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Solar Power Plants | The Next Big Thing?

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26 Comments on "Solar Power Plants | The Next Big Thing?"

  1. ColdFusion says:

    A correction: When I compared solar to nuclear and coal power, it would have been more fair to use the MWh metric instead of peak power in MW. Reason being that MWh would account for energy solar losses at night, and losses during sunrise/set. With that noted, the largest nuclear/ coal plants still have a far greater output when averaged out. Apologies for this oversight.

  2. I think it is very viable with solar power, tho i think the optimization can be better, if we integrate solar panels on buildings like roofs outer walls of larger buildings and even clear solar panel films on windows is an options and might filter off some of the harmful parts of sunlight to protect people and equipment inside the building, might need some more research before that becomes practical with the windows, about the look on buildings then iΒ΄m sure it can be made to look aesthetic as well. And for the storage of energy, there have been made test projects with electric cars as storage for when there is spikes in power usages or the sun is not shining, then the electric cars get used as power backup, and ofcause the cars electronic can be set to a maximum power level available to discharge so cars battery always have enough power for your driving needs at any time.
    And solar panels should also be complimented by wind power and other green options as well, i donΒ΄t think solar power is the only solution but it is a good component in green energy.

  3. Yes,It's one of the things we can do to have efficient clean energy:-)

  4. LenNay says:

    wow that floating solar plant is amazing, what about the panda bear solar plant?

  5. 1) It would be nice to know what the total costs are per kW. of the different ways to produce electricity. 2) the sea could also produce electricity 24 hours per day. 3) And there are so many ways to produce electricity 4) If only governments allow small scale production of electricity and let small scale producers keep their profits. It would scares the shit out of big oil companies and big money to loose that much of money.

  6. HBS981 says:

    do a video on the sixth mass extinction

  7. Nuclear power is much more efficient. Solar wastes too much energy to produce and the most expensive solar panels can only harness 10% of the power that is actually shined on them

  8. Flankymanga says:

    There are vast territories of earth that serve no purpose and countries owning them are poor. Like for example: Saharan africa… If we are able to build solar power plants on these territories, countries owning them will bring some money to the local economy and world will be a much more green place to be.

  9. John Salazar says:

    Meanwhile, here in the United States, The American Taliban wants us to mine more coal.

  10. It's all about efficiency, if we can get panels up to even 25 or 30% efficiency, as well as having highly efficient batteries, we could use a relatively small scale plant to collect energy, (sufficient enough to current panels as well when it's "cloudy"), we are so close to autonomy from fossil fuels, have no doubt that is we just push harder and have more government funding, we can accelerate the R&D needed for such highly efficient technologies.

  11. Sam Sidhu says:

    ColdFusion , there is another energy storage solution that ties in with solar and the upcoming mass production of electric cars. It is called Vehicle-to-grid (V2G), where the batteries in electric automobiles resupply the grid during a shortage. You should check it out! πŸ˜€

  12. Even the Chinese territory to India, shameful.

  13. Even the Chinese territory to India, shameful.

  14. Very simple experiment : Go and lay into the sun for 1 hour. What happens? Now put your hand into a coal oven for 5 seconds. What happens?
    Now you can answer, why solar will never be able to keep up with other energy sources! Its energy density is freakingly low.

    Calculate yourself:
    The average solar output of 1m2 (~20kg) panel is about 30 Wh.
    1kg Uranium delivers 24'000'000 kWh energy.
    This means 16 million metric tons of solar panels (~800 km2 or 112'000 FIFA football fields) are required to just replace 1kg of uranium.
    Do you really think that gathering 16'000'000'000 kg of material is better than gathering 1kg?

    The average lifetime of a solar panel is about 25 years. So you can roughly divide the above number by the value of 219'000 hours (=25 years). This means that we have to build about 3'650 solar panels (or half of a FIFA football field) at a total of about 73'000kg of material just to replace one single kg of Uranium. Sounds not too bad? Haha! Imagine it requires 25 years to get out the energy from solar that we can generate with Uranium within 1 hour!!!

