Solar Pool Heater Repair Kit FAFCO, Heliocol, SunStar

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Do you have a leaking FAFCO, Heliocol, or SunStar {solar lights} pool heater that needs repair? No need to pay a contractor for repeated service calls – simply repair it yourself with this easy-to-use kit. Detailed instructions, including step-by-step photos, guide you through this simple repair procedure. Using our factory original repair plugs and the tools provided, you can have your FAFCO, Heliocol, or SunStar {solar lights} pool heater back in working condition. Why wait days or weeks? This simple fix can be done in minutes and will have you back enjoying your warm {solar lights}-heated pool.All tools required for repair are included.
Factory original repair plugs.
Save money on service calls with this do-it-yourself {solar lights} pool heater repair kit.
Works with all Heliocol & SunStar collectors – with or without ribbed header.
Works with FAFCO Revolution, Sunsaver, and Sunsaver ST collectors.

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