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Solar portable power station – Camping/Festivals – MKIII

This is an update video to my {solar lights} camping/festival power supply setup.

It is a follow up to the original MKI version and MKII minimalist version. Please take a look at those videos first to see this in context.

I use this to run lighting, charge phones and run a 12v fridge for beers when at festivals. It’s still a work in progress but for the most part does what I want it to do.

Total cost was around £100, with the most expensive bit being the {solar lights} at £100. The batteries were supplied free from a friend of mine 2nd hand.

Any questions please feel free to ask.


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7 Comments on "Solar portable power station – Camping/Festivals – MKIII"

  1. you could think about changing the box to a tool box it will look damm cool 

  2. xanataph says:

    Good to see another video ov yours…! Yeah I reckon an MPPT controller will make a useful improvement to your set up, they offer the most benefit when the battery is at it's most discharged. However if you're looking to get some new batteries you might want to check out some ov the LiPO4 devices around now. You could make that setup way smaller for the same AH or heaps more AH in that size you have already. Search for "Soln1" for some ideas. :)

  3. Great video. A couple of things you could do. You could build yourself a Quantum Accumulator. Not only is it light it is very powerful. Over the last 5 weeks I have been running my inverter and powering my lights with only one configured for 12Volts. because you are using a box fridge. You can switch it on and off and still keep your beer cool. A 555 timer running 5 Minutes on and 10 minutes off but those times you could test with your thermostat and reset accordingly. Great keep going.

  4. i love your vids on this and i built 1 of my own using you vids for a reference i added a few extras to mine i built mine it to a tool box so i can carry it with 1 hand would love you to have a look at it and see what you think of it im looking at folding solar panel to go with it on a web site in  hongkong and takes 4 weeks to get to uk but the savings on price are worth it i have used it before for other camping stuff… i can give you my email address i have got a lot of ideas about homemade camping gear and would like your input on it

  5. Shaun Dobbie says:

    Not a bad deal at all. I can get 2 100w panels for £198.95 with free postage.

  6. are you the chap who has used wind power as well as solar ?
    i was wondering if the wind-gen and solar panels can use the same controller ,,, i have 3 100w panels ,, max of around 16amp ,, and a 30amp controller ,, or do i need to use a different controller for the wind-gen ??

  7. Great great video and build I love that use of a mic jack, I have also had fun building some of these and have uploaded videos on them in hopes to also help others with ideas to build there own 

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