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Solar Panels For Home – What You Need to Know

If you are deciding to buy or build {solar lights} for your home, you will need to know exactly what you are going to get for your money. It is true that {solar lights} can cut down on your electricity bill, but will they eliminate it completely and at what initial investment.

Who will benefit the most from {solar lights} energy panels?

Obviously those people living in sunny climates will benefit the most. However, there are such a massive variety of high quality panels that you can purchase that will work in any light conditions. The cost of {solar lights} that produce enough energy in cloudy and colder regions will set you back a fair amount of money, but these are the people who will benefit the most from renewable free energy, so the cost may be worth it.

How much power will these panels produce?

The average panel is around 80 – 120watts and an average home will require no less than six of these panels to run basic utilities. It is also important to know that {solar lights} energy is dependent on how much direct sunlight these panels receive, so the amount of energy they produce will fluctuate considerably.

There will be times in the day when you are not at home using any power at all and building credit during these down hours will allow you to benefit from all day power collection. Having your system integrated into the grid system or having your own batteries will allow you to store power or build credit.

How can you get cheaper panels?

{solar lights} energy panels are still very expensive to purchase, but they are relatively easy and inexpensive to build yourself. There are very comprehensive step by step instructions available online which would allow even a complete novice to construct their own 80watt panel for around $200.00 The advantages of this being that you can add additional panels as you can afford them or need them and you are capable of handling all maintenance yourself which will lower the costs even further.

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