Solar Powered Fridge Freezer! – 30w off grid refrigeration -Freezer holds gallon jugs! (ice blocks!) | Solar & Wind Products; View Hundreds of Solar & Wind Products Here!

Solar Powered Fridge Freezer! – 30w off grid refrigeration -Freezer holds gallon jugs! (ice blocks!)

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Solar Power a Refrigerator Freezer. average power use 30 watts! (740 watts a day) can be run on a single solar panel! (and 2 batteries). Kenmore ‘Freezer …


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28 Comments on "Solar Powered Fridge Freezer! – 30w off grid refrigeration -Freezer holds gallon jugs! (ice blocks!)"

  1. david Bruce says:

    that is gold my friend for a hunting campsite off the grid

  2. Wade Dexter says:

    What size inverter are you using? Thanks for the great video! This looks to be a great option for my solar setup but I am curious how big the power surge is.

  3. battery banks with ac outlets start 45 watts halo acdc 65 watts 30 watts 50% load 58,830 mha

  4. BWWGL9 says:

    So, it's been awhile… how's that little Kenmore Chill Refrig. doing ? Also, what is the Specific Model Number of that frog. ??

  5. FEB 2017 Right now you can get 2 100 watt panels a charge controller $310 delivered that allows you to expand to 400 watts later. You still have to buy a battery and a inverter but no biggie most have inverters or access to them. The glory of this device is you don't have to keep it running all night you can run it during the day when the sun is out and keep the door closed during the day drop your blocks of ice into the fridge should do to keep fridge cold enough. Point is a 12 volt compressor fridge cost over $400 for something comparable today you can get something like this for $120 and have a great off grid set.

    Again you can get new batteries you can try to find industrial use batteries that were discarded for new and usually get these for a lot less than retail batteries cost.

  6. They sell 280 watt solar panels today sure would like to see one of them under $200 panels hooked up to power this set to see how long it would work? Wonder how long the inverter would hold out? Too bad they don't just make this 12 volt or 24 volt.

    They do sell 12 volt fridges but they are spensive !

  7. cyberpine says:

    Thank You.  I am wondering if I can pull this off with just the one 90AH battery in my truck and a  single 100 Watt panel? Also, how long does it take the unit to free ice?

  8. so it uses 30 watt-hours per hour? and 740 watt-hours (.74 kWhs) per day? That's pretty good, but large energy efficient fridges provide four times the storage volume using only about 25% more energy. You might want look at small chest freezers too, since they don't lose all their cool every time you open the door.

  9. Eric Serrano says:

    I'm running the same setup with an avant fridge that looks like that with 3 of those everstart 29dc batteries lmaoo.

  10. I found it. Thanks Again:)

  11. So far I haven't found it:(

  12. This is exactly what I need! Thank you for the video!

  13. James Wells says:

    This is awesome…I am doing a sunrader remodel and want complete solar…this is awesome!!!

  14. Ready Group says:

    is this running DC power… seems like a dandy little fridge..

  15. what is the name of this freezer and where can i buy it. i live in uae

  16. Hi there. I love your set-up. Could you list each component and a rough price estimate, so that i can try and replicate your setup? thank you 🙂

  17. Rosa Aimo says:

    Great its something new to me.

  18. Have you put a watt meter on it and measured it over a 7 day period? Your consumption numbers seem high. My 19 cubic ft energy star rated fridge with defrost only averaged 800 watts per day…and that was 8 years ago. We switched out to a bigger one using about 960 watts per day. Also does it have a separate radiator on back or underneathet or is it built into the unit? I ask because if the radiator is separate you can cheat and add insulation.Best regards David Baillie

  19. Billy says:

    you can cut that in half if u buy a chest freezer and put a external thermostat on it and run the freezer as a fridge..i been doing that over 20 years

  20. Does anyone know where one could find one of these?

  21. bill767667 says:

