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SOLAR PANELS Photovoltaic, Harbor Freight, DIY INSTALLATION Training Video Solar Electric

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Harbor Freight DIY solar panel installation from amorphous solar panels.How to assemble stock solar panels for DIY installation. These are water tight amorphous panels that will not suffer water damage. Free Solar Training Video.


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46 Comments on "SOLAR PANELS Photovoltaic, Harbor Freight, DIY INSTALLATION Training Video Solar Electric"

  1. Nice helpful video. But lucky the sun was not on the panels as yet. You should always hook up the battery connections first with charge controllers -then- the panels.

  2. dougieladd says:

    Really good Dan thanks for this… love the cat too by the way. Have you seen "Simon's Cat" I think you would get a kick out of it… simonscat-dot-com – hilarious. Keep the solar tutorial videos coming! Thanks again.

  3. Thank you, some of the people that work at Harbor Freight do not know how everything in the store works because they are so busy restocking stuff, but it's fine because other bigger stores they know even less and they charge a lot more, I love that store and their honest prices, your video is great

  4. the first one of those frames that i put together pissed me off.

  5. @solarmaster100 You need an inverter to covert the 12V DC into 120V AC. Look at some of the other green power science videos for more information.

  6. tonymac96 says:

    Dan Rojas for President !!!!
    Good Video. Dan..question here…If you measure the voltage in each individual you get about 21 volts (open) connection ? …Do each panel has a diode to avoid reverse current ??
    …what will happen if a panel drop to say 5 volts…what will be the average voltage ?

    If you have one panel of 100 watts (36 Voc) and 3 panel of 60 watts … (21 volt Voc)…can they all be connected to a single charge controller ( 50 Voc input; 400 watts) ?

  7. TheShokwav says:

    you should do a battery reserve/multi panel system to alieviate all electric cost and run a stand alone system.

  8. Bunk-Bunk says:

    how much was it?

  9. hypnos315 says:

    can these be mounted to the top of an SUV? Would love to be able to have power to run a small space heater inside my SUV.

  10. Jonathan J. says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that they packaged a "green unit" in all that polystyrene wrapping material? Just an observation lol.

  11. @OscarTankMan What city/state do you live in?

  12. Jayded2007 says:

    @slyder2k6 Its because its cheap chinese junk. That little controller is going to toast within the first year or two.

  13. Jayded2007 says:

    The green power guy is normally pretty cool but this is just trash systems, honestly the frigging chinese are screwing up the solar industry so bad.

  14. Jayded2007 says:

    Great vid if you enjoy the benefits of cheap chinese junk. Wouldnt hook that system to my house. Sad that it comes from the green power dude, hes normally pretty sharp.

  15. MrFangole says:

    It took 3 million gallons of bunker to get these panels from China to the USA!!

    Buy local

  16. Hi! thank you for all the info you have been sharing over the years. I wondered if the harbor freight charge controler could be hooked to the other types of panels that youve used in the videos which produce 60-80 watts or is it just 45 watt max?

  17. ragen cagen says:

    wow now i dont have to talk out of my ass when a customer asks me about it lol

  18. The way the panels come out of the box is set up to mount to the frame with the wires at the top, don't know why that is, but I just went with it. Works fine, and is easier the adjusting the mount.

  19. kobedarott says:

    OK Question,Probably not the first to ask this but there are alot of comments on here.
    After you get power from the solar panel or 2 or 3 can you use that energy from one battery and connect it to an alternator to charge the batteries quicker?
    For example keep a couple batteries separate at a full charge and use them at
    night to run an alternator to charge say 4-12 main batteries?
    Just curious, going to buy solar panels for my mobile home soon and not sure which ones to buy yet, still learning.

  20. kobedarott says:

    Cant believe some of the comments on here, some of us can only afford the cheaper stuff.

  21. AJS0121 says:

    My local HF has these for $149, and they will accept the 20% coupon that runs in the local papers every week.

