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Solar powered bike without batteries

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This video is about my solar bike project. It is comprised of 8 individual 100 watt solar panels, attached to a 48 volt controller, with a 3000 watt motor. Four panels …


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27 Comments on "Solar powered bike without batteries"

  1. Too funny, 800 watts of panels… First, like already suggested use for panels angle into a triangle two per side. Secondly get rid of the 48 volt connected panel and go 12 volts and use a booster charger from 12 volts to 48 volts! Any shade that comes across anyone panel will take all four panels out, if in series! But if you have four individual parallel panels at least one of the panels will always be charging! Doesn't matter if one of the panels gets shaded! You probably did this as an experiment but I would definitely keep the batteries and have a solar panel to charge the batteries cuz you're not always going to use energy to keep bike moving or at stand still! Hense solar energy loss….

  2. enator71 says:

    80+ Volts, good way to ruin your motor. put a charge controller and a battery on the bike! Then one trailer will be fine.

  3. Hie Do says:

    hi, what is the speed of the bike 3000w if you are on it? 48v motor? thanks

  4. Ivan M says:

    These act as a battery board use them last for ever

  5. Ivan M says:

    Dude get on eBay Google this
    6pcs Farad Capacitor 2.7V 500F 35*60MM Super Capacitor With Protection Board

  6. also these comments about the 3000w motor being to much to power, it doesn't really work like that, aslong as the spacing within the motor is reasonable and the natural magnetism of the motor isn't to great, then the rms wattage of the motor is irrelvent however i would reccomend a smaller motor due to it being lighter as there are less turnings inside the motor itself, i would also reccomend switching the frame to a racer with thinner wheels.

  7. food for thought, instead of putting them flat? why not inwardly facing like a inverted triangle without a base (not to steep of an angle ) on one trailer it would reduce frictional drag and would most likely increase efficency as reflected light is bounced into the opposing panel. it would also be alot more stable.

  8. @Andrew Naylor Inspiring! Do you think it'd be possible to build a 3 wheeler, with about a 10 – 15 foot long, egg-shaped, indoor pod, put a bunch of solar ontop, and place a lightweight mattress and my gear behind the seat, so i could camp in it?

  9. Mr. DIY says:

    hey bro.. put some supercapacitor and you will fine…..

  10. i'd highly recommend at least a very small battery or even a super-capacitor between the controller and panels.. solar panels suffer from voltage sag when under load, the caps should smooth this out for you

  11. jumbo watche says:

    how you made it work without bettries can you explain plz

  12. Wayne Rhea says:

    well one good idea is to relocate some of the solar panels to make a roof for the bike this will make it shorter and protect you from the sun.

  13. Ivan M says:

    You can get super capacitor it's as batteries try??

  14. Raihan Alam says:

    how much power can be extracted practically from a 100w solar panel?

  15. SterlingBerg says:

    3000w is a pretty big motor. those solar panels would probably work better with 300w motor

  16. PARADOXICLES says:

    nice, ive been building an electric bike, and camp trailer, and am going to be using 4x 100w pannels on it too…..i have 2 so far, am saving up for the other 2…..going for 8 is madness….its gotta be hard to turn with that long of a trailer….ive been worried about just the 4 ahahha.

  17. MWB Gaming says:

    banned by the australian government
    (our government is in bed with the oil companies)

  18. justin brown says:

    very interesting project, in theory this could power a small lightweight 3 wheel car with battery back up in case of cloud, I suppose the greedy powers that be don't want people being able to travel around for free but the fact is its possible the technology is available, take ur project further

  19. this may sound like a wacky idea but what if you mounted some sort of self drive system on the bike, I mean your arms and hands are taken up with the task of steering, braking and, to a certain extent, balancing, so what if you used your feet to drive it? you wouldn't necessarily have to drive both wheels, the rear would probably lend itself to being driven as it's fixed in the frame and could easily have a series of gears although they would be heavy, or a belt hmm, probably wouldn't be hard wearing enough, oh what about a small chain? that way you could provide your own propulsion whether it's bright sunshine or the middle of the night, well it's just an idea…..probably wouldn't catch on!

  20. gmonk003 says:

    sweet; good work

  21. Richard Sink says:

    It would be cool to have that many panels mounted above a recumbent trike or quad. then no need for a trailer and you could ride in the shade. Good to see someone experimenting with a battery-less design too, keep up the good work.

  22. R Dill says:

    Interesting. Good job.

  23. hecase25 says:

    Please, can you put the brand and model of these solar panels?
    A link to the product page will be good also. Thanks a lot.

  24. Interesting build – I have 2 of those panels and they are getting better then expected performance _ I read the specs but really did no believe and have not had them out on sunny day yet so nice to see they are getting good numbers as advertised.
    So did you keep that set up. Since they are flexible you could build a curved canopy above the bike and build a curved unit on the trailer but only max out on high afternoon sun.
    Thx for sharing. Cheers, Patrick

  25. I would add more support to panels, they will stop working from break/wobble, besides way too wide…go with a v frame and a voltage booster board…

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