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Solar power at night time

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22 Comments on "Solar power at night time"

  1. Bob Baisden says:

    Could it be that water on top of the panels refracts light in such a way, maybe like a prism or something from the sources around the panel? From what looked like 3 sources of light as you walked outside?

  2. How long before trailers power a truck via solar panels on trailers and how many solar panels can a trailer have on it and could that many solar panels actually power a truck and if so for how long?

    I just have the ideas but people with experience in solar will at some point work out the sum

    Eg so many panels on a trailer will power a truck for so many hours plus trailers can generate solar whilst sat empty in a transport yard and still produce solar whilst moving plus the truck wind faring on the front of the truck could be an aerodynamic solar panel

  3. Aaron Heaney says:

    You need to put a meter direct to the panel connection. I think your reading is wrong.

  4. This book [link here >>> ] got me thru the design and installation of a complete off-grid system for my lake cottage. The process of site evaluation, system component selection, wiring, etc. is complex, but with a lot of study and this book, I ended up very happy with the results. Everything you need to know is here. I recommend it for anyone who is starting with little solar panel knowledge and wants to end up with a whole house system.

  5. Joshua Kiser says:

    Probably from the moon, people have been electrocuted at night on large pv arrays.

  6. J says:

    maybe from the street lights that are shining on them?

  7. might show volts but i bet its not making amps. it wont power anything its just volts.

  8. Mika Lee says:

    You have blown a diode.

  9. david shaw says:

    this is an interesting measurement, my 2.88kWp system is hard-switched off by the inverter at night, so I haven't noticed any 'starlight' gain.

    Another interesting fact about PV cells at night, a PV cell can be used to generate light – when fed reverse power. It doesn't shine very much, and I don't suggest everyone tries it with their home energy arrays – but it is possible. Manufacturers can use this to check the quality of the individual cells viz. 'Electroluminescence of photovoltaic cells'

  10. s fetterly says:

    light is only 1 form of radiation that can be captured by solar cells, you need instruments to measure other forms

  11. Lightendog says:

    Same thing here but I didn't include it in my video. Was check to see if I was loosing any power going back to the panels from my charge controller and my meter showed I was getting 1.3 volts out of two 230 panels by the knife switch. My thoughts were it must be the moon as there are no street lights

  12. john yochum says:

    the russians hacked your system

  13. xanataph says:

    I have found a similar phenomenon when using small solar panels as sensors for dusk switches. Unless you load them down there is voltage present when it's rather dark. Which is not much use for a dusk switch! lol

    By the way Phil, today is two years off the grid for me. I'm celebrating by installing some solar panels I picked up yesterday. 🙂 …better get back too it. Just had to head inside to get away from the damn heat for a bit..!

    It's amazing how a warm tea can cool you down better than a cold drink. The old steam loco drivers used to swear by it!

  14. Felax Chow says:

    I've experience that before during the summer when the sky is clear and the moon is out. My experimental grid-tie micro-inverter would still produce <1W on each module.

    From what I am able to gather on what was happening; the sun was setting to the west and the street lights just came on along with the moonrise. Between the two was enough ambient light to keep the micro-inverters from dropping out and the handoff was perfect that it kept it going throughout the night.

    I kinda caught on to it was when I was checking my TED (The Energy Detective) monitor and wondering why there was still power being generated at 0200 hours. I logged into my micro-inverter management controller and sure enough most of them were still generating power albeit insignificant to do much with.

    Pretty much it is not an uncommon occurrence at all, but the amount of useable power you'll get out it is not much. Amazing none the less…

  15. Maybe its from street lights.

  16. i wonder if a 250 volt midnite will make more at night then a 150?

  17. jeff bragg says:

    ive heard we are getting hit with alot of solar wind and plasma ,who knows if it could be effecting it or not

  18. Bryce Irwin says:

    picking black hole free energy

  19. Hello
    you shuld think about light infrared and ultraviolet and a little of other radiation….

  20. John Smith says:

    Perhaps an alien shined their laser down on your panels…lol….but if you think about it deep space satellites have solar panels but they also have a mini-nuclear generator on-board as well……

  21. This is not uncommon, check it on good clear sky night with a full moon. I am surprised that you never realized it before. I have seen up to 1.6 amps out of my 3000 watt array wired for 12v dc. Next time I get a good clear night with close to full moon I well take a video of it.

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