  22. vida130 says:

    How many of these kits do you think I would need for emergency energy? I would like to power fridge, freezer and some lights during a power outage. Thank you so much for the info.

  23. @kobedarott You would need something to turn the armature inside the alernator in order to generate an electrical current.

  24. mcallenuser says:

    I am just starting with the Harborfreight solar system. How many panels can I place in parallel with the charge controller unit it came with? The system came with 3 panels, I am thinking about buying more panels. Thank you in advance for the answer.

  25. cbarsonfire says:

    Check the federal regulations. Homeowner assoc or Cities have a tendancy to try to impose zoning regulations that conflict with federal regulations. The feds are pushing for green alternatives.
    Have the City show you the code section and ignore the letter. Force them to issue a citation and go to court.
    City hall can be beat. Ya just gotta know how. Elected officials hate to say they are against alternative energy.

  26. i wished had been here before

  27. Gary Wood says:

    Hi Dan, Have only watched this video but it has sold me on the Harbor Freight 3 panel set. My son has a river house in South Texas and it will be perfect for marine battery recharge, running his lap top and television. You are great doing what you do and I hope that your good work will be rewarded well.

  28. you connect 3 wires to that charge controller to keep 12v right ? and thats parallel ? if you connect those 3 wires into a splitter and then with 3 inputs and 1 output then and hook that up to the battery would that still be parallel then or would that be series ? in other words if you do that would it still be 12v or 24v or more then ? im very confused about the difference between parallel and series connecting …

  29. @SpeedManiac1976 (2) wires per panel. All reds to + all blacks to – equals parallel or voltage the same but amperage boosted x 3 roughly.

    Panel 1 BLACK TO PANEL 2 RED PANEL 2 black to panel 3 red

    SO Panel 1 has a free red, panel 3 has a free black this is voltage x 3 and apms the same as one panel.

  30. The611man says:

    I just purchased the kit from Harbor Freight and found your video very helpful. I got a good laugh from the Bloopers at the end.Thanks.

  31. txdurk says:

    The local power company is converting everyone to digital meters. I understand they won't allow the meter to run backwards. Bastards.

  32. First you need to figure out the wattage you need. You can test the wattage of your appliances using a Kill-A-Watt device. The panels in this video are 45 watts. If you aren't using any batteries you just divide the Watts you will be consuming by 45. If you are using batteries you need to calculate how fast the batteries will drain to make sure you don't run them past 50% charge. This is especially important at night. You also need to make sure your inverter can handle the wattage you need.

  33. lila streff says:

    you but them in upside down.

  34. They are 3 time the size of a PV panel!

  35. jeromeT1020 says:

    Probably the best explanation of parallel/series wiring I have seen.

  36. meatdogg101 says:

    Can these panels be hooked up to a grid tie inverter.

  37. theendisnear says:

    i have 3 of these kits,if 45 watts (each of my kits puts out approx. 19 volt at approx. 2 amp per kit(unregulated voltage)). ive found for small 2 battery systems these are decent but not great kits. if 10-20 amp per day output works for your needs then these are good.(b.t.w. my oldest kit is 4 years old and puts out about 90% of the output of the newest kit which is a year old).

  38. Mika Lee says:

    Honestly, that system looks dangerous. 

  39. Cool vid, many thanks for the info, cheers mate

  40. 38504628 20% harbor freight coupon code for April:-)

  41. hey dan, i bought a 100 watt solar charge regulator.  But the connections say to fit the batter and the panels, but nothing leading to the regulator that came with the system.  Do i just strip wires and hook the controller up to the back of the regulator that came with the system..

  42. after I set it all up and made sure it all work. i installed them on the roof of my shed and discovered that the panels are not charging, i check all connections and still not getting any charge . what else do I need to check?

  43. I did check the fuse.

  44. Hi Jose how many battery 12V do l need to run this?

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