    I have recently been to Menards and they have a criterion refrigerator with the freezer on top I believe it's not frost-free its manual defrost and I think it's about 7 or 8 cubic feet,,,, that model doesn't use as much power as this little one here in the video,,,,, that's hard to believe however I think I'm going to use one of their chest freezers and do a chest freezer to refrigerator conversion with a Johnson Controls external thermostat,,,,grape solar looks kinda good,,, however I'm hearing mixed reviews on that one I read the reviews from Home Depot and on Amazon it's a 5.1 cubic foot refrigerator that grape sells,,,,and of course ARB,,, and Engel,,,, then Whynter,,,,all these appear to be at the top of their game it looks like but high cost for their size,,,for that matter the grape unit isn't cheap,,,and alll these( excluding the criterion models)would be dc,,,12/24 volts,,,,no inverter to run,,,anyone with actual use and experience with any of these units please chime in,,, this desert Sun guy has got a lot of other very very interesting videos I sniffed around on YouTube a little bit and found him this guy has true ingenuity and a lot of really good ideas they're worth checking out if you have the time I think refrigeration is a very important issue,,, we lost electric some years back we had what they called straight line wind and we were without power when it was 98 degrees out thank God we had generators but they were big generators and they cost me about $85 a 24 hour period for my house and my mothers house up the street,,, I've been learning my lesson,,,, I have smaller generators and bigger generators now and solar power I can see the absolute necessity of refrigeration however you would want the absolute highest efficiency I think personally for the size versus the power usage the chest freezer could really be the way to go and then maybe I might get an Engel or an ARB unit that I could use as a freezer and or refrigerator because that's how they work,,, one or the other and all you have to do is adjust the thermostat you can make them a freezer or a refrigerator.

  22. Jon Civils says:

    how amps are them batteries, and how high of an inverter would I need?

  23. N0Lif3 says:

    Why do you freeze jugs of water?

  24. bill767667 says:

    I have a question I think you stated that this uses 30 watts to run,,,,,, a total of 740 watts for a 24 day,,,, that is a little high,,,It doesn't run the whole time???? or would it cycle on and off and use far less than 740 Watts a day,,, would it surge up to 700_800watts then come back down to 30watts??? I'm doing solar now also,,,, and if this thing only uses 30watts_2_3 Times an hour to cycle on and off then it is now on my radar,,,if it's that cheap to use I may get two,,,,I'm also thinking my Samlex pst 300sinewave inverter could run one ,,,,or quite possibly two rather easily,,, you've got my juices flowing and stimulated here,,,, as I have been contemplating what type of refrigeration I was going to use,,, I've looked at Sundanzer steca and engle,arb as well however for the$$$$ if this uses just the right amount of energy this will be the cheaper and far better choice by far,,,, thanks for making really great videos I always like to watch your stuff,,, I don't know if you've done it yet but if you could maybe you could hook up a kilowatt meter to that unit and run it for the day 24 hours opening and closing the door to simulate actual use and then get an idea for what its going to use,,,, unless you've already done that and the 740 is what you came up with???

  25. I really love your videos and I hope the setup on this vid works for can I get a low power bill off of old appliances that last a long time? It seems that newer appliances are not put together well and don't last long. My grandmothers fridge lasted 60 years and is still going

  26. David Pedder says:

    I got a fridge like this today at Walmart for $99. It's a RCA RFR321. It takes less power than the one you show in this video. 219 KWH per year = .06 amps per hour.. That's less than 20 watts.

  27. Hey man, I have a question I hope you or someone could answer. If I had this fridge and the same setup you have here, do you think I can run the fridge, charge my phone, laptop and some batteries (AA, AAA, C etc intermittently of course) for a few days while boondocking or will that put too much strain on the batteries?

  28. Just Ray says:

    I just bought a similar fridge, I too would like to run it off a modified sine wave inverter, but I hear of issues in the long run with this type of setup and a pure sine wave is supposedly better. Given this video is from 2013, how has there been any issues with this fridge and the modified sine wave inverter over the past 2 years?

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