a decade ago

  10. Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

  11. Lol would have been nice but still think solar is going to boom in the coming decades

  12. This sounds so dumb. The material used has to be ground, and then condensed first, so that it 'can't' collapse Einstein!

  13. This idea is so bad, even if we magically had the ability to cheaply manufacture pure single layer graphene in huge quantities, it still would fail.

  14. all you naysayers…are reacting from a fear based mentality. "but,but, but"

  15. Why don't we put the Panels over the road like sunroofs? Shaped like this:. T_T_T

  16. Dan Lewis says:

    Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?
    You're coming across as a narrow minded git.
    Wake up. Figure it out. Lol.

  17. As a Libertarian, this should be considered a "Private Highway" as we have many with paid tolls. Government has no reason to pay for this. No way is this thinking "anarchist", more like practical sense.
    I like the idea, but maybe a mobile phone being run over 1000 times a day over 5 years in the daylight is not the most  practical way to spend government dollars. Lets make it easier and less expensive for people like them to have their own business, ideas and way of collecting money intrusive. Government currently is stopping them in way more ways than you can imagine. Money doesn't always have to be the answer, the freedom to do what you think is right is.

  18. GrodyMaroon says:

    This `telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a practical form of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us. – Western Union internal memo, 1878

    Radio has no future. – Lord Kelvin (1824-1907), British mathematician and physicist, ca. 1897.

    What can be more palpably absurd than the prospect held out of  locomotives traveling twice as fast as stagecoaches?  – The Quarterly Review, England (March 1825)

    The horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a  novelty—a fad. – Advice from a president of the Michigan Savings Bank to Henry Ford's lawyer Horace Rackham. Rackham ignored the advice  and invested $5000 in Ford stock, selling it later for $12.5 million.

    Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.  – Lord Kelvin (1824-1907), ca. 1895, British mathematician and physicist

    Yup, naysayers suck.

  19. Kal says:

    it would be cheaper and more efficient to just build a line of conventional solar panels next to the road, also less hazardous. it's a bad idea despite how appealing the idea is to me

  20. "Show us them in the day!" 1:42 ………

  21. spareplanet says:

    Very likely was intentional ripoff. Legit scientists vet their ideas at early stages, and this idea very clearly didn't pass the most basic logic — the question, "Why put panels on the road, instead of next to or above the road".

  22. Bob Myles says:

    This will work it is the future

  23. three3thou says:

    we see you mr corporate fat-cat 'beholden-to-the-status-quo' we see you… oh and just so you know… you are on the wrong side of history….

  24. Not to mention the reflectiveness of the glass. If the sun hits it from the right angle you won't be able to look at the road.

  25. When winter comes we have to use snow tiers. They have metal studs in them. And they already fuck up the roads we have. And let's face it. Not every road will be coverd in panels. So do we need to change tyres when going from normal to solar?

  26. Chronoptum says:

    Piezoelectric roadways.

  27. 5:14 – My phone is broken now… Thank you…

  28. do you know all the engineers i've fired that told me "that's impossible- you can't get there from here".
    and find engineers who could do the job..
    you are fired.
    and thanks for pointing out the weaknesses. – you have brought up real hurtles to jump.
    so you guys are fired and find some who will make it happen..
    then watch you guys just be silent
    as has happened with every other great invention.

  29. have every worked with the corporate world?
    you come up with a design, , they say "create a working prototype, "
    they build the working prototype ,
    now it's "fix a few things " ..
    so they are now fixing a few things..
    oh and all plastics can be made from hemp.. – sustainable. why is it still illegal. ?
    dang – if you ever had worked for me, i'd take your notes pay you for your time, and tell you to hit the door,
    and find another registered engineer.. someone, —- well competent.
    someone who comes up with not only potential problems but solutions to those peoples.
    there's enough hacks out there, that'll tell you – "oh that's impossible".

  30. Two years later…. And? :D

  31. Skyrimosity says:

    When you see the comments saying "Route 66 is using them!" and read the article, only then will you understand that supporters of this not only clearly care nothing about science, but also cannot read

  32. Robert Tony says:

    You could have solar roadways but no vehicle tyre could ever touch, it would have to electromagnetically support vehicles. The most expensive part of current roads are not the waterproof coating (unregulated refinery waste, likely the greatest source of cancer causing agents to which the public is exposed and various aggregates) but the base underneath that does all the real work.
    To drive a normal vehicle on those roads requires solving the conflict of a high transparency smooth surface for light transmission efficiency and to prevent residue build up and a high friction rough surface required to provide grip for vehicles.
    Reality is, if you really did want to produce solar roadways, it would be far, far simpler and far, far cheaper to put a solar panel roof over those roadways, this would also provide a useful water catchment not polluted by residues from vehicles or even more sensibly building structures over roads and leaving the blocks between as parks and gardens, rather than being full of buildings (snow or water on those covered roads now no longer being a problem and you are making use of the now wasted space above roadways).

  33. Bob Montague says:

    sounds like someone is afraid of new ideas, sure the concept has bugs in it, but simply sinking an idea flat out isn't the way to go, if everyone did that we probably still be in the Stone Age

  34. The Hermit says:

    Naysaying for naysaying's sake these days I see, TF? Used to enjoy your vids years ago. Guess you're getting paid now? ;)

  35. Something else I've been wondering, they list the power that test spots like the bike path got, but is that while it's still DC or when they convert it to AC so it can actually be used by a power grid? I wonder this cause there is gonna be some power loss in the conversion.

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