    And imagine the workforce required to gather all the material to build the solar panels. Those are built in countries like China. So the built solar panels need to be shipped to Europe/US with ships, that do not run on solar energy (because solar does not deliver enough power). Then they need to be transported to the target area, installed, manufactured and maintained. And 20-25 years later you can trash everything and build it new (that's why they're called renewables – you have to renew them constantly). Also maintenance costs are 10x higher than those in a nuclear power plant. Not to mention the tons of toxic heavy metal that are required to build those panels.

    That's why solar is a total dead end.

  15. Cade Capper says:

    I'm a huge proponent of solar energy, it means energy with no environmental impact besides the initial impact of producing the panels. Any problems such as efficiency will soon be resolved due to rapidly developing technology. But you said that you think solar isn't the final destination, it's a "stepping stone". In your opinion, what is the final destination for clean energy? Cause solar is about the best energy source I can think of. I'd love to hear your insight though, as well as anyone else who has ideas

  16. simcorp69 says:

    We shouldn't be relying on centralized power companies, solar lets anyone control their own power source. Break free from the monopolies and start generating your own power.

  17. Chao Chaos says:

    mf control world tech n say ppl suck, u r god

  18. Tom Nelson says:

    Intermittency and diffusion. The sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow. So, back up capacity equal to the loss must be maintained. None of the current infrastructure goes away. All the transmission capabilities must be maintained, the current workforce must be maintained. You simply add more infrastructure to accommodate solar and wind. The conventional plant idles but the costs keep coming. A world wide transmission grid would eliminate the storage issue but is impossible to maintain in many second and third world countries,. My God, they can't even keep running water flowing downhill safely!!! Solar and wind use ever increasing amounts of rare metals and harmful compounds in their construction and maintenance. Do you honestly think that countries like China, a Marxist kleptocracy that looked the other way while milk producers added powdered Formica (yes, the stuff that granny still has on her counter tops) was surreptitiously added to milk products and baby formula. Feeding BABIES poison for profit. ARE THEY THAT CRAZY AND GREEDY??? The correct answer is, YES. China, Russia and most third world countries don't give two sh-*ts about the environment as long as there is a quick buck to be made. Do you honestly believe that the rain forests and the whales and the tigers and the rhinos and the elephants and the tuna and the seals and the polar bear and about a zillion other creatures and plants and environments would last another lifetime if the Western Democracies didn't raise hell and threaten economic sanctions every two minutes? Solar, wind, electric cars, self-driving cars, micro-wave emissions from the billions of cell phones and towers and repeaters–these are all uncontrolled experiments that cannot be confined to the lab while long-term side effects are discovered. Already, Elon Musk and others are warning us against the replacement species–Artificial Intelligence. They will have no affinity but mere efficiency. Organic life forms are inherently inefficient and slow to upgrade. Your internet handle, Cold Fusion says it all. Infinite promise, infinitesimal danger, Happy Days are here again, except, it just doesn't happen to work. Maybe the Luddites weren't so stupid after all. Currently, other than certain aspects of their nutty religion, the Amish seem to be doing just fine. Big families with no need for third world laborers, pride in craftsmanship and durability. Sustainable agriculture-based societies where sexuality has some relationship to it's biological function, not as come-on to perversity. Grrrrr. Don't get me started.

  19. Alrukitaf says:

    There are claims that rooftop solar and wind (eg vertical axis turbines) with wall batteries and pumped hydro power are all that is needed. So there should be no need to set land aside for solar or wind farms.

  20. Tahir Akkaya says:

    What about hail rain ?

  21. Alan Riley says:

    It is all good to find renewable energy for a world that depends upon it but is solar the way of the future..? As outlined in your video that with proper manufacturing procedures & larger quantities required solar will become cheaper. However there is one pollutant that is not obviously seen & that is reflection. We are not only trapping light & heat to power this resource but we are also reflecting this energy back into our solar system. Could this cause a reaction with our planetary positions or cosmic effects of magnetic energy with the perigee & apogee of our planets that live in our solar system…? We are now really exploring an unknown destiny.

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  23. Did I mention that my version of solar is scalable sml and or large.

  24. Oh and just in case Elon Musk should be interested in another tech. Of this sort. As Im a fan of his work I will make him a special offer. For him I'd take 40,000,000.00$ and 2% of all profits, a Tesla 3, and new solar roofs as needed.

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