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Solar Panels Made With a Particle Accelerator?!

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38 Comments on "Solar Panels Made With a Particle Accelerator?!"

  1. zodiacfml says:

    I'd rather look for a company who can create a smaller, more precise saw.

  2. Hugo Deacon says:

    What makes me really happy is while he is shilling for this company, the views on this video are so much worse for recent videos before and after this one. AKA no one likes this kind of content. Sure tell me about audible etc, but don't promote this snake oil as a solid investment…..

  3. sanjuansteve says:

    When we finally #SwitchToSolar, massive advances will take place along with the massive industry growth.

  4. Tazzquilizer says:

    Sounds like the self filling water bottle or solar f'ing roadways. Some dudes have an idea, and a theoretical concept, but no clue what they have to do in detail to make it work, or if it even will be technical or financial possible

  5. Espen Sales says:

    I'm a little confused; silicon is an element, and it's also that rubbery stuff you use for gloves and whatnot? I somehow thought the two were different

  6. Asura says:

    I am disappointed by this promotion. Even if this turns out to be a good investment endeavour it was initially risky and dubious. Can you not find more well suited companies or products to do advertisements for? Kind regards!

  7. soothsayer says:

    why does the narrator sound similar to the vocalist for bright eyes

  8. razor blade says:

    Take this down and upload the video again, without the scam.

  9. I'm making a small investment too 🙂

  10. What about using a heavy-ion particle accelerator to also create the N-doped region and ending up with a whole P-N Junction? I guess you could get the substrate to take care of that?

  11. TheQwampa says:

    This is the exact type of video why I'm subscribed to this channel.

  12. Congrats on 4 million subs!


  14. Ms. Hutch041 says:

    "Lightning gave me abs?"

  15. Grats on 4 mil 😄

  16. plz dont mistake a physicist with an engineer. The first thinks he knows physics and the second does know.

  17. kenji13455 says:

    what about the energetic balance? does the solar panel return de energy used to built it during his life cycle?

  18. silicon depth is critical for capturing sunlight. the optimal depth is around 100um for maximum efficiency. Otherwise, the light will just pass through the panels. FRAUD!!!!!!!!!

  19. this is really inventive as far as solutions go

  20. Any notable solar investors going for this?

  21. Bitches please , dear fucking commenters. please STOP arguing with "physicist" while you're just "a one boastful bitch". Don't understand those physics in the videos and dislikes? Just go away from minutephysics channel OK? annoying.

  22. How do you focus the FIB into the tiny beam over the whole cutlength? This would have a big impact on all material research. We can now with the state of the art FIBs only cut a few hundred microns deep, right? Please link in some literature.

  23. Ick. No. Goodbye forever.

  24. Syrgihio says:

    The particle accelerator is still cool because it's a laser that can just slice something so cleanly o think watching would be satisfying

  25. Tony Mathew says:

    You should have used "H+" instead of "P" for proton; because "P" already stands for phosphorous, especially when you have silicon next to it

  26. So, use the knife…

  27. Congrats for 4 million subs in Advance!!

  28. Jimmy Truong says:

    This video seriously dilutes the legitimacy of business integrity. Sure the science might work, and they 'might be trying' but the structure of their deal just funnels money to the early people before operations even begins!

    … Super disappointed if minutephysics took some pay just to make a video for them.

  29. coud u make a vid about the maxwell equation

  30. Hmm +EEVblog is this the same tech used already for silicon-on-insulator chip manufacture ( ) – so perhaps an existing technique just trying to apply to solar?

  31. Oh no there will be a flash now

  32. scottmuck says:

    Hmmm. This feels like it might qualify as a marketing document for solicitation to buy securities… careful. You're dabbling in heavily regulated waters…

  33. I wonder if such a technique could be employed to slice down carbon crystals like graphite into atom thick sheets to make graphene and if this process will be more cost-efficient than our current ones.

  34. Heh, high tech glass cutting. nice!

  35. "Political solution", aka threats and looting

  36. thefatmoop says:

    how much were you paid to make this video? rayton is an extremely high risk purely theoretical/no proof of concept company thats been operating at a large loss for years

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