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Solar Powered Camping – the Happy Camper

Forget extra batteries and worrying if your GPS will stay charged, Kevin Callan – the Happy Camper – demonstrates the latest in portable solar power technology. Harness the sun to charge your gadgets and keep your camera rolling deep in the wilderness. For info on Goal Zero visit – and for more super fun Happy Camper videos visit –


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26 Comments on "Solar Powered Camping – the Happy Camper"

  1. the bear getting the beer had to be my favorite part!

  2. You purchased this stuff? you should be getting it for free for doing these videos (perhaps you are). Anyway, great video, loved it!

  3. Geoffr524 says:

    How do you charge the Canon 60D battery when camping?

  4. Glenn Hough says:

    this is great, and it is so handy specially summer camping..

  5. Randbo33 says:

    You'll have to use an inverter in order to plug the Canon's battery charger in.

  6. hdidane00 says:

    how can you not like thhis video you'd have to be either a hateful evil person or simply stupid and blinded. nice video. funny bear :)) Go green and save the planet or go home .

  7. Hi mate i liked those little solar panels where did you get them and how much did they cost

  8. fuck that garbage, when the shtf i want room for food, guns, and ammo

  9. Think that the term for the solar cells is not monocrystaline, but amorphous cells.

  10. LOL the bear enjoys it playing xbox. Never drinking beer

  11. Aaron Boleyn says:

    just a slight correction about the solar panel and smart phone, I was charging my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx on a nomad 7 by goal zero. Fried the battery in my phone. They need an exact level charge (demanding lil blighters) and a solar panel by it's self cant do that. BUT, get a reliable power cell/bank, I got one that has 13,000 mAh storage and 2 usb charging ports for $35 US. Now they're $30. That works and doesnt cost all that much.

     Not tryin to be a troll, just hoping to keep people from making the same mistake I did.

  12. Cybor Bot says:

    well if your a luxury camper why not I use to take a portable TV/Radio the only thing it needed a lot of D batteries.thanks for the video some very good ideas for luxury camping lol

  13. drinking BUSCH^^^^ NOW WERE CAMPING!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I just goal zero switch8. I haven't really tested out. Thank you for the reassurance on this product. 

  15. BornToBunk says:

    Hi! We're celebrating the launch of till August 26th by giving out WEEKLY 'travel' oriented prizes. Join the fun on the @BornToBunk Instagram & submit your #Tr

  16. Matt DeWitt says:

    are you still happy with your goal zero products?  I am looking at the 150 system with smaller panels and want to run some of those led lights for around the picnic table and charge a few iPhones. Thoughts?

  17. 4E047RHH says:

    This setup is great for hikers,,,unfortunately my power requirements are a bit more than these can supply,,,And most of the stuff here would not survive my treatment or travelling, So i built my own,, I would like to know what you think of it,,,Thanks!

  18. Here is a good site with nice solar power kits

  19. Hi there,
    Great video, I looked at buying one of these and found them to be very expensive, I ended up viewing many YouTube videos and started learning about solar and then built smaller and larger single and duel battery portable solar power systems which I have uploaded some videos about in hopes that I can also give others ideas etc , solar is a lot of fun and very simple once you get into it and you can build a better bigger unit for a fraction of the price of some of these retail units – but I guess if someone is just wanting something of the shelf then yes a similar unit like in your video may be ok – until it needs to be serviced or new battery's – but a DIY builder knows exactly where to get their batteries cheaply and how to repair the unit if needed

  20. It would be interesting to do a few calculations on how much electricity has to be in demand for this thing to be advantageous. I have only done short camping trips with few electric devices. Extra batteries are perfectly fine for that and a lot lighter than this. So for me, solar panels would only pay off if I started using a lot more electricity on trips and/or lenthend them a lot. The second of which doesn't sound like a bad idea, so thanks for making me aware of the possibilities in this area.

  21. 2phalanges says:

    who the fuck brings all these things camping??

  22. @4:15… if you really do need all those things with you when you're out the bush, are you sure you really want to be going out there in the first place?

  23. The bear got me wanting to go camping lol

  24. Doug Mac says:

    thanks for the education. less is more when camping, but thanks for all the tips. I need some tips on my home made camper with solar.
    mac camper 136. Google and let me know if I'm messing up any where.
    mac camper 136 lookup
    mac camper136. thanks

  25. I would like to see you do a series of videos for people (like me), who want to get into the bushcraft thing (especially the cooking), but don't know quite where to begin

  26. Matt Burrows says:

    I agree with other comments.
    With a little research, much more cost effective options are out there that will work as well if not better although may not be quite as light to carry. There are many instructions for making this equipment at a fraction of the cost. Very informative video tho.

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