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Solar powered Ammo box thing

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Hey guys, This project is a power management organizer box thing for getting all my solar power and chargers grouped into one convenient carrying case box.


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20 Comments on "Solar powered Ammo box thing"

  1. Any possibility of a tutorial?

  2. Lol, dude… you make me want to go back to school and get a master's degree in mechanical engineering (I have a bachelors degree). Or I could just come live with you.

  3. I don't understand engineering or math but dis is cul

  4. foxrace0985 says:

    where did you get the inverter?

  5. Maple Bacon says:


    what sounds like sensual moaning?

  6. Peter! that is seriously awesome. I love the vintage look with the wood and ammo box.

  7. Farming 101 says:

    AWE MAN!!!! You were in Oshkosh!! Darn! I should have made a trek over there after work. :'( Project looks great!

  8. Dude, peter ur so fucking cool

  9. jR060t says:

    I really like your Gilded Age style. What inspired that?

  10. CADE SHACK says:

    Would you be willing to make a tutorial for this lovely contraption?

  11. DudeFilms says:

    I'm so excited for this new adventure you are undertaking. If successful there needs to be plans, cost, etc. I'm sooooo interested in how this is going to go.

  12. I just realized if I ever needed some electric sort of steampunk movie prop [And if I had a lot of spare money] you are the guy I would call. [if it was ok with you of course]

  13. peter you can speak thai

  14. TNBG LEADER says:

    I missed Oshkosh Wisconsin this year so it was cool seeing it the year I didn't go, thanks for sharing the view!

  15. aidan c. says:

    I love your signature aesthetic 🙂

  16. I'm trying to do a speaker out of a ammo box, I really liked the charging aspect of your box what parts did you use?

  17. You should patent this

  18. ECO FRIENDLY! Make a electrical plane running on solar power if you can pls

  19. Rick Noah says:

    PETER !! I have a challenge for you– make a small camera (GoPro, etc) stabilizer using servos and a board with gyros or acceleronomers (sp?). Would be insane if you can make a workable stabilizer for under $100….

  20. Jologogo says:

    Ok it's the elephant in the room, peter needs new and more tools, so please can you Peter, setup a patreon? So we can get you some new tools. Like so he can see this.

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