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SOLAR PANELS ARE MOUNTED! Off Grid Solar Installation Day 4

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46 Comments on "SOLAR PANELS ARE MOUNTED! Off Grid Solar Installation Day 4"

  1. Jorge Castro says:

    Nice Channel. You have re-ignited the flame in me to finish my place in NW AZ. Thanks, JC

  2. Shanta Hsieh says:

    Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'Avasva' website:)

  3. I know there is a small gap between the panels, but is there a way to bridge them so that you could collect the water runoff from the array?

  4. On the Avasva you can count on professional help with problems and technical support.

  5. Very Cool. But that was a bit painful watching you use the torque wrench for the entire threading process. Personal preference, but I use the Impact Driver to get me 90% there (quickly!) and then just torque the final bit to spec. Although, you do have to pay attention you don't go crazy with the impact driver also.

  6. With Avasva plans doing something like that was easy.

  7. if you want to know how to make some of your DIY kinds of stuff yourself, just go to an Avasva website. There you'll find your answers πŸ™‚

  8. Go to Avasva webpage if you'd like to know how to build it. Good solutions for everyone I think

  9. farid ullah says:

    Are these are Chinese made panels or something other

  10. Naveen J says:

    Hi just Curious to know do you have plans to place PV on your roof or use it as sun shade surrounding your house?

  11. Hans i says:

    Thank you shering solar panels Web site lots of helping me

  12. Nick B. says:

    banged that install out by yourself. respect!

  13. If you could string poly-carbonate roof panels on the underside, put a gutter system at the bottom, you could catch water runoff from the panels and feed another low area for veggies or fruit trees.

  14. Al Yaz says:

    Nice video and love the array set up. Β More Hannah please.

  15. Handeeman says:

    Confused or want to learn more about solar? Check out our Off Grid Solar Basics course:

  16. Robin L says:

    What kind of solar panels are you using? Which panels are best for northeastern PA area?

  17. M Lo says:

    You did a very good job!

  18. you are an Idol , my friend awesome

  19. J says:

    Generic name of channel much, guys? Lifeinabox had a better ring, it was true to your originality, expressed in your presentation of installations.

  20. o00oZu1o00o says:

    Are you planning on installing a rainwater harvesting gutter at the bottom of these panels?

  21. It will be helpful to put anti size on all the bolt before you tighten.

  22. Nathan Floyd says:

    Enjoying the videos very much.Β  Have you thought about trying to harvest rainwater off the solar panels some how?Β  Seems a waste of surface area if it runs off onto the ground.

  23. kirk olsen says:

    where does all the money come from.

  24. Chris Howell says:

    Great vid! Just wondering, from what I have seen on solar you need to adjust the angle for a summer and winter setting. Is this not an issue for where you live? or is there an adjustment built in I didn't see?

  25. Kal Manna says:

    You really inspire me, glad I found you!

  26. thanks for helping me and that's cool.##

  27. Seth Thomas says:

    Question: Why always the AirPods? Just listening to tunes, or feedback on what you're recording?

  28. Does this array generate 5600kw or is my math way off?

  29. Make sure you wash them because they will get dirty quickly out in the desert. I am a new subscriber and loving your vids already. keep it up!

  30. Dillon says:

    Awesome job dude. It kind of frustrates me seeing all this "we and us" stuff when I rarely see her doing any work. The credit goes to you. You have done all this work basically alone. Hanging those panels with a second person would have been way easier. Been watching this channel since the start and it's just something I have noticed. I consider this your channel and your build (although legally she does have rights to it). πŸ‘

  31. If your a Vegan then you are the Prey…

  32. What do you mean took you all day? I just watched you do it in under 5 min (i had the speed at 1.5) LMAO. jk. Good Job.

  33. Roger Hart says:

    Great work on the solar install!!! I really like all the small finishing details off to make the instal A+++!!! Thank you for posting, I learned a lot

  34. That is a sexy grid. Great work man!

  35. Deb Riddle says:

    D Man, GREAT JOB!!..If you don't mind me asking what was the cost to do the solar??..I want to if it in my budget!!..I look forward to you reply!! 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

  36. Considering where you live (sun days/hours) and what you are doing with your power; I'm pretty sure you have at least twice the size solar array as what you need…..did someone give you those for free or something?

  37. Albertdog101 says:

    I enjoy tour videos and content sir, I mostly enjoy the fact you don't click bait and just say what the video is. That I love

  38. schniamhy says:

    FYI. I just wanted to give you another heads up about Infowars. I used to listen to it all the time 10 years ago, but when I started tuning in again over the last year I noticed that Alex Jones kept saying things that were completely opposite of everything he used to say. I mentioned this in the video where you talked about listening to Infowars. But I've been checking into that idea more thoroughly and I thought it might interest you what I found. There are tons of videos on YouTube exposing Alex Jones as a sellout, where they show clips of what he used to say and what he's saying now, and it is ass opposite. Here's one example:

    Now he sounds like a total neocon. He won't stop talking about God and how Muslims are the enemy and how great Republicans are. Whereas in the past he always said Democrats and Republicans are both wrong. He preached peace and prosperity. Now he preached war against Muslims, war against North Korea. That is antithetical to everything he believed for 20 years! I can only assume that he must have been bought off. His views changed in the last five years and that is when he also mysteriously became a multimillionaire.

    Alex Jones used to have the EXACT SAME peaceful opinions as Ron Paul, so if you want alternative news that is not by a neocon but is more libertarian (which Alex Jones is clearly not at all anymore) you might be better looking at the Ron Paul liberty report on YouTube. Its not racist and neocon like Alex Jones has become.

  39. This is amazing!
    Very inspiring!

  40. I hope it rains there soon. I'd like to see the cistrins fill up.

  41. Quan1um says:

    I'm seriously concerned with two things, i Was just in Pheonix and it was 100F out and normally this isn't an issue but your panels arnt connected to anything so they will run hotter than if say they just had a big 1 ohm resistor across them or charging a battery. remember the cells are near black, without a load you may cause serious degradation. two, you should be very concerned with minimizing the distance that your PV wire runs as it is DC electricity and will drop off quickly at this low of voltage. run your panels in series not parallel to minimize percentage power loss, you can step the voltage down once your in the shed.

  42. Think about water catchment from the panel array, for more gardens and or fruit trees. Just a though. Looks like about 250 sq. foot X .623 = 155.75 gals of water per inch of rain.

  43. Josh Costa says:

    Be careful direct burying your wire… rabbits, mice and other rodents love to eat it and cause ground faults. I'd suggest using conduit runs. Could run into problems in the long run.

  44. Adam Mcgowen says:

    The sneak peek of the solar electrical wall looks so pretty… haha! It's great watching tradesmen who take pride in their work… Keep up the awesome job man!

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