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Solar Power – Infographic Animation

A project I made last year, for a topic of ” Talk about a natural resource ” . The data in this animation is only based from an article I saw somewhere and is not …


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30 Comments on "Solar Power – Infographic Animation"

  1. Just Videos says:

    You probably get this a lot but what is the song?!!! ?

  2. i have solar pannels and i hate them

  3. AMERICA says:

    What about the cost of ACTUALLY INSTALLING THE SOLAR PANELS!??!?!

  4. Pocamo says:

    coal will soon become scarce?

  5. Temmie says:

    I am informed

  6. i thought this will be something dirty

  7. with increasing electricity prices and much lower prices for panels (especially in Australia) you will reclaim the investment quickly.

  8. ali ababua says:

    What did you get ? =.=

  9. esto no pondre en mi escuela :^)

  10. DJ Fortrees says:

    Like a documental movie

  11. This feels very school projecty, am I right?

  12. The Kombine says:

    Ha, saw those smiley faces on the Earth at the beginning.

  13. Warghost890 says:

    0:11 just Imagine the guy on the right as Rick flair XD

  14. masterM .pl says:

    whats is this back round song?

  15. +CuteC3 I love your animations!

  16. lol on the earth is drawed an epic fase at the starr

  17. Lant Xe. says:

    this looks like something would search when promoting solar power panel

  18. wow helped me a lot lol.nice info

  19. Amber Branca says:

    Holy Crap, I learned something, like holy shit

  20. DJ DARIANA says:

    what song is playin in the background.

  21. thats why i would advise having a back up plan like turbine power

  22. Doge Bork says:


  23. P.S. Voice so hot (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  24. Hey, actually.. did you use any kind of autotune filtering on your voice here? I'm hearing the subtle hint of unexpectedly held and unexpectedly jumping notes you often get when folks autotune casual speech.

    If so, it's an interesting artistic effect. ;3

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