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Solar panel pond aeration no battery using Suntaqe system part two

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40 Comments on "Solar panel pond aeration no battery using Suntaqe system part two"

  1. good morning sir my solar panel is 30 Watt and my controller is 5 amps, and my battery is 12 volt is that ok.
    how many electricity will load to battery?.. please tell me what to do.

  2. cenmike82 says:

    I'll be waiting on a 2000w inverter system

  3. cenmike82 says:

    Good job on set up hope u make good profit off your set good luck to u brother

  4. Haser Buen says:

    When the sun is not shining would you need another energy source such as a battery bank or grid-tied or another source such as wind turbine? Since it does not work when cloudy or dark, can it be easily tied to a battery storage bank?

  5. SleepyG_ says:

    what is the biggest load or pump size i could run with your suntaqe and 200w of solar?

  6. Anti zionist says:

    I'd pay $100 for it. don't believe it'd do a chainsaw though.

  7. If you put a photocell between the inverter supply power you will burn out the inverter in no time flat, because the cloud cover days will cause heat expansion on the copper from the photocell fluctuations.

  8. cheikh niang says:

    very interesting for many applications in africa

  9. pipgal says:

    Oops, sorry…just saw on your website that it is 5/8" diameter 🙂

  10. pipgal says:

    Hi! What size diameter sink hose does this setup take and do you sell them? Thanks!

  11. Mario Dabek says:

    chainsaw that runs on 100 watts lmfao sure whatever

  12. green olive says:

    they been avail since 2008 and i have this same setup and i noticed your yt vid was put up 2014 ???

  13. I have two solar panels . that are not checked or anything. they look just fine. but I can not get them to work. they have no connection's. they are small about two feet in length. I can not find any videos that tell me how to fix them. please help if you can. think you. William Franklin

  14. TopSecretVid says:

    Curious how big of a pond can this setup aerate?? We just had a Fish Kill(over 300)on a local pond due to low oxygen levels, happened last year as well and I want to avoid if possible in the future.

  15. DaSilver 415 says:

    Without the batteries. Dose it use the full 100 watt off the 100 watt solar panels?

  16. can you use the same principle for a house except bigger.

  17. Jeff, will that system run the AP-100 Danner pump (Pondmaster) just fine? This is the only question I really need to know about right now. If so, I'm ordering your setup right away. Thanks!

  18. I need couple of the for my wind turbine, do you have some in stock?

  19. Vijaya Kumar says:

    A wonderful project design which was looking for, a solar project without batteries. Can i get into your contact so that i can make myself one, cause i wasn't able to follow the process in detail? Once again a big round of applause.

  20. Kalvin One says:

    I didn't know that all other products : you have to reset Manually and the pump would not start automatically itself. Good to know. Thanks.

  21. duri an says:

    Your new solar charge controller that regulates low voltage, I cannot find it in your product listing for sale. Let me know the product code and costs involved.
    Keen on a larger unit that can directly work on an aircond and some LED   lights.

  22. Abdul wali says:

    Pump is of 12 volts r 220 watts

  23. Muy buena idea. Estoy tratando de hacer lo mismo para bombear bombear agua en el campo. Muchas gracias desde Argentina.

  24. how much for one of these units?also i would like to sell them here in my area.. thank you. please let me know i would like to use this on my remote pond. thank you

  25. PokerLiz says:

    HI.  I have two large koi ponds with that almost identical aeration pump that I use. I realized the panels aren't strong enough to power the actual koi pond/pump that goes to the filter. But sometimes in the summer we lose power. It would be nice to have your set up for the aeration, as well as during the day to cut back on my bill somewhat. Don't know how much these guys cost to run 24 hrs a day.  My electric bill averages 450 a month tho. 
    So question is, how much for everything you are showing here? Also, is there a way it can automatically switch over to the grid when the sun goes down, or do I have to physically be there to switch it over? Cause that would be impractical.  Thanks!

  26. Obed Apexi says:

    How much does your solar panel pond aeration battery using sunt aqu system costs?

  27. JonDoefour says:

    What happens when that cloud contains rain? Will those components have to be covered so they don't get wet ?

  28. Philip says:

    very nice!!

  29. pad says:

    My inverter have 2 + 2- coming out of  it . I have 1+ 1- hooked up to bat .
    should I have 2+ 2 – hooked up to my bat ? If yes how should I hook up the other +- to a different bat or the same one ?

  30. so great that you put out new product information on solar and wind items – great reviews and insight 

  31. swivelgate says:

    I order the Suntage as shown and going to use it for my pond. They were very helpful with my order and they shipped it out fast. Looks great

  32. ISLAND DAVE says:

    Nice video, where did you get the aeration pump?

  33. Gilbert S says:

    Jeff is the controller for this ready for purchase?

  34. Would this solar panel and no battery system work for a Hot Tub in a no grid situation? Or would I need more solar panels? This is much nicer with the auto reset. Can it be set up for 220/50?

  35. Ron Rattink says:

    Hey Jeff and Wyatt, been doing some research into passive solar water heating and realized this would be a great way to circulate the water thru the collection coils when the sun is on both the collector and the solar panel. Thus circulating the water when the sun has the most heating potential… When ya gonna sell these puppies? Be nice as a kit too as I like to build my own stuff. Cheers 

  36. Anna C says:

    Jeff.. We live in Asia. That system looks like just what we need.
    That controller design for the inverter. Can you give me a price please and approximate delivery costs. Thank you.

  37. hi jeff im from Philippines but leaving here in new York im planning to buy one youre turbine and the no battery system and bringing it to Philippines when I go on vacation do you have any solution about lighting because we have a lot of typhoon and lighting in Philippines tnx so much for sharring all youre idea and awesome product 🙂

  38. Excellent idea Jeff.

    Would be interesting how far you can take this. Perhaps expanded, it could apply to a small air-conditioning unit with applicable solar panels and with a larger inverter.

  39. Alan Leu says:

    any idea when you might have the kit ready?

  40. Pretty cool Jeff, nice setup! Thanks for sharing and God Bless!

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