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Solar Panel Basics – Cables & Wires 101

In this installment of {solar lights} Basics, we will talk about cables and wires and some of the types you should use and what you should not use. We will also talk briefly …


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15 Comments on "Solar Panel Basics – Cables & Wires 101"

  1. Vijay Kumar says:

    Hi. I have 2 solar panels of 150 watt each (8.5 + 8.5 ampere). Distance between solar panels and charge controller is 8 metres. The AWG table suggests 16 mm square cable. But in market there are only 4 mm square and 6 mm square cables. Is it possible to make 16 mm square cable by joining two 6 mm and one 4 mm (6+6+4 = 16 mm square)? ………………(12 v system)

  2. Ok I am pretty much clueless with my cable connection to a zamp equiped camper I have . I was told to get an adapter to reverse the polarity, so I did. But I cant connect the cable to the adapter because they are different connections , and I don't know the name of such an adapter. Could you tell me what would it be called that connects a 12 awg cable to a reverse adapter to plug into my zamp camper? I'm sorry I'm having trouble explaining my situation, but like I said I'm really clueless to all this . Thanks

  3. Thomas Davis says:

    I am only able to get my solar panels about 100ft away from my house. I have 10 12v x 15w x 1A. I have a roll of 10/2 house wire left over from when I rewired my house. My plan is to run the wire from my solar panels to my equipment in my basement. I can however put my equipment in a small area inside the chicken coop (sealed off from the chickens) and just run AC thru the wire into the basement. Would like to know your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

  4. its called volume bro… turn up the microphone volume

  5. nlo114 says:

    Please re-post with audio set to a detectable level. I forgot to reset my volume after watching this with my ears close to the speaker. moved on to the next topic, nearly deafened.

  6. HyperGro DWC says:

    wow great sound!!!!

  7. HyperGro DWC says:

    wow great sound!!!!

  8. Hello LDS i love your videos. I have a channel that has lots of solar too and Justin case has seen it and was really happy to make a video for me please take a look at my channel and tell me what you think about it thanks bye

  9. J Dovak says:

    Finally got to watch & listen in the dead calm of 4am morning with no external noise & was able to hear on my phone…didnt mean to sound sarcastic and always look forward to your tutorials 😀😀

  10. J Dovak says:

    You should check your volumze dude…cant hear much without a stethoscope…please remake your video

  11. Chris DIYer says:

    Good, but for long PV runs it depends on voltage. MPPT allows for higher PV volts and longer/thinner cable runs. For example, I am running about 110v of PV solar panel voltage through 125' of 10AWG dedicated PV feeder cable. Higher volts/lower current = lower loss. Using online calculators, my loss is about 1.7%…which is excellent. The solar charger will down-convert the higher volts to charging current. As for battery cables, welding cable with fine strands is the best for home RE systems…esp, if you make them yourself. Running 24v or 48v (inverter-battery bank) is even better.

  12. carver222 says:

    I enjoy your videos, especially the solar DIY ones. I am just starting solar and have 2 100watt panels. I need to run about 50 feet of cable to my charge controller, what gauge wire should I run. I am planning on getting a 12volt 100ah lithium battery with the appropriate charge controller. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

  13. fdallas72 says:

    Can barely hear you😔

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